Pillows for garden swing

Each child loves to swing on the swing and perceives this simple fun with delight. How much joy brings a feeling of flight! Tear up, like a bird, and then there is a strength to fly down. Swing we love for the fact that they give us a short moment a feeling of flight and full freedom.

But no one said that the swing is suitable only for children. Increasingly and more often in garden sites can be found swing not only for kids, but even for the whole family. After all, it is very pleasant to relax at the end of a difficult day, comfortably settled on a swing. Modern designers offer many excellent options for garden swings: from wood or metal, large or small, purchased or done with their own hands.

There are even swing beds and swing-sofas. Unchanging satellites of garden swings – pillows. They will create a feeling of comfort, will make your stay with them comfortable and safe, will become a bright accent of the design of the modern summer cottage.


    In the market of goods for the garden, you can meet a lot of bidding for swing from Russian and foreign manufacturers. If you are a happy owner of purchased models, then, as a rule, you acquire a swing along with a set of accessories (mattress, pillows or specific design covers). In this case, you immediately get ready, beautifully decorated option for your site. Manufacturers of such goods try to make the most simple care for products.

    Pillows are supplied with replaceable lightning covers that can be removed and wrapping if they are contaminated. To save the pillows and swing themselves from bad weather, offer special garment furniture covers. Pillows themselves most often rectangular shape, sizes of one side from 50 to 100 cm. They are made of materials that do not burn out in the sun, they are not terrible neither rain nor dust. The cost of swings with pillows, covers and other accessories is usually very high.

    But not all dachas have the opportunity to spend on such expensive options. Someone makes swing and independently.

    And therefore accessories in this case will have to sew their own hands, as the standard ways of the road, and there is a risk that they do not fit in size.

    What material to choose?

    When choosing a material for sewing covers on pillows It is necessary to take into account:

    • It must be resistant to mechanical effects;
    • The fabric should not burn out in the sun, to lift or stretch;
    • Pillow material should be safe and easy to care.

    Fabric for street garden pillows It is better to choose from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers will ensure safety and comfort, synthetic – strength, elasticity and moisture resistance.

    If you are a supporter of eco-friendly materials, choose tapestry canvas. They are dense, and the coloring options are quite diverse. You can choose materials from artificial leather or its substitute. Such pillows are not afraid of bad weather, but on hot days they are very hot and sitting on them is not very nice.

    If cushion covers are removable, it will greatly facilitate product care.

    Filling pillows

    To fill the pillows, use various materials, both natural and artificial.

    • Porolon – the most common material for such purposes. It is inexpensive, produced in sheets of various thickness. Easy, soft, but at the same time elastic material that can be washed and clean. Such a filler will not lose his form for a long time.
    • Hollofiber – porous and multilayer material, very elastic and easy. Well maintains warm, the fiber is durable. Pillow from such a material will not lose his form for a long time. Released in different versions: Hollofiber in balls, leaf or rolls. Any option is suitable as a filler for garden pillows. Products from it can be erased manually and in a washing machine.
    • Syntheton – familiar to everyone and every inexpensive insulated non-woven material. Used as filler for blankets, pillows, soft toys, and as insulation for clothes. Available cannut of various density and thickness. Easy, elastic, volumetric material that can be washed at a temperature of 40 degrees. The only drawback – over time it is joined (the fibers are compacted, and the thickness of the material decreases).

    • Silicone – The most innovative filler of light polyester fibers twisted in the balls. This material is varying degrees of elasticity. It is environmentally friendly and does not cause allergies, very voluminous and elastic, well keeps warm and keeps fine. Compared to other fillers, he will serve you longer than all. The only drawback is a high price.
    • Comforter – Filler is akin to HolloFaybeer and Synthupuch. Cheap, lightweight, hypoallergenic material. It can be washed, it is very durable.
    • Polystyrene foam in balls – Very often used as a filler for soft seats. Despite the small sizes, each of the balls is very elastic, durable and at the same time a very light particle.

    For swing with a large mattress consisting of one or more pillows, it is better to choose a foam or silicone as a filler. If you decide to perform small pillows – sticks or rollers, then hollofiber, sintepon or comforter.

    Filter polystyrene balls will be appropriate for pillows to single swings.

    Patterns of pillows and covers

    On the Internet you can find many options for pillows. We made a small selection for you.

    • Poporone Pillow Covers. Figures well illustrate the process of performing covers. Do not forget to use your sizes.
    • Prawlone mattresses.
    • Pattern pillow – roller and various options.
    • Pattern of the usual square pillow – Duma.



    Beautiful design options

    The photos presented in this section will help you determine the design of garden pillows.

    Read more about how to update the covers on garden swings, you will learn from the following video.

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