Children’s bike blankets

Fullness of sleep is a health source for all people. Especially important is a healthy dream for children. This is the main reason why special attention should be paid to bed linen, including a blanket. Today we will talk about children’s bike blankets.

Features, Composition, Benefits

Many young parents prefer bike type blankets for their newborn children. This blanket can use all year round not only at home, but also on the street, on the road, travel. The most tender and soft bike blanket is a blanket for babies.

It is such a product that is great for the kids of the very early age and occupies a leader’s position among similar goods for children.

Moving from generation to generation, bike blanket did not lose its popularity.

In its composition, the bike blanket does not contain synthetic additives, but only natural cotton. In order to compact the fabric, wool can still be used. But this material is able to cause allergies. For greater softness and elasticity in the product add viscose. Products containing viscose will cost more.

Bike blankets have its advantages:

  • safety and hypoallergenicity;
  • high level of moisture absorption;
  • Excellent warming and breathable effect;
  • Easy wash and care;
  • the ability to use as plaid or bedspread, thanks to the aesthetic qualities;
  • soft surface;
  • Compact sizes and low weight;
  • Large service life;
  • versatility in terms of application for children and adults;
  • Available cost.

Bailed blanket is designed not only for a small child, but also for a newborn.

100% cotton products are often used in medical and preschool institutions. At home such a blanket can even be used as a rug for yoga, because it has high wear resistance.

How to choose correctly?

Today in retail outlets you can meet a real abundance of blankets for children. Which one is better suitable for the child? In each case, chooses the buyer himself. Because every person has their tastes and wishes. Blankets are winter and summer, which are lightweight.


Before buying, pay attention to the color of the product. Typically, the bike lobs are produced in a monophonic color or be checkered. But there are other different patterns of drawing.

In the case of buying a blanket for the baby, it is possible to choose from a variety of products that depict cartoon characters and fairy tales, as well as various bright drawings and patterns. If the colors in the drawings are very bright, they can have an exciting effect on the child.

It is better to pay attention to calmer, neutral options.

Size range

A few years ago, the sizes of children’s blankets were regulated by GOST. To date, the buyer itself chooses the necessary size, the benefit of manufacturers give all the possibilities for this.

Before buying, you should pay attention to the dimensional indicators of the model in length and width. This applies to both Russian and products from foreign manufacturers. Among the most popular sizes can be allocated: 80×100, 90×100, 100×118, 100×120, 100×140, 110×140 and 120×120 cm.

Choosing a blanket in size, you should take into account the growth and complex of the baby, as well as the overall settings of the bed. If the blanket is small – the child will be partially or completely disclosed during sleep. In the case of a large size of the blanket, it will form a fold, which will lead to discomfort for sleeping.

When buying, it is necessary to check the availability of a certificate of compliance with the seller. This is a very important document. Certificate certifies compliance with product requirements.

Use options

The bike robe is ideal for discharge from the hospital. The most common options are the models of 110×140 cm. However, there are other dimensions that are no less popular and are similar in demand. Non-standard size is good because of such a blanket is easy to make an envelope for a child.

Such a blanket can be used in a children’s stroller to cover the child or just putting it on the mattress inside. It misses the air perfectly, so the child does not overheat and not back. If you want to lay a bike blanket in the crib, then do it boldly. The fact is that such a product is suitable for both summer and winter pores, because it is breathing perfectly, it warms well, but does not give the child to overheat.

When the kid will grow up, the robe can be spread to the floor so that the child crawl over it or played on it.


Before loading in a washing machine, pay attention to the label to study the composition of the product, where it should be indicated that the product is made of cotton. In this case, you need to choose a “cotton” mode in the machine and start washing. If the label states that the product contains a certain amount of viscose or wool, then set the washing mode for such types of fabric.

When washing, you can use a conventional powder or gel. You can also add some air conditioner. It is best to erase such products at a temperature of 40 degrees so that they do not decrease in the amount. If the washing machine has “children’s mode”, then install it and feel free to be washing. In this case, it will be exactly possible to avoid product deformation.

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