Sheep wool blankets

    It is difficult to submit a modern person for which the comfort is not important. Tired of the day from the rapid life rhythm, I want to relax, forget until the morning, plunging into a soft blanket.

    In the search for perfect packing manufacturers constantly improve technology, mixing fibers of different types to obtain an ideal product. However, the most demanded products from all existing lines remain wool wool blankets. Against the background of other fibers, they have a number of features and advantages.

    Pros and cons

    Sheep wool – natural material obtained by haircuts sheep and further processing. Wherever it is applied, everywhere is distinguished by warmth and practicality. Any product from this material becomes not only warm, but also therapeutic capable of preventing various diseases or become auxiliary component of the treatment itself.

    The healing properties of the blanket are explained by the “dry” warmth, which is capable of:

    • calm the nervous system;
    • remove muscle and articular stress;
    • accelerate recovery with a cold illness;
    • enhance blood circulation, relaxing the body;
    • reassure.

    Sheep wool blankets antistatic. When contacting a user’s body, they give a useful negative charge, freeing a person from a negative positive. Due to this, it does not have a harmful effect on a person, which increases the body’s stability to headaches, dizziness, depression, thyroid failures.

    Due to the fact that such blankets have low thermal conductivity, they do not give the heat of the user’s body to penetrate the limits of the blanket.

    At the same time, they do not allow external temperature factors (heat or cold) influence on the body, covered by the blanket itself. Thus, the covers create the most comfortable conditions for recreation or sleep, excluding sweat formation or freezing.

    Sheep wool blankets are very hygroscopic. They are able to absorb moisture in the amount of one third of their weight (mainly from the air and produced by the human body), and immediately evaporating it without a residue. Therefore, such products are always dry and provide a similar atmosphere and comfort to the user.

    Companies produce rules for people of different ages. The most compact models are designed for children, most of the line is designed for adults. In addition, wool blankets from sheepskin differ in relatively low cost. This allows you to choose a product taking into account the desired parameters that will not hit the budget.

    However, part of customers, facing the purchase of such a blanket, notes that on average the price of the best models can not be called small. As a rule, if the cost is several hundred rubles, it indicates a low quality product and a mixture of filler (for example, a mix of synthetic fibers).

    A qualitative option, worthy of purchase, will cost about 2500 to 5,000 rubles, and even above.

    Such bedspreads have the ability to neutralize odors. Due to Lanolina (natural antiseptic), they eliminate sweat smell and other extraneous flavors, killing poisonous toxins that are contained in them. In addition, due to the small-sacred structure of the fibers, air circulation is constantly in the filler, which relieves it from departing dust.

    Often buyers get two blankets at once: one for daily use, the second is a spare, which can be covered in the case of arrival.

    Such an approach allows you to easily take care of the closest, because the sheepskin blanket is a good gift for any celebration. This is the appropriate and always necessary subject of life, so he is always happy.

    Alas, it is the natural composition of the material delivers a blanket some inconveniences. Unfortunately, natural sheep wool fits not to all users, as the composition has a considerable percentage of Lanolin.

    Those who have too sensitive skin (including allergies) cannot acquire such a blanket, as it can harm their body, cause discomfort (redness, irritation, skin ferry). Therefore, the purchase of such a product must be solid, regardless of the age of the future user.

    Like most bedding, a wool sheep blanket often becomes a dust mite housing. Moreover, if they do not enjoy some time or in the house a large humidity, and the room is not ventilated, in this blanket will certainly become mole.

    The service life of such products is designed for about 10-15 years.

    The manufacturer assures that all this time the structure of the filler will remain unchanged, will not be lifted, remaining homogeneous. In fact, the product loses its properties much earlier.

    If dead hair falls into the filler with the dead sheep, it is able to change the overall idyll of soft, making a peculous spoonful of the tar: such a fiber is gross to the touch.

    Another disadvantage of such blankets is a high weight, which is twice the counterparts from camel wool, not to mention the dying and light synthetic products. On the other hand, such a feature even like many users, for which weight is comparable to quality and body protection indicators.

    One of the essential drawbacks of sheep wool blankets is the complexity of care. And even the most delicate approach is not always successful, and quality indicators of the product are noticeably deteriorating with each cleaning. In addition, a part of the line has a characteristic smell, with which not all buyers are able to put up.

    What is useful?

    Thanks to modern technologies, the manufacturers have learned how to produce not spiny, but soft and pleasant to the body of the product, and the quality characteristics of the blankets do not decrease.

    In addition to the fact that under such bedspreads, overheating in the summer and cold in winter, They have beneficial properties, being an auxiliary means in the treatment of different problems:

    • According to doctors, warm sheepskin blankets are able to strengthen the immunity, having a beneficial effect on the whole organism;
    • They eliminate the user from the feeling of fatigue and chanders;
    • Help create a cozy atmosphere of a bed of bedrooms for babies, adding heat and comfort of the rigid surface of the orthopedic mattress;
    • Establish from the Pader in children and adults;
    • Remove pain of spine, relevant with radiculitis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism;
    • Recommended those who suffer by hymorite, asthma, gout, otitit;
    • Improve the metabolism, remove the swelling and slow the aging of the skin;
    • have a low-rise anti-cellulite effect;
    • normalize blood circulation and reduce the pulse frequency, normalizing the work of the heart.

    There is an opinion that sheep wool blankets are helped with pneumonia, indispensable when overcooling, contribute to rapid body restoration when tensile muscles and active physical exertion.

    Sometimes users note some massage effect when using such a bedspread. In addition to anti-inflammatory and warming effects, such products have an antibacterial effect.


    According to external indicators and the method of manufacturing a blanket from sheepskin, there are open and closed wool. In addition, they can be one-sided or bilateral. In the composition, such a blanket may be natural woolen or semi-wool (with the addition of polyester in a ratio of 4: 10), woven or non-woven.

    According to production

    Today, all types of wool blankets from sheepskin can be divided into three groups:

    • quilted;
    • woven;
    • fur.

    Only quilted are closed. And it is precisely such models today more than the rest. Step models with filling from sheepskin are a warm sealed cloth made of wool, located between two layers of textiles.



    In such designs, the principle is observed: the thicker the wool layer, the harder and the warmer itself the blanket:

    • A light version of the sheepskin includes about 100 – 150 grams of 1 kV fiber. m;
    • In lightweight models per 1 kV. M. The canvas use approximately 250 – 300 grams of wool;
    • in moderately warm (standard) products filler more – 400 grams;
    • Especially warm (winter) models for those who constantly frustrate, allow 700 – 800 grams of wool per 1 kV. M and more.

    As a bilateral coating of wool layers, trademarks more often use dense breathable textiles from natural and mixed fibers (cotton, hawk, satin, polycotton). This category covered is the richness of the color palette and colors, which is always important for the buyer and notes in responses to the Internet.

    Woven model – in fact, a thin canvas, while not reducing its thermal characteristics. Such a blanket is steadily for deformation, it does not occur, it is convenient to store it in a closet or lounge box of the sofa (bed). Such models are good as summer and demi-season blankets: those who do not recognize thin bedspreads for winter, they may not be warm enough.

    Fur bedspreads from sheepskin can be called the most luxurious category of the line. It is they who can have one or two open sides of a soft filler, cultivating around the edge with a wide finishing edge of knitwear.

    The models open on both sides are the most expensive, but also the most impractical, as the care is doubly more difficult than one-sided analogues.

    One-sided blanket with open wool is convenient because it can be used as a blanket or blanket, decorating the sleeping surface during the day. Polyester or satin becomes more likely to top one of its sides. Sometimes manufacturers decorate such products with jacquard materials with a bright print.


    The parameters of the blanket are important, not only the cost of the product depends on. It is important that the covers are grabbed and did not have to bend legs to hide. Bad when you have to join him. Therefore, when buying it is necessary to consider the number of people, as well as their growth.

    In addition, it is important to keep in mind that manufacturers make bed linen according to certain standards. Pick up a duvet cover on a non-standard model will be difficult, but it is impossible at all.

    Today, companies produce products of several sizes that can be classified as:

    • Children’s – products from newborns to kids of kindergartens, length and width of these products are 60×90, 80×90, 90×120, 100×140, 110×140 cm;
    • semi-sighted – varieties with parameters 140×200, 140×205, 150×200, 155×200, 155×220, 160×210 cm for one user;
    • double – Analogs for two, distinguished by great comfort and dimensions: 170×200, 175×205, 180×210 cm;
    • Euro standard – not only comfortable, but also the most spacious models – 200×210, 200×220 cm.

    Best manufacturers

    A rich range of textile products gives a lot of opportunities to choose a high-quality blanket from sheepskin. Sometimes he is so great that it is easy to confuse.

    To have a more detailed idea of ​​such bedspreads, You can familiarize yourself with the products of the following firms noted by positive customer reviews:

    • Belashoff – line of products made of fine sheep wool with satin-jacquard case from 100% cotton, as well as packaging of blended composition, quilted models of a lightweight and standard plan with pleasant colors (budget products, calculated on the massive buyer);
    • Billerbeck – Brand products of the German manufacturer, known by the European level of quality, made of thin sheep’s wool, which has passed several levels of cleaning and scrazing (original products with a fluffy side of Lama’s wool, a second-cotton fabric and core of sheepskin);

    • La Scala – lightweight quilted models from Australian lamb with a slight weight (from 1000 to 1300 grams on average), supplemented by jacquard case, options for adult standard sizes;
    • Dargez – quilted blankets on a two-time, double bed (including the eurose size), a line of warm and inexpensive breathable models, made of sheep and merino wool of Australian sheep; warm, different models in weight with high elastic and heat-resistant qualities;
    • “Erdette” – Products of the Mongolian company of universal sizes for adults, distinguishing relatively small cost and high quality covered; Quilted models, packed in natural cotton covers of pleasant pastel color;

    • “Holty” – products of the Moscow trademark for adults one-way plan with fur and satin sides, decorated with monophonic, patterned jacquard covers, as well as bilateral analogues, warm, incredibly soft, pleasant to the body;
    • “Posteks-Plus” – closed bedspreads of the Ivanovo manufacturer for different age-related category of users (designed for children and adults), average density (300 grams per 1 kV. M. ) have monophonic and non-ferrous covers from Tika, Boshi (the most budget products from the represented companies).

    How to choose?

    Selection of sheepskin blankets – occupation requiring a thorough approach. Not all that advertise sellers is good for each user. If the purchase does not fit, it will affect the quality of sleep: it can be restless, morning will seem hard, mood – bad, and well-being – broken. Despite the fact that the blanket is just an accessory, a lot of it depends on it.

    If the range in the store is wide enough, it is worth a preference to the product from the wool of fine-mounted Australian merino. Such models are considered the highest quality and durable, although their weight is somewhat harder than blankets from ordinary sheep wool.

    If such a blanket is on sale, the sellers will definitely emphasize this and will be offered to buy.

    Buy a woolen blanket is exceptionally in a proven store, having the opportunity to see the product to see the product, pay attention to the structure density, volume, dimensions, material of the vertex (in quilted blankets).

    Having a certificate of quality and compliance with hygiene standards – a prerequisite for the purchase. And the self-respecting seller always indicates control information on the tag, which you can learn the manufacturer, composition and density of filler, textiles, sizes, as well as care recommendations.

    If the blanket seems too easy, it is likely that its composition is not natural, but a blended. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the case: a quality blanket textiles is always smooth, smooth, does not have visible defects (losses, hooks, holes, non-cross-stokes).

    In a good blanket, the filler is distributed evenly, it is elastic, soft, does not have seals, lumps and irregularities. In addition, it is important to repel from the price, choosing a gold middle between cheap and expensive options.

    How to care?

    Blankets from sheep wool capricious care and will be deformed at any, even the most sparing type of cleaning. Even manual wash can harm the fiber filler structure by reducing the distance between them by reducing them in the amount of.

    In no case can not be erased by a product in hot water: wool will turn into felt.

    One of the paramount rules of care – careful operation. To maintain the beauty of the original view, you can use a duvet cover or, following the Italians, sheets.

    This will delay the accumulation of pollution and pull the moment of cleaning. To prevent the process of learing the blanket and prevent the creation of a medium for the appearance of microorganisms, it is necessary to periodically air the cloth in the fresh air.

    If the product is not used, it is better to store it in a breathable case. Invalid storage in a polyethylene package, which will provoke the appearance of moth.

    Those who do not receive even the slightest stains can be consistent with dry cleaning or wrapping such products in cool water without press. If cleaning is needed, you can do this by dry brush or vacuum cleaner.

    If the washing is inevitable, it is impossible to use the usual powder, and it is also undesirable to press the product immediately after rinsing. Need to give water to drain naturally, but only after that slightly squeeze the blanket. The rotary movements are excluded, which will harm the structure of the material.

    About how to wash a blanket from sheep wool, look next.

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