Orthopedic pillow

Full night leisure has a decisive effect on day efficiency. To a great rest at night, you need to choose the right pillow, comfortable and comfortable. Orthopedic pillows enjoy greatly popular.


The familiar down and feather pillows do not contribute to healthy sleep, because they give the spine the wrong position during night sleep. Orthopedic pillow allows you to get rid of any unpleasant sensations. It is designed specifically to ensure healthy sleep. The distinctive feature of such a product is the presence of a roller. It can have a different height, which varies from 9 to 15 centimeters.

The peculiarity of the orthopedic pillow is that it fully corresponds to the anatomical structure of the head and the cervical.

It guarantees a uniform load distribution to the whole body, and also provides excellent support for the musculoskeletal system. The cushion with the orthopedic effect is designed to prevent various diseases of the spine, improving the blood circulation of both the head and spinal cord, and also performs a good solution to fight insomnia.

Benefit and harm

Orthopedic pillows have pros and cons, so it is worth weighing everything for and against to decide whether to buy such a product.

Main advantages:

  • perfectly retain the form;
  • superbly paste air;
  • Well hold warm;
  • are hypoallergenic, so they will fit even for people inclined to allergic reactions;
  • Do not absorb foreign smells;
  • easy to care;
  • do not attract dust;
  • Allow to reduce pain sensations associated with different diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Some buyers note the shortcomings of orthopedic pillows, but mostly they are connected with the fact that the product was chosen wrong. For example, if a person is used to sleeping on very soft or high models, then first they will seem uncomfortable and hard for them. The process of addiction will take no more than one week. Pillow with ball filler at night publishes unusual sounds during turning. First, this sound can be annoyed, but over time you will get used to it and stop it at all to notice.

There are no special contraindications for the choice of orthopedic pillows, but it is worth being neat when selecting bedroom facilities for kids.

Most professionals claim that cushions on a synthetone or feathers are harmful to newborn. The newest options for orthopedic pillows can be used for children from early age.

The orthopedic pillow is useful for the child, because it contributes to the correct formation of spinal bends, reduces the load on the cervical muscles, and also provides a healthy and strong sleep. Orthopedic pillows filler is always hypoallergenic and safe baby.


Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of orthopedic pillows, which differ in size, shape, fillers and even to the destination.

In general, all orthopedic pillows can be divided into several categories:

  • Products for sleep – perform an integral part among bedding. They are great for the correct arrangement of the spine and are universal;
  • Decorative models – decorate the interior, give the design comfort and beauty;
  • Non-standard options – are intended for a variety of purposes.

Models under the head are designed specifically to ensure the right position of the head and cervical area during a night rest. They can be used in complex therapy during the treatment of vertebrate displacement.

Pillow under the back is the perfect choice for the workplace, for a trip to the car. It allows you to feel the maximum level of comfort, because it reduces the load and perfectly supports the back.

Seat options are equipped in the middle of a special hole. In appearance, such a product has a lot in common with the rescue circle. Such a pillow will become indispensable during the rehabilitation period after childbirth or operations.

Models “Memori” are greatly popular, as they have a memory effect. This option perfectly takes the shape of the body and does not require addiction. It is perfect for sleeping on the stomach. Memory effect foam is used as a filler (Memory Foam). It perfectly repeats the contours of the body, and also reacts to pressure and heat.

An excellent alternative pillow is a roller that is used mainly for day rest. It is characterized by a cylindrical form. Depending on the selected filler, the roller can be of various rigidity.

The classic model is characterized by the choice of filler. This option is usually made of pure pen, bird fluff or use synthetic fillers like holofiber or syntheps.

Modern manufacturers of orthopedic pillows offer a wide range of models for adults and children, given the age-related features. Differences are in size, choosing fillers, elasticity and rigidity of products:

  • Pillow for teenager Developed taking into account anatomy-physiological features, which ensures the formation of the correct posture and the right development of the cervical spine. Orthopedic pillows are suitable for relaxing the entire body, as well as to ensure a comfortable location of the shoulder joint.
  • To sleep on the side of a good choice is Model with a removal for the shoulder. This option is recommended to use people a dense complex. With cervical osteochondrosis orthopedic pillow is mandatory. It helps perfectly from snoring, because the roller under the neck allows you to take the right position during sleep, relax muscles.

  • Models with cooling effect – Excellent solution for hot season, since they have a gel as a filler, the temperature of which is a few degrees lower than the temperature of the human body.
  • Pillows with magnets Not many manufacturers are offered, but if you wish, they can be purchased. The peculiarity of the magnetic model is that it is equipped with magnets that influence the human body. Such a model improves the metabolism, produces a slight massage of the cervical, due to which the load decreases, and also improves blood circulation.

  • For people prone to allergies, manufacturers offer Hypoallergenic pillows. They are made of natural materials, so beneficially affect the body and do not cause allergic manifestations.
  • It looks original Male shoulder model. This option will accurately enjoy representatives of beautiful sex. You can lie on the shoulder, feel warmth and convenience.
  • Another original design of designers has become bone pillow. It has small sizes, so you can take it on the road. It will make it most comfortable to stay on the seat, relax and relax.

  • Special attention attracted unique orthopedic Transformer pillow, which is suitable for pregnant and babies. First, it can use a pregnant woman for a comfortable arrangement of the abdomen, and then this product will become a good pad for the newborn. She is transformed with ease, and is also characterized by ease of use.

Materials and fillers

Manufacturers use various fillers and materials in the manufacture of orthopedic pillows. In greatest demand, uses foam and gel filler:

  • Polyurethane foam characterized by air, ease, softness and elasticity. It provides excellent heat exchange. Today, many pillows models are made of a foam with a memory effect. This filler is perfectly remembered, and in just a few seconds it returns to the original position. Foam can be natural or synthetic origin.

Models from polyurethane foam are characterized by a porous structure that exceeds the necessary form. Memory effect foam is an excellent choice in the manufacture of orthopedic pillows.

  • Models use in great demand From foamed latex. It is perfect for the production of sleeping facilities. Latex pillow is characterized by hypoallergenia, elasticity and long service life. Products made of natural latex draw attention to such properties as bactericidity, breathability, wear resistance and hygroscopicity.

  • Consumers with caution relate to orthopedic pillows With gel, But you should not be afraid of this filler because it provides comfort and comfort. The indisputable advantage of the gel pillow is “climate control”. Among the variety of models with technogel, you can find excellent coolant options that provide maximum comfort in the hot season.

  • Pillows From buckwheat husk Today it is starting to win the attention of the buyer due to elasticity. Luzga has good properties, because it provides a micro-massage, it takes out moisture perfectly and passes well. But this filler requires careful care, which consists in frequent drying and ventilating. The smell of the product and the sound of the filler do not like to all buyers.

  • Silicone pillow has orthopedic properties due to its structure. It quickly restores the form, differs in ease of care and good breathability. It is worth the preference to silicone in the form of balls, since this option has a longer service life.
  • Modern manufacturers often use additional impregnations to relax and calm the body. Models with Aloe Vera have a beneficial effect on the whole body. Such a pillow contains a huge number of microcapsules. When contacting the body, they begin to open, while highlighting useful substances. Pillows with aloe vera are characterized by anti-inflammatory effect, promote rapid healing of wounds.


Very important parameters of orthopedic pillows are height, width and length. The big pillow does not always guarantee comfort and convenience. Product dimensions must match your body.

For people with broad shoulders, options are suitable with dimensions of 70×70 cm or 50×70 cm, and for girls and women of fragile build, 60 cm long cushion will become excellent choice. Children’s models also have the corresponding dimensions.

For the smallest usually pick options with dimensions of 20×30 cm, for school age children, the pillow 40×60 cm is an excellent choice.

The height of the pillow is to choose depending on the favorite posture during sleep. For people who prefer to sleep on the side, it will come up with an option with a height of 10 cm. It is better to give preference to pillows with rollers on the sides, because such a location will prevent the head rolling from the pillow. If you like to sleep on your back, then the product should be less height, for example, 6 cm and with a mandatory deepening in the center.


Modern orthopedic pillows are represented by various forms, among which the most common is rectangular. It is characterized by an unusual form: bulge around the edges and in the middle. Such an unusual design is superbly suitable for good sleep.

This form prevents the spine deformation, ensures the removal of the stress from the cervical and shoulder muscles, and also contributes to good blood circulation.

To date, the pillows are presented not only for the location of the head. An excellent solution for people with the problems of the ankle or knee joints will be the model Roglia. This form will allow you to pick up the most comfortable place for the foot. The round model will suit the seating. Under the back a good choice is a triangular option.

For babies, an excellent choice is a butterfly model. This option is ideal for newborns. Butterfly allows you to cope with many problems, for example, with a diagnosis of Krivoshoye. It will come in handy with a reduced or increased tone of the muscles of the neck, as well as at an uneven head.

Rating top best models for sleep

Orthopedic pillows are produced in many countries of the world – in China, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and, of course, in Russia:

  • Italian manufacturers produce orthopedic pillows, known in many countries of the world. Their number belongs to companies like Sealy, Materlux, Vefer and Magniflex. They use exceptionally safe, natural fillers, guaranteeing excellent quality and care for your health. The feature of the pillows from Italy is that they have a wavy bend. Different height allows everyone to choose the most comfortable height for a comfortable location of the cervical.

  • German models from the company enjoy great demand Breckle. They are made of natural, environmentally friendly materials, so they are considered the best in the world. But the pillows from Germany have a drawback – a high price.

  • Products from Thailand enjoys greatly popular. Famous company PATEX It offers a variety of orthopedic pillows made of natural latex.
  • Finnish pillows Familon ideal for people who have a tendency to allergies.

The online store “Medtehnika” is in demand among Russian shops. It offers orthopedic cushions of canceled quality at an affordable price.

What is the difference between an orthopedic pillow from anatomical?

Orthopedic cushion provides the most comfortable position for a healthy sleep. It can be used to properly form a spine, so it is ideal for children and adolescents.

Anatomical model is designed to adapt under body shapes. For example, if a person falls on such a pillow, then it completely fills all the bulges and depressions. It can be used for everyday sleep, and in cases where the orthopedic model will cause discomfort. For example, to sleep with a bandage on the head or in the presence of plaster on the shoulder.

The difference between the orthopedic and anatomical pillow lies in the fact that the orthopedic model provides the most comfortable and correct position during rest, and the anatomical model does not hold the form, so the head can roll from it.

Orthopedic pillow is hypoallergenic, protected from the development of various microorganisms. Dying and feather models require careful care so that various microbes do not start.

How to sleep on an orthopedic cushion correctly?

The product is intended for the head, so it is necessary to put the head on the pad only, and shoulders should be below. So that the position of the head was correct, it is worth sticking to the instructions. The high part of the product should be in the neck area. Need to go to bed so that the head and neck are located on one level with the torso. If you like lying on your back, then you should use a lower part of the product.

Tips for choosing

A variety of orthopedic pillows complicates significantly complicates the process of choice, since it is very difficult to choose the ideal option under your wishes and preferences. To make a selection of optimally comfortable options, you should adhere to several recommendations:

  • To correctly determine the size, you need to take into account the width of the shoulders, because the pillow is not only the head, but also the neck and shoulders.
  • The main parameters of the choice under a specific person should be adhered. For example, some prefer hard models, and others – soft. This criterion depends mainly on the composition of the product.
  • The width of the pillow directly depends on the width of the shoulders. The wider shoulders, the more the orthopedic pillow should be.

  • For lovers sleeping on the stomach should be selected products of small height. The soft model is the optimal solution to sleep on the stomach.
  • The universal form is the rectangular pillow, but you can choose another form. Her choice is fully individual.

  • The main element of the orthopedic pillow is roller. If it is difficult to choose its size, then it is better to purchase a model with a small roller. If necessary, under the product you can put something. If the roller is high, then it will not be possible to reduce its height.
  • If after sleeping the feeling of comfort and lightness remains, then the pillow is chosen correctly. She exactly acts as a guarantor of healthy sleep.
  • Buy orthopedic pillows follows in specialized stores, because there professionals will help you choose the perfect option.
  • Premium-class products are expensive, but remember that the price should not be a determining factor in the choice of product.
  • It is important to pay attention also to the material of the case, since high-quality pillows are presented in covers from beautiful and pleasant materials providing excellent breathability.

Customer Reviews

Many buyers of orthopedic pillows remain satisfied with their choice. Cancelled quality, naturalness, hypoallergenicity and long service life belong to the main advantages of products. If you correctly choose a model, then everyone can enjoy a healthy and strong sleep.

Modern manufacturers from different countries of the world offer a wide range of models. Buyers like a variety of sizes, forms, fillers. Some models are designed for specific purposes. With ease, you can choose the models for both the baby and the adult.

What other problems can solve an orthopedic pillow, see in the following video.

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