Linen bedding: tips on choosing and care


Sleep is an integral component of human life, so the choice of bed linen sets should be treated with all seriousness. The best option will be underwear from natural fabrics, such as flax. Such material allows the skin to breathe, it absorbs moisture well and does not annoy the epidermis. Linen bedding can be washed to 200 times without loss of appearance aesthetics.

History of origin

Lingerie is quite expensive. This is due to the complexity of production: processing of raw materials requires a lot of time due to plants features. Before starting to gossip the raw materials from which the tissue can be made, it is necessary to extract the fiber from the skin of the plant. It is believed that Len began to grow in the territory of ancient Russia. In fact, initially this plants appeared in the Far East and in Egypt. Lena was valued very high, therefore, as well as the valuable fragments of fur, could serve as an analogue of money.


Len is rather dense fabric. Some consider it too rude and barbed. However, this material has a number of significant advantages.

  • Ecology. Flax is not processed by chemists during the ripening period.
  • Gigroscopic. The fabric quickly absorbs moisture and also quickly becomes dry.
  • Thermal conductivity. Len allows you to maintain the natural body temperature at any time of the year.
  • Breathable Material. Thanks to this property, sleep on the linen bed is very comfortable.
  • High wear resistance.

  • Does not forms Katoshkov.
  • Not electrified.
  • Not subject to the formation of fungus, has an antibacterial effect on human skin.
  • Does not cause irritation and allergies.
  • It has a massage effect on the epidermis (due to the embossed structure).

However, except for positive characteristics, Len has negative properties:

  • quickly too
  • gives a noticeable shrinkage when washing using hot water;
  • poorly smoothed;
  • badly holds shape;
  • Unprocessed ends strongly tremble.


Differ raw materials by processing method.

  • Melangey. Used fiber different shades.
  • Printed. It is painted ready-made material.
  • Bleached. Color brins are removed from the material by alkali.
  • Multicolored. Used threads of different color.
  • Acid. To obtain softened flax of a beautiful gray shade, sulfuric acid is used.
  • Gladkyocracy. Easy painted in the desired color.

Technique weave fibers

Linen fabric also differs on the technique of weave fibers:

  • fine-discard;
  • Combined translucent;
  • linen;
  • Preligious openwork (used mainly for decorative parts);
  • Large-proof jacquard.

How to choose?

The cost of the linen kit should not be the main indicator when buying. There is always a risk to purchase a fake (that is, a bed kit from a synthetic raw material that does not absorb moisture and after the expiration of colors) or mixed flax fiber with cotton. The last option is not bad, as the bed will be softer and gentle to the touch. Also as an alternative to natural flares, you can purchase a set of linen with the addition of Lavsana or viscose.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fibers: they should fit tightly to each other without forming voids. Thin fibers will serve very long and come into disrepair. Of great importance is the aroma of the product. If the smell of paint comes from bed linen, it means that it is low quality, and color drawings after the first washing become faded. All images must be symmetrical on both sides of the product. The label with the designation of the temperature regime during the washing of 60 degrees may indicate the proper capacity.

It is desirable that the seam is double, and not single, since the latter has a property quickly disperse. The strength of the seam depends on the strength of the threads used and their suitable size. It is important and the correspondence of the color gamut with the total tone of linen. It happens that buyers prefer to acquire all sleeping attributes individually: pillowcases, sheets, duvettes. With a competent approach to the selection, you can get a very original bed set.

When choosing a bed kit worth paying attention to the company producing this product. A large range of linen products is made abroad. They are quite expensive, which is explained by the decoration of linen models manual embroidery. But also Russian manufacturers can boast high quality and pretty products.


Flax is a special material. From a long time there are two places where flax production has rich traditions – Kostroma and Belarus. In Kostroma, linen products are produced for more than 8 centuries. It is there that the largest linen manufactory is located, if compared with other Russian cities. Kostroma flax is distinguished by high quality. Bed linen produced in the Kostroma factories is in great demand, so various firms dealing with this material within one city are not competing.

In Belarus, Flax is the basis of the textile industry. Earlier of it sewed national costumes, and now bedding. Against the background of the textile market of textile, artificial raw materials flax products began to be valued even more.

How to care?

Most often on the inside of the linen (a duct, pillowcase) there is a label with detailed notation concerning the rules of care for this set. Wash linen things with hands or machine gun. Storm underwear needed immediately if you found spots on it, since old pollution may not be disappeared. If there are lightning and buttons on bed linen, they need to fasten them before washing. The concentrated powder should not directly touch the material, so it is bred by water. You can not clog the car with linen linen “under the string” – it is necessary to leave at least ½ tank free to the lingerie rinse.

Color linen of flax is erased with the addition of a special detergent that allows you to save the brightness of the shades. If white or gray flax can be washed in 60-degree water, then colorful – only at 40 degrees. The first three washers of linen products, whether white things or color, must be carried out separately from other things. The fact is that Len is distinguished by substances that can negatively affect the appearance of other tissues. The concentration of natural enzymes is then washed away, and you can carry out a joint washing of flax and bed or clothes from other materials.

If white flax underwear has strong contaminants, boiling will help them. For this you need to dilute in 1 liter of water a tablespoon of soda and household soap. To boil a kilogram of linen, you will need 6 such borrowers. Boil lasts about 2 hours. When the process is finished, things need to be left in a saucepan (pelvis) to full cooling, after which it is pretty rinse in warm water.

When cleaning the bed linen, bleaching agents containing enzymes or chlorine cannot be used, since these substances destroy the flax structure. Spin bed attributes are carried out in a centrifuge with rates of 600 revolutions (permissible maximum). If you choose a more intense mode, the fabric will remain in the fabric, which will be difficult to straighten even with the Iron. It is not necessary to be afraid to buy bedding from flax, if at the first touch it seemed to you rude and prickly. After a few styrics, the material will become much softer. If you erase the bed manually, you do not need to press it by twisting – it is better to spend underwear and give water. If the underwear is pressed in the centrifuge, at the end of the washing it is necessary to immediately reach and straighten all the folds.

Do not use any specialized technical equipment for drying of flax, since Len has a property very much. Well, if the bed can be dried in the fresh air, then she will eat well and will give a pleasant freshness. Smeat flax in a wet state at a maximum iron temperature of 150 degrees. If the kit has lost the former shine, it needs to be treated with the front side. After stroking the fabric should stay a little wet. Then the underwear is postponed to the street until complete drying.

After the underwear is completely dried, it must be folded and removed into the closet. It is impossible to store together white flax and color, since it is possible to stain in the places of contact. It is important that the material does not fall on the straight sun rays, and if you remove the set in the linen bag for storage, the brightness of the paints to bed will continue longer. If you choose a high-quality set of flax and comply with the care recommendations, the underwear will last long, retaining a beautiful appearance.

Where can I buy?

The linen kit is quite difficult to find in retail stores, as such underwear is expensive and not everyone will have to taste due to a non-color color. The easiest way to order a favorite kit on the Internet. The final value of bed set is due to the brand and size. The price can reach 100-150 dollars.


Those who acquired bed kits from flax note that they attracted the naturalness of the fabric and an interesting color (creamy, light brown). Negative reviews are primarily associated with subjective sensations (too rough fabric) and poor-quality raw materials.

How to choose the right bed linen from flax, look in the following video.

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