Pillow hug

    Pillow-hug will suit everyone who lacks tactile proximity and touches. Such products are buying people holding time in separation from loved ones, loving rest with maximum comfort or those who wish to collect a collection of accessories with an unusual design. In addition, the model will become a universal gift for friends and loved ones.

    Who needs and why?

    The need for hugs is every person – both in an adult and at the very young. Tactile contacts raise mood, soothe and give a feeling of security and comfort. For those who for some reason remained alone, manufacturers offer special pillows for hugging. Unusual models, as a rule, are distinguished by large sizes and are suitable for clamping legs and hands.

    The ability to normalize the emotional human background allows the use of an accessory for psychological unloading. An interesting design contributes to improving the mood, which everyone can choose, taking into account personal preferences. Such accessories perform another feature. They contribute to the preservation of the heat of the human body, so suitable for use in the cold season. They also relax muscles after a hard working day.

    The history of hugging accessories begins in Japan, and their name directly speaks of their appointment. The first models were complemented by hand capable of claking the owner and “attract” him to him. Initially, they were intended for sleep, then there were models that play a purely decorative role.

    Pillows hugs usually choose:

    • Girls. Accessories are popular among romantic natures who are waiting for their prince, ladies who miss the chosen during his departure, and among all those who wish to accept the most comfortable posture during sleep.
    • Teens. For them are suitable pillows having funny design. The younger generation is experiencing a craving for everything unusual, because such models will perfectly fit into a row of motley accessories adorning the room.
    • Representatives of strong sex. Lonely men such products will allow the charge of positive emotions and present themselves next to the beloved woman.
    • Future mothers. Pregnant ladies require comfort at night. Accessories support belly, and special models provide massage effect, improve blood circulation.
    • Children. Often, young family members with difficulty dump sleep with mom, in this case a comfortable pillow-hug will teach them to fall asleep alone and will save from various fears. Fit accessories and for very little children, they do not give them to spin during sleep.

    Similar accessories acquire as gifts for friends and relatives. Cute pillows, made in gentle colors and having a heart or cat shape, will donate the ladies and become a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day or March 8. Adult relatives buy practical products with an orthopedic effect, useful for the back. Comic pillow with a funny design (for example, imitating some beast) give to loved friends and acquaintances.

    The area of ​​use of such accessories is also wide. Such products are bought for home, embedding them in the overall appearance of the room. Models are suitable for non-standard cafes or recreation areas in entertainment centers. In country houses on hug pads, not only the owners of the cottages can not be in danger, but also guests. Such accessories can be taken on trips to be comfortable to sleep.


    Hugging pillows are present in the collections of many Asian and European manufacturers. Companies offer products that differ in size and forms used for different purposes. Allocate several of the most popular models that have won great popularity among consumers.

    Snoozer Body Pillow

    A large model for the whole body, correlated with human growth. The pillow can be clapped with hands or legs, lovers sleep on the stomach can completely lie on it. Manufacturers promise a pleasant dream, guarantee support for the whole body – from fifth to head. Can be put on the accessory head or additionally use the usual pillow. Inside there is a soft, elastic filler that repeats the bends of the body, due to which anyone can take.


    Cushion crankshadow whose homeland is Japan. The model repeats the shape of the female legs. Designed for single men who lack the warmth of the beloved girl. Manufacturers substantiated the creation of an unusual pillow with the natural need of a person to put their heads on the knees of the mother or another close man, feeling his warmth and being safe.

    This model is designed to give positive emotions to its winner and relieve it from a sense of loneliness. The pillow is not suitable for sleep, since it does not allow you to place a head in a suitable position suitable for a long rest, but it is widely used during the daytime. Brands offer chisamacures, decorated with various outlets of wardrobe: dresses, skirts, shorts. Everyone will find an accessory in the shower.

    Boyfriend Pillow

    Such a model is called the “boyfriend pillow”, many call her “lumbric arms”. Accessory focused on girls who have not yet found their chosen one or are in separation with a young man. The pillow is made in the form of a male torso with one hand, which hugs the lady during the rest. The model is designed to give the feeling of comfort and protectedness, imitate the proximity of the representative of the strong floor.

    Hand can be left or right – depending on what a girl got used to sleep on her side. The model additionally holds the body during sleep, when reading it fixes the head in a convenient position. Manufacturers allow you to choose not only upholstery color, but also “outfit” for pillows: pajamas or shirt.


    Japanese model having dimensions, roughly correlated with human parameters – 150 × 50 cm. Classical Dakimakura is equipped with a cover with images of anime characters. The long model allows you to arrange the image of the heroes in full growth, they are often painted naked. There are pillows with famous athletes, actors or singers. The most popular belongs to Dakimakura “Levi”, “Miya” and “Tempeur”.

    Accessories are very popular both among men and women. In Japan, pillows hugs are used not only for recreation. They are taken with me for walking, on trips or on anime events. Hollofiber is used as a filler, characterized by elasticity, softness and elasticity.

    Pillows are well passed air, they are resistant to mold and harmful microorganisms. The advantage of the models is and their low cost.

    In a separate group allocate accessories for young family members. Children’s pillow-hug has a small size and plays the role of toys. This product will help the baby to fall asleep without mom, it will additionally maintain it on the bed (especially this is important in cases with very little guys). Selects models with two hands hugging a child, and products made in the form of animals or cartoon characters.

    Several types of large pillows differing in shape:

    In the form of numbers 7

    On top there is a side, but which can be put on the head, and the base of “seven” is comfortable to grab your feet. The length of the pillow reaches 150 cm, and the width is 80 cm. The product is conditionally divided into parts stuffed with different fillers. For the head zone, an elastic microfiber can be used for the rest of the pillow – hypoallergenic eco-cart. Manufacturers also take fluff and feather, and the outer part is sewn from dense natural fabric.


    Suitable for all family members. Rectangular shape allows you to clamp a product with two hands while sleeping on my side. It can be used both loners and pairs, which together with the product will hug your partner. When you want to lay a small child, the product is used as a limiter. The model has an average elasticity, well holds a form, is characterized by hygienicness (thanks to the use of safe raw materials).

    In the form of the letter U

    The pillow is designed for pregnant women and is designed to ensure maximum comfort for the future mother and her child. The model is characterized by quite large sizes (about 150 × 60 cm), so when making a purchase, there are enough space on the bed next to her husband. You can go on such a pillow, you can hug it, the product is convenient to use and when feeding newborns. It is recommended to choose pillows with bamboo fiber having antibacterial properties.


    The advantage of hugs pillows is a wide variety of design solutions. Such products are divided into two groups:

    • They are acquired for sleep and rest – In this case, the external characteristics of products are correlated with the design of the room, select the models of suitable tones and forms that harmonize with a common interior.
    • The second option is the acquisition of pillows with specific prints, it refers to members of subcultures. Accessory often does not play a practical role and is not purchased to decorate the room, but simply “to be”.

    Pillows made in Europe are characterized by more restrained design, but they are more functional and comfortable. In the collections of Western brands there are one-photon products of pastel shades, which perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom. You can choose products from two types of fabrics, combining both tones and different textures and surfaces. There are models with small repeating patterns or large ornaments.

    The most original options are offered by Asian manufacturers who value the potential of unusual accessories.

    The most popular model is the already mentioned Dakimakura, which is bought as the Japanese themselves and residents of other countries, ordering the original products via the Internet. Such pillows are popular among Otaka, anime fans, manga or video games, which collect products with favorite characters.

    There are both pillows focused on the mass audience (they can safely buy in the store), and produced by limited parties – for real fans of one or another universe. In the latter case, the drawing is characterized by high detail and print quality. Such a model will not only get rid of loneliness, but also will allow “to revive” a two-dimensional hero and to be one with him one in his house, which is especially attractive for true fans.

    Dakimakuri are depicted both girls and guys. Important criteria for selection of pillows are the outfit, the degree of nude characters depicted. Equipped with additional cushion covers allow you to “undress”, removing the top layer of fabric with drawn clothing. Avual Otaku acquire several accessories with different prints, they regularly replenish their collections.

    Tips for choosing

    There is no ideal Dakimakura, since this accessory is selected purely taking into account the preferences of a separate person. Most often such products are not even for sleep, but for day rest. If accessories are purchased in the store, it is better to immediately try them on yourself to choose the most convenient options. When placing an order via the Internet, it is recommended to read reviews about specific models, search for real photos of products.

    The following characteristics of goods should be taken into account:

    • The size. Manufacturers offer many species of pillows. There are both small models in length to meters and equal growth of an adult person who can be completely lying.
    • Upholstery material. Products from synthetic and natural tissues. The latter are most safe and do not cause irritation on the skin. Artificial raw materials can serve longer and differ simplicity of operation.
    • Form. For an elongated rectangular cushion, you can pick up a case with any image. Eliminate curly models with rounded corners, differing in the smoothness of lines and allow you to take any position during rest.
    • Design. Manufacturers offer monophonic and decorated with patterns, product prints. Anime fans acquire pillows with favorite characters whose images are printed on covers. There are minimalist accessories, devoid of decorations.
    • Filler. Inside there may be foam balls, syntheps, holofiber, bamboo fiber and other materials that differ in operational characteristics and service life. There are pillows – hugs filled with oath or feathers.

    Choice of Dakimakura depends on the purpose of the product. When the pillow will be used for sleep (at least for daytime), it must have other characteristics than the product that purchased to decorate the interior.

    A separate group make up models for pregnant women. They must provide maximum comfort, be safe to the health of the mother and her future child. In this case, it is worth paying attention to environmentally friendly raw materials, natural fillers. The product should repeat the bends of the body of a woman.

    Review of the pillow-hug in the form of numbers 7 See in the following video.

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