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Few people can sleep without pillows. This item must have a lot of positive characteristics and benefit from human health. Manufacturers have developed safe and comfortable Togas pillows that benefit and consumer health comfort.


Many in the morning feel fragile in the neck and feel the headache. Not everyone can sleep due to an uncomfortable model pillow. The reasons are uncomfortable and unnatural position of the head during rest and sleep. Perhaps, a filler or a cover has come into disrepair, all these factors affect the comfortable use of products.

For each person, it is important to get enough sleep daily. Healthy sleep – pledge for good health for the whole day. To sleep perfectly, get a good bed with an orthopedic mattress not enough. You will also need good, safe pillows that are ideal for healthy and strong sleep. Manufacturers represent a huge range of a variety of products, but the most popular are Togas pillows, which are in great demand from buyers.

Fillers and sizes of branded products

A variety of materials are used as a filler:

  • Bamboo charcoal is a natural absorbent. He perfectly absorbs moisture and highlights it back if the air is very dry. Due to this bamboo as a filler, provides a healthy and comfortable stay at night.
  • Element germanium, Oxygen saturated with oxygen cells.
  • Preserving Memory Effect Polyurethane. The material remembers the position of the body, and the person wakes up a daily cheerful and full forces.

  • Classic filler – goose fluff It has softness, ease, hygroscopicity and thermal properties.
  • Silk fillers Excellent suitable for people with highly sensitive skin.
  • Wool It has high properties of thermal insulation and eliminates pain in joints and ligaments.
  • Cotton – Natural Material. His positive properties: absorbs moisture and contributes to its evaporation; has increased air bandwidth; Bacteriostatic effect stable.
  • Modern synthetic filler is considered Microfireber. He is hypoallergen and has increased thermal characteristics.

Consumer feedback argue that each filler has its advantages and disadvantages.

The product shape is chosen in accordance with the personal preferences of consumers.

Togas’s classic cushion has three standard sizes:

  • Children’s product, has parameters 40×60 cm.
  • European rectangular model with dimensions 50×70 cm.
  • Traditional square product 70×70 cm.

The lineup

The company’s assortment contains many models. Among them are particularly popular with the following products:

  • To achieve perfection perfectly suitable Pillows with silk filler. When contacting the product, the skin feels velvety and caressing. Natural silk and human skin have the same characteristics. The filler greatly absorbs human heat and saves it, despite changes in ambient temperature. Silk perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, ventilats the skin of a person during sleep period, saturating the skin with oxygen. Another important dignity – antibacterial and hypoallergenic material properties.

  • Pillow antistress, Restoring forces, relieves stress and tension accumulated for the whole day. Case Product is made of high quality microfirecher. The material is made according to high technology, the fiber bundle process. The advantage of such a material is: increased strength, hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness. Microfireber – innovative fabric, rejuvenates, relieves stress and takes care of human health in a dream. Developers call such material – Antistress.

Silver and copper threads are woven in fabrics, which, when contacting with a human body, remove static tension and relax muscles.

The user gets a full rest and healthy sleep. Antistresses Pillows most often dying from synthetic microfiber. Filler is durable, thanks, manufacturing technology. Fibers are treated with silicone, to reduce friction between them. The product after compression quickly restores its initial shape.

  • Pillows with filler fluff-pen, impregnated with the useful composition of aloe. The product has useful and healing properties. Holidays on such a pillow turns out full. Man wakes up cheerful and cheerful. Pooh has increased thermal insulation properties and perfectly restores the form. The product with such a filler is suitable for any time of the year. Natural filler and does not cause allergic reactions. Case made of microfiber, has increased strength and wear resistance. Impregnation with a solution of aloe vera increases the antioxidant properties of tissues, and also helps to restore skin. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect stimulates the process of recovery.

  • Orthopedic pillow with polyurethane filler, which has a memory effect. Products are suitable for people having problems with spine and neck. The orthopedic model takes the shape of a human body and well supports the spine in the required position.

  • Each interior must be completed, for this and created decorative pillows Company Togas. Designers developed products that create a cozy atmosphere and completed image image. 100% polyester is used as a filler for decorative pillows. Covers are made from a variety of materials, but more popular Fur and natural suede fabrics enjoy. Pillowcases most often removable. Fur decorative models on the back side are performed from soft suede tissues.

Features of product care

Togas pillows require special attention and delicate care approach. If it is wrong to care for the product, it can be spoiled with ease. All necessary information on the correct operation is indicated on the product label. Dry cleaning methods are used to pillows, but it is not forbidden to use automatic washing machines in delicate mode at 30 degrees.

Drying pillows is allowed only outdoors, excluding direct sunlight.

When choosing any textile product, Togas is excluded disappointment when used. All pillows have many positive feedback from consumers. Products are produced on all tastes and financial capabilities, the main thing, to determine the desires and the need for this product.

New Daily by Togas Listening in the following video.

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