Plaids from Merinos Merinosa Wool

The most pleasant in operation is recognized by home textiles made of natural wool. Especially useful such things when outside the window stands frosty winter or rainy autumn. In these periods, it is so important to be warm and comfortable. Help in it can high-quality plaids from Merinos wool.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Such a material like Merinos wool is very popular and love all over the world. Of it are made a variety of things: from beautiful clothes to cozy home textiles. Also, products from such raw materials often acquire for children of different ages.

Merinos call the breed of fine-mounted sheep. Once told the view that these are Australian animals, although in reality on the green continent they were taken by smuggling from Europe. Currently, Merinos are bred in a variety of planets. Wool such a sheep consists exclusively out of the fluff. Thanks to this feature, from a similar material, it turns out very soft and pleasant to the touch yarn for knitting.

The main advantage of sheep wool models are their thermal radiation characteristics. They retain the constant body temperature, so being under such a web, you do not care, and you will not be too hot. This feature is particularly relevant if you select a high-quality plaid for a small child. Covered from soft sheep wool perfectly absorb moisture and bring it out, so she quickly evaporated.

Many specialists advise such things to purchase, as they provide the maintenance of optimal body microclimate.

Not every material boasts a micro-massage ability. Plaid from Merinos wool such property has. Natural material gently and unobtrusively massages the skin surface, which favorably affects the blood supply and general human well-being.

Such bedspreads do not cause allergic reactions. As part of Merinos wool there is a large percentage of Lanolin.

Due to the presence of these components, similar bedspreads have antibacterial properties and do not cause irritation on the skin.

Many consumers stop the choice on such things, as they possess good dirt-repellent properties and are not marked. They are dirty quite rarely and do not absorb pollution.

Of course, like any other material, Merinos wool has its shortcomings. To such a woolen blanket, it is necessary to relate carefully and correctly care for it. You need to wash these things only in a delicate wash mode, as well as as much as possible to dry and iron.

Models made of natural wool are not suiced. But today at the cost leading bedspreads and plaids from alpaca wool. Such products can be presented as a gift to your beloved person, relative or friend. Today in many stores wool blankets are sold in elegant cases, which are ideal for the design of the useful present.

Natural products have therapeutic properties. This is explained by the fact that Lanolin in their composition is an animal fat with special healing qualities. Such things are recommended for various skin diseases, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints.

Manufacturers and models

Fortunately, high-quality and natural blankets from Merino wool today produce many manufacturers. We will get acquainted with some of them:

  • Woolie. This young Russian firm produces multicolored designer plaids of large mating at affordable prices. Also Woolie can make products to order, which are ideal for the dimensions of your furniture.
  • “Ingalpak”. The assortment of this brand has warm and high-quality plaids made from different materials. However, one of the most popular are models from Merinos wool. These instances from “Ingalpak” are distinguished by their durability and ease of care. Stand branded blankets inexpensively. You can choose the appropriate option at 3,400 rubles.
  • “Fleece”. This is another popular Russian brand, which specializes in the release of high quality covered Merinos wool. The range of manufacturer “Runo” Pttit with multi-colored options that have low cost (from 2500 rubles).
  • “Holty”. This domestic brand provides a choice of consumers high-quality textiles from natural materials. Gently demands of the gentle fleet of merino wool with various colors. Things can be not only monophonic, but also decorated geometric prints.
  • DROBE. This Lithuanian manufacturer produces beautiful blankets from 100% ultrafine fluffy merino wool with various patterns and prints of contrasting colors. Some models are decorated with charming tassels on the edges.
  • Matherm – This is a famous German manufacturer, which offers high-quality vehicles from merino wool with special fiber processing – Superwash. This raw material allows for machine washing and has a more silky surface.
  • Vladi. Simple and durable models covered from Merinosa produces Ukrainian brand vladi. Its assortment is represented by cellular models with tassels.

Plaids in the interior

Plaid from Merino looks very harmonious and attractive in many interiors. You can use such a thing in different ways depending on the stylistic direction of the situation. The main thing is that the opinions of the designers are united – no need to hide such a product behind closed doors of the cabinet. Natural soft plaid should be placed in a prominent place.

As a rule, a cozy plaid of a large mate is used as bedspreads for the bed. Such a model is perfect for the interior in a gentle and soft key. For example, it can be a permanent classic or a playful romantic style. Especially spectacular and organically, such a thing will look in a large bright room with an elegant bed made in dairy or beige colors. It is worth complementing the plaid suitable on style and color decorative pillows connected by similar technique.

Also woolen blankets are often used for furniture design in the living room. They can successfully add interiors in loft style, spectacularly standing out against the background of a rough wall finish. Without a doubt, choose a plaid from Merino’s wool for Country or Scand. But do not think that such a thing will not look in modern destinations. High-quality product can be searched in the interior of high-tech or modern.

In modern ensembles of small thickness, brings unique notes of luxury and aristocracy. More magnificent and fluffy blanket blank plaids make interiors a bit naive and even touching. If you want to effectively beat the contrast between the monochrome design of the room and warm natural wool, then you should purchase plaid brighter and saturated color. This may be a juicy model of orange, coral, brick, turquoise tint and t. D.

Such a bright and beautiful bedspread can be seized on the sofa. But many owners consider this use too rude. In such conditions, a woolen plaid will quickly lose its commodity. It is advisable to just throw the product on the armrest or the edge of the sofa so that he lay slightly carelessly, falling down.

If you purchased a woolen plaid of small sizes, you can use it as a cape on the chair. For example, if there are 2-3 interior objects in the hall, it is worth buying a few small bedspreads and lay them on the seats / furniture backs. The ensemble will be more attractive and completed if it is supplemented by a couple of similar decorative pillows on the sofa.

Warm plaid from woolen yarn will look great in the interior of the children’s bedroom. The item of a large mate can be seized in the crib or position on the floor, so that the small user is as comfortable as possible and heat to play and crawl on such a surface.

Features of care

The thing from the wool of natural origin will serve you long enough if you provide her correct care:

  • If a shallow and light pollution appeared on the surface of the blanket blank, then it can be removed using a conventional dry brush.
  • The temperature of the water in which you are going to wash the thing should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • For washing, it is recommended to use specialized agents and liquid compositions, which includes Lanolin.
  • In the process of washing, do not allow twisting and strong friction of the material. Do not squeeze a woolen plaid with a centrifuge, as this can lead to its hopeless damage and loss of form.
  • After washing the bedspread, it is necessary to squeeze slightly, without applying excess effort and without pulling it. This is necessary to remove excess water from the material.
  • After washing the plaid, it is necessary to dry correctly. In no case do not use additional heaters: hair dryers, portable heaters, batteries and t. D. Under the action of these objects, a thing can lose the commodity and become rough to the touch.
  • To dry the product from wool, you need to straighten it and lay in a horizontal position on the perfectly smooth surface.

In case you are afraid to clean this thing yourself, it can be sent to dry cleaning. But it is not recommended to do it too often, otherwise wool will lose an attractive appearance and many positive qualities.

On how to independently tie the plaid from Merinos’s wool, you can learn from the following video.

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