Orthopedic Cushions for Seating on Stool

Externally, a healthy person does not suspect that during a long sedentary, the internal bodies of the small pelvis are deprived of the right work of blood flow, being in the transmitted state. The seat on a chair cannot be called a natural pose, because at this time the spine turns out to be an abnormal load that has a negative impact on the body. A little later, the back is starting to hurt, then the pain extends further and often becomes unbearable.

To help the user alleviate pain, developed orthopedic cushions for seating on a chair. Such accessories are noticeably stand out against the background of ordinary analogs for the chair and have several advantages.

Features and advantages

The main distinguishing feature of orthopedic seating pads is the special filler material.

Externally, they are of different shapes, sometimes similar to familiar pillows, however, the main emphasis determining the properties of the product is. It happens different in composition and shape, it is distinguished by elasticity and surface density. Thanks to her, sitting on orthopedic pillows conveniently and comfortable.

These products are not therapeutic “tablets”, however, they are able to save the user from the new pain or reduce its severity.

So that the effect of the application of the pillow is maximum, you can not forget about movement during small breaks (some pillows will not save the user from pain, if it does not move, relying exclusively on the lining).

The principle of operation of such pillows is based on the uniform distribution of the weight load on the spine. Thanks to the “correctness” of packing, the pressure is distributed to the entire body surface, taking into account the area of ​​the pillow. Thanks to this feature, orthopedic pillows save the user’s body from pinching the nerve endings, numbers and swelling of the legs.

These are unique additions to the chair of any kind (soft or computer chair, an uncomfortable student, office, ordinary stool and even bedside table). Being an uncomplicated device, they level the position of the back, make the posture correct, straighten the shoulders, remove the tension of the muscles and normalize the work of all organs.

Who is shown?

These products save many people whose work is connected with a long stay in the sitting position:

  • office workers;
  • school students;
  • students of educational institutions;
  • secretaries;

  • programmers;
  • drivers of auto and aerotransport of longline routes;
  • People whose work is connected with heavy physical exertion.

Unfortunately, despite the mobility of orthopedic pillows, they can not always be taken with them to work or study. In this case, it remains to control yourself independently, and at the coming home already use the useful pillow.

According to doctors, such pillows are shown:

  • In recent months, pregnancy and immediately after childbirth, as well as before childbirth, when the contractions begin;
  • users with impaired posture, scoliosis and back pain;
  • patients with small pelvis organ injuries in the postoperative period (as rehabilitation);

  • People suffering from permanent pain at the bottom of the abdomen;
  • Those who suffer prostatitis are familiar with hemorrotype and osteochondrosis;
  • Disabled people who are forced to move exclusively with the help of a wheelchair.

Orthopedic pillows warn the appearance of beds in people with impaired blood flow (especially relevant for immobilized users). These linings vary perfectly vary the degree of rigidity of the seating and landing as comfortable and convenient as possible.


Orthopedic pillows for seating on a chair are practical. These are not decorative, but functional products, which, with the external simplicity of the design, have a lot of advantages. They are:

  • are made of hypoallergenic materials of natural and synthetic origin that do not release toxins, and therefore are suitable for allergies;
  • They differ in the breathable structure of the material and the presence of antimicrobial impregnation, which eliminates the formation of sweat, provides a good air exchange, does not allow to develop fungus and mold;
  • Do not have large inner cavities, and therefore resistant to the accumulation of dust and warn the development of dust mites causing skin itch;

  • Due to the soft and pleasant to the body, the upholstery case does not cause discomfort during the seat;
  • made from a high-quality modern filler having an optimal level of density, rigidity and heights, allowing you to choose an option taking into account your own preferences;
  • With regular use, it contributes to the proper support of the back, eliminating the user’s body from any overload and total fatigue (relevant for sick people and as preventing diseases of the musculoskeletal system externally healthy);
  • allow the user to reduce the amount of medical medicine consumed, adversely affecting the stomach and other internal organs;

  • have a different appearance and dimensions, due to which it is possible to purchase a product of a universal plan or model for a specific chair (armchair);
  • Suitable for users of different ages and a set: from children to adults with an extremely permissible weight load in place up to 120 kg;
  • may be an independent “means” or make a kit with a supporting orthopedic back, thanks to which the comfort and benefits for posture are maximal;
  • differ long service life, allowing daily operation without loss of material quality and surface deformation;

  • silent in use even at reinforced pressure on the pillow, deprived of any irritant sound, static electricity do not accumulate, so do not harm the health of the user;
  • There may be different shades and the texture of the upper case, so that you can choose practical color and textiles with “breathable” properties, delivering a user from discomfort when sitting at hot season;
  • Depending on the selected design and composition of the filler, have a different cost, allowing you to purchase any convenient option, taking into account your taste and wallet.


Orthopedic seating pads can not fully deliver a person from the disease.

In most cases, such products are effective in a duet with a lumbar pillow: only so you can achieve the stated effect. The choice of such products should be solid: not everything that is advertised by sellers is a useful product with an orthopedic effect. In the ruler include the products of an inflatable plan, which are at best able to soften the seat of hard stool. Even if you take into account their ability to change in size, thickness, low cost and mobility, rubber is harmful to health.

Most of the models are sold without a removable cover, which makes it difficult to care for the pillow and requires more careful circulation. Such products can not be erased. All departure is to wash the cover if it is removable.

The maximum allowable washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.


Externally orthopedic cushions for seating on the chair are monolithic lining for the berries. Depending on the model, they may be simple or with varying the degree of rigidity at different parts of the pillow.

Useful accessories are two types:

  • Not under the anatomical form of the user and generating it to take the only correct position during the seat on the chair;
  • Anatomical, capable of memorizing user contours.

In this case, the product may differ, it happens:

  • round or oval shape with a hole in the center;
  • in the form of a rectangle or square with an open hole;
  • similar to the rogali or boomerang;
  • triangular shape with low rollers and backs;
  • in the form of a wedge or roller.

In addition to the variety of form, the type of surface is different: the orthopedic pillow can be flat, convex, with an anatomical relief, repeating user body contours.


In the production of useful pillows, trading stamps use high-quality packing type. Usually the pillow component is:

  • Natural Latex – high-tech product processing of the GEVA Wood Juice, a multi-level filler with excellent operational and high-quality characteristics, externally distinguished by the presence of holes of different diameters and depth;
  • Artificial Latex – an analogue of a natural material, which is a polyurethane foam with a latex impregnation, not having holes, but rather hard and non-deformation (budget variant of latex with a long service life);
  • Vyazkoelastic foam – anatomical material, when heated from the human body, a capable of memorizing a convenient user’s posture, delicately enveloping the body, but returning to the original form when cooled.

In addition to basic materials, other types of packing are used in production. However, not all of them can be called orthopedic (for example, ordinary foam rubber is not capable of providing the necessary support for the back, despite related to polyurethane foam, it does not have the right properties, forms dents very quickly).

Tips for choosing

Choosing an orthopedic cushion for seating on a chair, it is important to take into account a number of factors from the appearance and ending with the complexity.

The first thing you need to know is: Models for the back, neck and heads are different. These are separate types of orthopedic pillows, designed specifically for each case. For the purchase to be successful and pleased the user for a long time, it is important to choose the right model.

If the product is not suitable in weight and form, you can aggravate the course of the disease, adding new problems and painful sensations to the spine.

Before buying, you should look at the information about the model you like on the manufacturer’s website, pay attention to the size, characteristics, service life, filler composition, medical records (models for a particular problem may differ).

Ideally, it is worth purchasing a manufacturer or its official supplier. In the extreme case, you can contact a proven store with a good reputation confirmed by the mass of positive reviews of real buyers. Since this is a special product, the availability of a certificate of quality and compliance with hygiene standards – necessarily.

Any discrepancy of the model from the proposed site speaks about the fake. Listening to the Seller’s speech, wishing to sell goods, it is worth repelled from the recommendation of the doctor and the existing problem.

In addition, you can take note of several tips:

  • Latex is an excellent option, it will endure a lot of weight, not flexing, helps to take the right pose, without adjusting to the user;
  • Anatomical foam (foamed polyurethane base Memory) is good for those who have no problems with posture, it facilitates the seat on a chair (in the chair);
  • The orthopedic pillow should not be too small (less than buttocks): it does not unload the back, and will increase the pressure;
  • Choosing a pillow under the buttocks, it is worth a preference to the volume product;
  • Round ring-ring is good for the feminine (relaxes the crotch), relevant with hemorrhoids, prostatitis;
  • The size of the pillow must be universal (suitable simultaneously under office chair, automotive or soft chair, stools);
  • “Fitting” – a great way to understand the degree of convenience, it is mandatory (such products are packed in polyethylene, therefore damage is not caused by the store);
  • In order not to overpay for the goods, you can ask on the model you like, comparing the cost of the Internet.


To the leaders-manufacturers of orthopedic airbags for seating on the chair include:

  • Trelax – manufacturer of models for different problems (including options for immobilized persons with disabilities), distinguished by durability and high operational qualities;
  • “Trivers” – domestic brand, producing models with memory effect (in the form of a horror), characterized by mobility and ease of operation;
  • Labona – a brand that produces budget models in the form of a rectangle and rollers who have a pleasant design and low cost;
  • ORMATEK – Russian developer of products for removing any voltage with proper support for the back and straightening of the shoulder case.

How to sit on the pillow?

Buy orthopedic pillow – half. Need to learn how to sit on it. You can not use such an accessory on an overlooking chair: Founding without support, the pillow will start working in harm to health.

It is worth keeping in mind: this is not a laying for domestic pets (especially concerns foam with memory effect).

If the product is not used for direct purpose, it will reduce the service life. You can not try to adjust the pillow under it, using heavy items to change the form.

In models with an anatomical surface, it is difficult to confuse: they can see the location of the body during the seating. It is not possible to sit in them in them and do not try to experiment: the surface is being developed in such a way that on each site of the pillow it is provided its pressure.

The same can be said about the products with the back and side rollers: they are sitting in the center, without skew. These products involve the original right orthopedic position of the user.

If the model is universal and does not have identifying differences for the transfer and sidewall, it is necessary to sit on it so that the hole is exactly in the center.

The right sign of the right location on the pillow – the convenience of seating. This can be understood by the absence of pressure on the crotch and the tailbone.


In care of your own health orthopedic seating pads on a chair are a good acquisition. There are numerous customer reviews about it left on sites on this development. Users who regularly use orthopedic pillows for the buttocks, mark: These linings are able to remove the spin voltage. Due to them, muscle fatigue becomes less pronounced, although it does not disappear at all.

All buyers talk about the importance of movement in the interruptions between sedentary work, otherwise efficiency from the use of useful pillows is reduced. It is impossible to completely shift the care of health on the lining, “users write in the comments, it is important to move, straightening the striking spine.

More options for orthopedic seating pads you will see in the following video.

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