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MARIANNA takes his beginning in 2010. In a short time, she won great fame in the Russian home textile market. The organization is engaged in the production of a large range of textile products, the main of which are blankets, bed linen, curtains and bedspreads. All the company is located in the cities of Moscow and Ivanovo. The main purpose of the organization is to meet the needs of customers and an individual approach to each client.

Basic principles of the company

The main principle of the company is the manufacture of products, useful and pleasant to use and human health. To achieve this goal in the production of products, only high quality fabrics and materials are used.

Another equally important area of ​​the company is an individual approach to each buyer. Employees of the Organization help not only choose a suitable product in the company’s warehouses, but also assist when ordering textiles via the Internet.

Marianna cares about his buyers and helps create comfort and comfort in the house.


MARIANNA is known for its product manufactured product. Suppliers of fabrics and materials used in production are one of China’s largest factories and Pakistan. In any city of Russia, you can see products from Marianna on store shelves. In addition, in the warehouses of the organization, you can buy products in bulk or order through the online store.

The company is engaged in the production of products intended for the creation of convenience and comfort in the house. It produces products such as blankets and bedspreads, bed linen and curtains.


Bed linen Marianna is made of various materials and fabrics. The main ones are artificial silk, velvet, satin. The most expensive of all the options submitted by the company is satin. This is a natural cotton, it is inherent in such properties as durability, strength and environmental friendliness.

All bed linen sets from satin is a 3D drawing, thanks to which they have a luxurious appearance. Products made of artificial silk also have 3D drawings.

Velvet bed linen is made in monophonic colors, it is soft and gentle to the touch.


MARIANNA curtains made of artificial silk. They have good quality and therefore do not let the sun rays and do not burn out. These products have their own unique design, each drawing is unique and gorgeous. Such curtains want to hang in a cozy living room with a fireplace, or in the dining room for receiving guests.


Marianna presents a wide selection covered various colors and models. The buyer can be found here covered with rollers or in Baroque style, as well as bedspreads with various bright drawings or monophonic.

In addition, the company represents the collection covered and for children. Here you can find and covered with a teddy bear or fairy for girls, and covered with a motorcycle or machine for boys.

The method of manufacturing all covers is the same – ultrastep. Materials used for manufacture are very different, they all stand out by their excellent quality and appearance. Also here you can find not only expensive options covered, but also models cheaper from artificial fabrics and materials. Despite the lower price, they are not inferior in the quality.

MARIANNA produces a very large collection covered for every taste. They do not come out of fashion and retain their appearance for a long time.

Here are some of the collections covered MARIANNA:

  • Barokko bedspread stand out with their colors. All drawings are transmitted by majesty, pomp and as if transferred to the rooms of kings and aristocrats in the rooms. They are distinguished by their golden paints and sophisticated patterns. For creating drawings, active dyes are used, thanks to which the fabric does not learn. All blankets are made of material close to cotton.

  • Silver – This collection is perfect for winter time. Its main advantage is that the composition of all products uses an artificial fur that will warm in cold weather. They retain the appearance for a long time and easily erased. All blankets Collection Silver are distinguished by their light floral print, which gives the comfort and feeling of heat in the room.

  • Silk 3D – One of the largest collections of MARIANNA. It is very popular due to its reasonable prices and good quality. At the heart of all products of the collection used artificial silk with 3D drawing. The collection is constantly updated with new models with unique drawings and colors. Here you can find both monophonic and multi-colored products of products.

It is due to its wide choice and low prices. This collection is always in great demand.

  • Jacquard collection – All models are made of jacquard fabric. They are distinguished by the fact that due to their fabric, they are transferred to the light, which gives sophistication and elegance to the whole interior. All models are filled in warm colors and differ in their refinement. This is a great option for the female room, which will emphasize a good taste of the hostess at home.

The fabric is distinguished by its strength and will last the brightness of the drawing, without letting it fade.

  • Elite – This is a collection for those who like monophonic colors. Here are found both cold and warm tones. This allows you to choose that product that will be perfectly combined with the interior of the room. One of the features of the ELITE collection is that all bilateral blankets. The upper side is withstanding in darker colors, and the bottom – in the brightest.

Like all textiles from Marianna, this collection has high quality and does not deteriorate when washing.


Marianna provides the ability to order their products over the Internet with its customers. Thanks to this, you can find a large number of forums where you can share your impressions of the purchased goods. People gladly discuss purchased products and exhibit photos of acquired things. MARIANNA has a large number of positive feedback on their products from grateful customers.

Feedback on an interesting model covered with a 3D drawing.

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