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To create a cozy atmosphere, not only the walls of the walls, shape and color of furniture, but also textile accessories. Without them, it is impossible to create a common room. In the collection of Chinese companies producing Cleo’s bedspreads, you can find a suitable model for every taste and wallet.


Cleo covered in contrast to similar textile accessories have A number of features and advantages:

  • Thanks to a wide range of a row, you can choose a model not only for the bedroom, but also for a children’s, living room and even choose a bedspread-plaid for giving.
  • In addition, the model manufactured by the company fit practically for any interior style. For modern style there are models of monophonic colors or options with strict patterns. For premises in the style of Provence there is a bedspread with a floral print in cream, lavender, blue and pink colors. Classic-style rooms require special materials. For such a style, there are models made of soft plush under velvet and options from satin with embroidered patterns. For fashionable colonial style there are products of terracotta, chocolate, blue and golden colors.

  • Cleo bedspreads differ not only by colors and styles, but also in composition and density of material. Any of the materials offered by the company be it satin, jacquard or acrylic fur, are distinguished by excellent quality and ease of care.
  • An important advantage of this brand products is a wide variety of sizes. In addition to standard covers suitable for 1.5 bedroom and 2 beds There are products with eurosize in several versions, as well as bedspreads and blankets suitable for cribs.
  • Due to the wide price range covered Cleo, you can purchase inexpensive and high-quality products in accordance with your taste addictions.


Modern materials used in the manufacture of the Cleo brand coiled and plaids contain the fibers of cotton, polyester and viscose in different percentage ratio. Each of the presented materials has its own features and qualities. Brilliant and pleasant to the touch satin has a smooth surface and has excellent hygiene characteristics. In various collections, the cotton ratio varies in the range of 65-100%.

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The luxurious collection of “Dawn” made from Satina Jacquard is represented in several color solutions. Satin-jacquard is characterized by the presence of disinanted patterns with a smooth structure, slightly towering over the rest of the background. As a rule, the pattern itself is slightly different by tone from the main background.

This collection is presented in the amount of Euro Maxi (230×250 cm). Complete with a bedspread goes two pillowcases with a size of 50×70 cm. The fabric itself consists of 100% cotton that makes it easy to easily, hygroscopicity and breathability.

Thanks to the latest high-tech equipment, in addition to Jacquard Satin, the company manufactures covers from one-photon satin with embroidery. Due to the double tight of the threads and the repeated weave of the fabric, the density of 150g / m² differs not only to durability and wear resistance, but also has a smooth silky surface. Covered with embroidery has a size of 240×260 cm and is suitable for most double beds.


For the manufacture of the “Jacquard” collection, a tissue is used, which contains cotton fibers (85%) and viscose (15%). Thanks to the presence of viscose, the product has a small weight. In addition, viscose fibers provide a linen high hygiene properties. Soft to the touch fabric, well holding heat in winter and cool in summer, does not accumulate static electricity and therefore the dust attracts less than others, which makes it possible to attribute fabric to materials that does not cause allergies.

In addition, the models of this series are distinguished by wear resistance and durability at the expense of a special jacquard weaving. In this series, the size of the bedspread has a value of 240×260 cm, together with the bedspread there are two pillowcases with a size of 50×70 cm.


Collection of “Barcelona” refers to products intended for semi-silent and single beds. This series uses a fabric consisting of 100% cotton. Thanks to cotton fibers, the bedspreads of this series are distinguished by hygroscopicity, breathability and hypoallergenia.

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Series “Victoria” differs from the collection “Jacquard” by a few other composition of the fabric. In this series, cotton with viscose have an equal percentage ratio, namely 50 to 50. There are no pillowcase in this series, the size of the coated 240×260 cm and 220×240 cm.

Florence, Venice and Andora

In the collections “Florence”, “Venice” and “Andor” bedspreads are made of fabric having a polyester fiber in its composition (100%). In a pair with this synthetic material of organic origin as a filler, a synthetone is used. Polyester fibers give products with superplication, uninhibit, wear resistance and resistance to the appearance of various pollution. In addition, all variants of these series are resistant to the appearance of rollers.

The size of products “Florence” and “Venice” refers to Eurostandards (230×250 cm). Incase with the bedspread go pillowcases. Covers of the series “Venice are decorated around the perimeter of thin elegant lace.

    The “Andor” series has a size of 220×240 cm, on the perimeter, these products are decorated with elegant curly cuts.


      Covered Artis series with a size of 240×260 cm and 220×240 cm sewn out of the fabric, as part of which, in addition to polyester fibers (50%), there are cotton threads (50%). Cotton fibers give the tissue air permeability, and also reduce the electrostatic properties of the canvas. Polyester fibers increase strength, wear resistance and intability covered this series.

      In addition to traditional fabrics, the company manufactures products from microfiber. Microfiber belongs to the materials of the new generation and has a lot of advantages. Polyester and polyamide fibers underlying this tissue gives it such properties as durability and wear resistance. Artificial flower fur, obtained from microfiber, is distinguished by soft, in appearance very much resembles natural fur.

        Models manufactured by the company from this material having a density of 280 gr / m² are highlighted by a variety of color solutions and ornaments.


        DZ series products have a size of 220×240 cm fit both for double beds and for the sofas of the corresponding size. This series is made in the style of Patchwork (patchwork technique), which is today a very popular direction. The bedspreads of this series will be perfectly in the room decorated in Scandinavian style, country, Provence and even indoors decorated in the classic version.

        Close to this collection of style and ornament covered from artificial furs of the TZ series are distinguished by a characteristic geometric pattern applied to the entire surface of the product.

        Tips for choosing

        When choosing Cleo’s bedspreads, it is necessary to consider some nuances and then the bedroom will become a real paradise recreation area:

        • First of all, it is necessary to decide on the size of the product. As a rule, the bedspreads are selected based on the sizes of the bed. In order for it to cover the bed legs, it is necessary to add to the width of the bedside place at least 40-60 cm.
        • For a large double bed, a more appropriate option is covered with a dense structure. For a single bed, you can choose more light and thin products.
        • When choosing, it is necessary to remember if the bedroom has a small area, it is better if the shade of the bedspread will be in one color scheme with a room.
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        Most buyers who purchased Cleo’s bedspreads remained satisfied with their purchase. Many celebrate excellent quality covered and plaid on this company. Light and thin bedspreads from artificial fur are not electrified and do not raw in the process of intensive operation.

        Review covered CLEO See next video.

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