Many people annually refer to neurologists and masseurs with the problem of pain in the back, the cervical department, headaches. And someone strongly worried about the legs who languish and no longer stopping. Where communication? And in that, in another case, a person can help himself, allowing the body to relax during sleep. For this you need a good mattress, blanket and pillow. And the pillows, with the help of which a person was rather sat than lay, remained in the XIX century or in medical institutions. Now at home are increasingly used low pillows. And to relieve pain in different departments of the human body – roller pillows.

Features and advantages

Pillows in the form of a roller came to us from the east. Were solid, such as wooden. Initially served to preserve high hairstyles in women. But it turned out that such devices accelerate relaxation and align the spine on a sleeping bed. Only this body position (lying on the back, laying a roller under the neck), according to the Chinese and the Japanese, can remove pain syndrome, correctly distribute the weight of the body into bed. It seems strange for us, we are accustomed to mild mattresses and pillows, and for it we pay our health. Putting a roller under the neck and (or) lower back, we allow you to take a spine comfortable position for him. At this moment, the muscles of the back and neck relax, the blood begins to circulate better, the blood supply to the brain is improved, pain retreats.

Office workers and people who are constantly working with the head-down (for example, watchmaking) often occur bouts of headaches due to the wrong position of the cervical spine. Drivers have a professional disease – osteochondrosis, you can periodically put a small pad in the car under the back. Long pillow will help in relaxation these people.

Having arranged such a pillow under the knees, you will improve the work of the vessels in the legs. Placing on the bed or sofa under the heels of roller, you make the blood move up. This will facilitate the pain that gets from the sick veins. The correct position of the body in a horizontal position, the relaxed pose will lead to the fact that you can calmly fall asleep and not wake up while sleeping from rolling pain.

In the first days do not try to use constantly roller. To this you need to get used to. First, the condition may even worsen. But together with the adaptation, the awareness will come that the pain goes.

All the above examples suggest that rollers have a healing effect. And in this their advantage over ordinary pillows. If you put a small roller pad under your hand brushes on the table, you will be more convenient to work on the keyboard. Hands do not have to keep on weight. Fingers will be relaxed over the keyboard, having, as it should be, rounded the brush shape. You will not rub the wrist on the surface of the table.

But such a product is a beautiful addition to the interior. On the sofa or bed, in a children’s or living room, such beauty will be to the place. If you choose hypoallergenic materials as a filler, they will have invaluable assistance to allergies and small children. Roller can perform a protective function for a small child playing on the floor. Put a few such pads from the sofa so that the baby is not sought to climb him. Blank sharp corners so that the child does not knock. And if for the cover to choose a cloth with letters, numbers, animals, then such a toy can help mom in learning.

Pillow filled with solid components will have a massage effect on the body. A roller with fragrant dry herbs is a real aromatherapy session. Not in vain in the southern resorts we offer such souvenirs with juniper and souls, lavender and mint, atrochemus and cedar. The aromas of these grass contribute to a good sleep, help relax the nervous system.

What to say – even pets love to play with a roller in the form of a delicious bone. And they are also nice to sleep on it.

So, the pillow-roller is:

  • Orthopedic care at home;
  • Prevention of veins disease;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Massager;
  • aesthetic enjoyment;
  • protective barrier;
  • Training simulator;
  • Headrest during a trip or flight;
  • toy for domestic pets.


Pillows rollers differ from each other:

  • Form: It is cylindrical or with a bevelled edge, in the form of a bone, in the form of a semicircle (horseshoes) and T. D.;
  • Sidewall design: smooth, like a cylinder, with a “tail” like candy, with an eastern tassel, with various ruffles and t. NS.;
  • Scope of application: under the head, neck, lower back, knees, heels, that is, as an orthopedic agent; decorative for sofa, sofa, ottomans, stand for hands or legs;
  • View of the filler: for hardness, aromatherapy, massage;
  • “Master”: Pillows for children should be in a soft safe case.


Select the size of you will help your own sensations and alleged roller functionality. If this is a pillow for the road, it means that it should be about a quarter less girth of your neck, but at the same time put on it freely. This method of unloading the cervical spine should not be tight, and the case should pass the air well (so that the neck does not sweat). This roller may not contain a solid filler, because on the road the weight of baggage matters, and, it means, the head restraint can just be easily inflated.

Pillow as a head restraint assumes use also in the position lying on the side. This use is suitable for this use, the height of which can be defined as follows: it is the distance between the shoulder and the neck plus 1 – 2 centimeters on the estimated pivoting. But after all, all family members are different. If you strive to purchase an individual thing under the width of your shoulders, can be done on your own?

However, a roller with a height of 8-10 cm is suitable for many, but with a soft mattress, choose a higher model. Eastern Classic Pillow – Long. If this is a sofa roller, then the length of the pillow can be equal to the width of the sofa seating. If this is a bed device, then, most likely, the length will correspond to the usual pillow, who loves: from 50 to 70 cm. It can be a children’s toy in the form of a dog-dachshund with a long body.


Structural pillow in the form of a roller is a cover in which the filler is located. Usually, for filler they sew the base of the pillowcase, which is filled and sewn completely. And the case is a removable element to be able to wash or replace. Fillers for the product are organic and artificial materials: solid and soft. The pillow must be tightly naked.

Natural belongs:

  • Buckwheat husk, from which blood flow will increase, the sore spot will begin to warm themselves faster; Massage effect will appear;
  • Herbs and soft branches of juniper and cedar will work with masseuses and aromatherapists;
  • More familiar batting will not give a special pleasant smell, but it will cope well with the role of the filler for the stand hands and legs.

Artificial fillers:

  • Latex, chopped on foam rubber pieces, easy fill the base space. Such a filler does not smell, slightly springs, is hypoallergenic;
  • Polyurethane foam remembers the shape of the body and adjusts to it. Polyurethane foam is very lightweight, such a pillow will be convenient for children;
  • Highly elastic foam Cure Feel with cooling gel besides memorial effect, allows you to feel the effect of coolness on the body. Such a gel, according to customers, retains youth.

Whatever material you choose, it should be:

  • safe;
  • comfortable;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • Durable.

Cover for roller pillow should be chosen, focusing on its functional duties: a sleep pillow is packaged in a replaceable pillowcase, a sofa roller can be made of soft microfiber or rough canvas, embroidered with golden thread in a classic style or sews from pieces of remnants of different tissues in Patchwork style.

How to choose correctly?

How to choose such a pillow among finished goods? To begin with, measure the distance from the neck to the shoulder and focus on it. If possible, try the product in the store. If it is a furniture department – stick on the bed, because you have to sleep on such a pillow. It should not be very much under your weight. Be prepared for the fact that you are not immediately accustomed to such a bedding.

Also remember your favorite postures: If you sleep only on your stomach, you can not put a neck on the pillow in principle, but for the alignment of the back it will be the place under the belly. Only in this case the roller should not be high. Those who sleep in the embryo pose – Kalachik – also such a pillow is hardly suitable. The price of the pillow will depend on both filler and the cover. Roller headrest, inflated by air, costs from 500 rubles., and anatomical cushion made of CURE FEEL with cooling effect – 7500 rub. Japanese pillow with gold embroidery will be on the pocket not all, since the price of one bobbing thread costs 18,000 rubles.

As a result of your choice, you will find either a good orthopedic agent or a beautiful decor element.


Such a product will not require a specific care. Since the filler will be sewn into a special pillowcase, then you just need to remove the case and wrapping it (clean it). Depending on the fabric and decorative elements of the cover, the manual or machine washing is allowed. If it is a homemade thing for a child in the form of a toy with eyes, nose, pigtails, glued to the pillow, then you should not wash it in a washing machine.

When washing natural fabrics, do not forget that they will give shrinkage from hot water. In such cases, they recommend manual washing in cool water or delicate washing at 30 degrees in the typewriter. Leather sofa rollers will certainly be able to do with a wet cleaning. If nevertheless, it became necessary to wipe the roller himself (of course, not from herbs and buckwheat husk), then remove the case and try to put the pillow in the machine. With this method of washing it will be easier to dry.

After manual washing, let the water drain. Specify on the label, is it possible to squeeze it. Dry pillowcase with filler Recommended in a hanging condition or constantly turning over for uniform grazing. You can not dry next to batteries or on them, as well as avoid bright sunlight getting like – not all materials like it. Pillow is better dried on a ventilated balcony or street.

Beautiful interiors

Orthopedic pillows do not require decorative design. Road variant often goes into microfiber or fleece. Bedding rollers dress up in bed linen. But for decorative use, various options for designing pillows. Cylindrical shape – the most familiar for rollers. It is convenient for sleep, games and decor. Roller with a beveled edge, as a rule, is used on sofas as armrests. But it is also convenient to stay rest.

On the cylinders with a flat sidewall, bright large buttons are sewn as decor, embroidered frills, flowers and T. NS. But it can be a classic option with a beautiful corner of contrasting color or cloth of another texture. The option of candy involves the use of a multi-colored case, braid. And maybe strict fan with short tails and gilded cords.

The bed is often decorated with a large number of pillows of different sizes: standard, dums, rollers. It will be beautiful when designing Loft, Modern and other destinations. But the color combination will be different: if you doubt the correct selection of color gamut, turn to the palette. But remember the rule: harmoniously looks close to the tint shades or contrasting colors. For design in calm colors, use no more than three colors.

Any selected option must be harmonized with the environment. Eastern style decor is performed, it means that it will be bright, much, expensive. Minimalism can bypass one-color roller, but it will be a contrasting solution for the sofa. Children’s toy must please the eye. The choice of ideas is big.

How to make a pillow-roller with your own hands, see the following video.

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