Poplin or satin – what differ and what is better for bed linen?

Bed linen should be not only beautiful, but also pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic and high-quality. To bed covered with so linen, perfectly sleep, and a good sleep – the key to excellent mood for the whole day. So to the question of choosing a bed kit better treat with full responsibility.

Similarities fabrics

The best option is natural fabrics made of cotton, flax, silk. They are breathable, perfectly absorb water, are not subject to electrification and hypoallergenic. In tissues from various natural fibers, their advantages and disadvantages.

Linen fabrics are rough and demand careful smoothing. Silk textiles are too expensive, moreover slips and cool the body. The indisputable leader among natural textiles are cotton fabrics. They can be 100% natural and blended (with the addition of synthetic fibers). Most often for the manufacture of bed kits, they use a hazard, satin and poplin.

Poplin or satin - what differ and what is better for bed linen?

Poplin or satin - what differ and what is better for bed linen?

Satin is a 100% cotton fabric (very rarely with inclusions of synthetic) with double weaving threads. One of the threads is thin twisted, which gives satin fabric its distinctive shine and smoothness. Degree of twisted threads determines textile gloss. The wrong side has a light roughness, it does not give linen to slip out the bed. Satin also distinguishes high intertwining density – up to 130 yarns per 1 kV. cm.

Kits from this tissue perfectly absorb moisture, cool in the heat and rather warm in winter, breathable, do not electrify and do not cause allergic rejection. They do not “sit”, durable and durable. For sewing bed linen, several types of satin are used – bleached, smooth and stuffed.

The most expensive variety of satin fabric is satin jacquard – with a convex pattern on the surface. It is necessary to iron it from the inside and in a slightly moistened state.

Poplin or satin - what differ and what is better for bed linen?

Now about the far. Previously, the floppy fabric was made of silk, now – from cotton, occasionally with synthetic additives. The peculiarity of Poplin is a simple interweaving (bumping) different threads of the bases and duck, which gives a drawing of a small rutter on the surface of the fabric. Split bleached, smooth, multicolored and printed poplin.

Hygroscopicity, antistaticity, breathability, strength and hypoallergenicity – this is an incomplete list of advantages of this wonderful fabric. It practically does not mind, perfectly preserves the form, does not sit down and does not stretch when washing. The price is low low, approximately within the value of Boshi, but on tactile sensations Poplin is much more pleasant and easier.

Satin and poplin with images that create an illusion of volumetricity appeared on the market. If you prefer the original solutions in the interior and are not colder than new impressions, try bed kits stitched from such fabrics.

Poplin or satin - what differ and what is better for bed linen?

Fundamental differences

Poplin has a lower density compared to satin, but because it is easier and air. Also far, unlike satin fabrics, is subject to molt, especially when heat treatment (high-temperature washing, ironing). The drawing on satine can be created in the process of weave the threads (satin jacquard, printed satin), on the rest – only by staining or printing images.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages




100% cotton, synthetic inclusions are very rare

100% cotton, synthetic inclusions are very rare


Withstand washing at high temperatures, it is designed for 300-400 washes

With 30 degrees, it can politic, designed for 120-200 washed


Easily strokes and not deformed when ironing

Requires careful ironing

Sensations from tactile contact

Excellent, tender fabric, smooth

Soft, lightweight, pleasant when touched




Poplin or satin - what differ and what is better for bed linen?

What better?

What to choose for bed linen – satin or poplin? Every fabric has many advantages, so that consumers recommend guided by their impressions: Purchase selected textiles, look at the coloring of the proposed sets, count your finances. Satin is more expensive far away, but also much more durable.

Poplin or satin - what differ and what is better for bed linen?

Poplin or satin - what differ and what is better for bed linen?


According to consumer reviews, most prefers all the same poppiece bedding, as the ratio of price and quality of textiles is optimal. When choosing a finished kit, buyers are advised not to be shy, deploy a cloth to check the natural content of its composition. If a weak crack is heard, synthetic threads are woven into the fabric. Small percentage of their percentage, even useful – the tissue becomes durable, it becomes less and t. D. If artificial threads are more than 50%, such a fabric is better not to use for bed staining. It will not pass the air, absorb moisture and static electricity.

About what is the distinguished poplin and satin, look in the following video.

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