Features and selection of leather and cloth

Many leaders in their business use special devices that make various holes in the material on the diameter. Use missiles not only for leather products. Using the tool allows you to make holes in cardboard products, tarpaulin, various sheet materials.

The presence of a pointed edge allows you to crash into the treated surface, which results in perfectly smooth holes of the required size. About what is a tool which types of products exist, as well as about the rules for using the Passionate and the choice of products will be discussed in the article.

What it is?

The Pobbler is a necessary tool that the tumors use for the implementation of various types of work related to skin preparation and other dense materials before crosslinking. Such materials have greater rigidity, which makes it difficult to work with them without special tools. Some manipulations cannot be done high quality, without using such a hole.

Suitable tools not only for working with leather products, but also for dense fabric, tarpaulin, leatherette. After such manipulation, very smooth and high-quality holes are obtained, which cannot be obtained using sewing, sewing needle or drill.

Review of species

The skin has a high density, so it does not always fit the needle, sewn or other sewing devices. To solve this problem, use special tools. Different types of missiles should be allocated:

  • lowercase models;
  • figured;
  • revolving version;
  • ring;
  • Facial.

The lowercases externally can be compared with a dining room for a fork or a comb. They have special spikes located in a single line at the same distance. On such a breakfast, needles from one to 6 pieces can be located. Set them along the line where future seam will be held. Punch to the tool tool produces piercing material and punching holes in it. From the number of spikes on the lower case punch depends the speed of sewing. After punching holes, the spikes are removed, and the comb is shifted, observing a smooth step for a seam.

The line models can be divided into 2 varieties. In the first case, the product works on the principle of the rod, indulging and piercing the hole, which leads to the spread of the material. In the second case, using a breakfast, cutting a small cavity with a complete removal of material. After applying it on the skin or other material, neat recesses will remain.

Spikes have different shapes. More often you can see round or semicircular options, also they are diamonded, in the form of a triangle, oblique or rectangular. In addition, attention should be paid, what should the thickness of the needle cross section, what is the distance between them. So, French seams are more often done using oblique holes. Usually, they are used when sewing a purse or processing straps on wristwatches.

When sewing more powerful and coarse models, it is better to choose rigs having a large diameter of spikes and with an enlarged step. This will make it easy to flash, applying thicker threads. Universal tools that are suitable for all cases does not exist, because of this, many masters in arsenal have sets of such holes with various combs. Chinese holes are similar to Japanese rhombuses.

The rhombid set contains a classic number of tools with 1.2, 4 and 6 teeth, with a distance between them in 5 mm.

Revolving holes look in the form of ticks, on one side of which a revolver is fixed for punching holes. Using a similar option, you need to turn the tool and set the spike required type. It remains to pave the material being processed and squeeze the hole punch, doing the hole. Most often, spikes are provided on such revolving models (6 pcs.) with a diameter of the holes in 2-4.5 mm. Exclude the scrolling of the tool allows the block. The choice of such a model breaks through one hole for pressing, which eliminates the ability to choose it for the seams. One of the main purpose of revolving options is the creation of small holes, for example, for a belt or for a strap bag.

The use of figured, as well as ring options involves the penetration of holes with the removal of a part of the material falling into. Thanks to such equipment, you can make slits of large size. Usually, similar holes look in the form of a tube with a pointed end. Applying equipment a pointed part to the skin or other material and hitting the end, produce a rubber. Assortment of similar models is quite wide. With the help of such products, you can cut not only a circle or oval, but also repeat the outlines of geometric shapes, stars, eyes. Round models are usually sold by sets, with tubes that have parameters from 2 to 22 mm. At the same time, curly holes can be purchased separately.

The end tool is intended for skin circumcision. A widely used carriers intended for belts representing the steel bent plate. It is used to circumcise the tapes in the production of leather belts. Face models can have other forms.

Separately, it is worth highlighting tools for penetrating hunting waders required for cartridges. Such devices have a more impressive diameter, in comparison with other options. Their diameter must match the cartridge caliber. The main purpose of hunting holes is cutting circles from dense material. Usually use it to cut the circles from felt and cardboard.

Separately highlight equipment designed for metal work.

  • Pneumatic options. Pneumatic models require connection to the compressor. Suitable equipment for working with different materials in the form of metal tile, sheet metal, tin.
  • Hydraulic models. Probers of this type are similar to machines. Use them allows you to make holes on the metal.
  • Hand tools. Hand-made piercing metal looks more like an analog for leather products, but also has differences. In the manufacture of equipment used solid steel. Due to the fat basis, the tool is less deformed when embedded.

Equipment that is used for metal work quickly begins to become less acute, so a periodic sharpening is required for such a tool. It is important to sharpen the Pobbler not only on the external, but also by the inside, after performing it to polish.

Tips for choosing

Working with the skin, many novice masters do not know which runs to give preference, which option is better to choose. The choice of high-quality equipment will allow efficient and quickly performing material marking, piercing and cutting down holes, selecting the desired dimensions and shape.

  • Choosing a model, you should pay attention to the oval pass.
  • Figure models allow you to make holes in the form of drops, flower, crescent, butterflies and other figures designed to finish leather products.
  • Slital hole punch is an indispensable tool in the manufacture of leather belts.

Given the recommendations of specialists, it is worth purchasing carpent round holes in a step of 4 and 5 mm, as well as choose a less expensive set of diamond models. When choosing it is worth paying attention to the quality of the teeth, they are polished and unparalplated. Working with a disaster that has polished teeth will be carried out much faster, because they break through thick layers of skin without problems, which cannot be said about their unpolished fellow. That is why such products are an order of magnitude cheaper than polished analogues. Easy inexpensive models are suitable for rare use. Professionals worth choosing more reliable, expensive devices.

When choosing a tool, experts offer to acquire products from the USA, Germany, Japan. Chinese hole pickers are quite popular, but do not always have the necessary quality. It is important that the tools are made of durable steel.

It is desirable that the cutting surface in the form of the isge, nozzles or punches has been additionally exposed to diamond processing or quenching.

How to use it?

If necessary, break the hole on the leather belt is suitable specially intended for this hole. Model of Chinese manufacturers LAOA LA111353 is an excellent option for homemade. Punch a hole on the belt in such a device will not be difficult.

  • It is necessary to take the belt and measured the place where there should be a hole.
  • Take a breakdown and pick up the diameter so that the tool is tightly entering the hole.
  • It is important that the interval between the holes is the same, and the mark was on the same line.
  • Measuring the data and comparing the interval, the device is applied to the mark and press the knobs, pressing on them. Pushing force must correspond to material stiffness.
  • After pressing, a click will be heard, as a result of which a piece of cut out material will remain inside the tool.

Important condition is the centering and selection of the interval. If you do not adhere to these parameters, the holes will not be on the same line, above or below the original. Throws through strictly in the center and sticking to the interval, you can get a hole that will not differ from the factory work.

Such a punch is made not only holes on the belt, use it for installations of buttons on things, especially in children’s. Extract the device from the material vertically, without swaying it.

The disadvantage will serve longer if put on a flat table under the skin a special substrate in the form of a polymer plate.

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