Choose tapestry tablecloths

Tablecloths sew from a variety of fabrics. One of the most preferred materials that is considered royal is tapestry.

In this article you can learn about the features, varieties, criteria for the selection of tapestry tablecloths and the intricacies of the care of them.


Tapestry fabrics were very popular many decades ago and the same remains to this day. They differ from other textile materials with an unusual weave of threads. This technique makes it possible to create a drawing on both sides of the canvas.

Previously, various products were sewed to arrange the interior arrangement, such as floor and wall carpets, bedspreads, curtains, hurt the furniture. The more in the interior of the products from the tapestry, the richer was considered the house.

Previously, tapestry tissue was made by hand from cotton threads, now they are produced industrially and add synthetics.

As for the tapestry tablecloths, it is worth noting that they are very popular today, most owners choose exactly such products, as they have many excellent qualities.

Tapestry tablecloths are characterized by:

  • air permeability;
  • ease;
  • safety;
  • ecology;
  • rigidity;
  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • long service life.

Tapestry tablecloth wear-resistant, and this is very important for such a product. Keeps the form, does not fade. For such a tablecloth, it is easy to care – this is also one of the advantages. Also do not forget that it is incredibly beautiful, it looks great and will definitely be a decoration and a highlight of your festive table.

If we talk about disadvantages, it is worth noting the high cost, but considering that this product will last not one ten years old, it is quite justified.


To date, there is a wide selection of tapestry tablecloths. They differ in many parameters. For example, in form – may be oval, rectangular, round. Demand for the consumer uses a tablecloth round on the table.

Also, these textiles are different in design:

  • decorative with brushes;
  • New Year’s;
  • Kitchen.

For any holiday, you can choose a product with an appropriate symbolism and design.

Sizes of tablecloths are also different, from small for small kitchen tables to huge, which are suitable for overall folding tables.

Best manufacturers

Many companies, textile productions are manufactured by the manufacture and sale of tapestry tablecloths. Today, it is very often possible to be seen on the market of products from Turkey, Germany, the excellent quality of goods can boast of countries like Italy and Belarus.

Separately, I would like to highlight such brands:

  • Lefard;
  • Sagol Tekstil;
  • Verolli;
  • Milaso.

Products of each of the above manufacturers high-quality, reliable and certified.

Criterias of choice

Choose a suitable tapestry tablecloth – it’s not easy. They are very beautiful, sophisticated, not like any other products.

Of course, the most important thing is to be able to distinguish the real tapestry from the fake. It is difficult to do this, especially if I never had to deal with this material. In order not to buy a fake, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the weight and thickness of the material (the tapestry tablecloth is very heavy and consists of three layers of weaving);
  • Weaving threades.

In general, when buying such a tablecloth, guided the following criteria:

  • product parameters – size, shape;
  • Designer design – you can separately proceed a tablecloth for the new year, for Easter, with a corresponding pattern on the fabric;
  • Quality of seams;
  • Appointment of the tablecloth (whether you use it to design a dining table, or simply as a decor element;
  • The manufacturer (the product is used by the products of Italian production, the Turkish tablecloths have proven well);
  • Cost (tapestry tablecloth can not be cheap. If you see the lowered price on the product, it is either a fake, or a thing with a marriage).

It is desirable to buy this attribute exclusively in specialized sales points, not just textile stores, but in salons that specialize in selling tapestry products.

Carefully visually inspect the product, ask the seller the quality certificate for products and make sure that if you have a tablecloth, for example, Turkish production, the distributor has the necessary documents confirming the legality of its actions.

How to wash?

Ease of care is one of the advantages of such a material like tapestry. For that To the tapestry tablecloth served as long as possible, you need to stick to absolutely all recommendations and rules of operation, which indicates the manufacturer.

  • Tapestry can be used in a washing machine. Use only soft cleaning agents. Use bleach and stains categorically shap. Water temperature should not be above 35ºС, and the washing mode “delicate”.
  • After washing you need to rinse the cloth several times.
  • Press it impossible.

Specialists argue that these rules are applicable and relevant only if the product is made of synthetic threads.

If the tablecloth contains only natural threads, the wash in the washing machine is dangerous – it can only be cleaned with it, using a special brush with a natural pile.

On how to sew a beautiful tablecloth with your own hands, you can find out below.

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