Characteristics of bed linen from tensel

Bed linen must be made exclusively made of natural tissues. Recently, tessel sets are becoming popular. Which represents this material, what is his feature and how to care for him? Answers to all questions are already waiting for you in our material.

What it is?

Bed linen from tensel gets numerous positive consumer feedback quite deservedly. Tensel is a natural fabric, in the process of which eucalyptus fibers are used. Externally and on the touch, such a canvas resembles silk. The main advantage of such a set of bed linen is that it is a completely natural and safe product. Fabric is characterized by increased strength and elasticity.

The process of producing such tissue is environmentally friendly, therefore. To begin with eucalyptus, wood pulp. After that, the mass is passed through a special press, resulting in durable threads. Then the threads pass special processing, drying, and then the production of the tissue itself begins. As a result, it turns out high-quality natural material, which has several advantages.

It is worth noting that in the production of some tissues, cotton or silk yarns are added, which will be pre-intertwined with eucalyptus. On the package must be indicated about this. In the event that eucalyptus fibers in tissue less than thirty percent, then such a material cannot be called “Tensel”.

Features and advantages

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that such a natural fabric is very expensive. But this fact does not stop consumers who care not only about their health and a comfortable dream, but also on the environment. Therefore, bed linen from this material is in great demand.

The main feature of the Tessel is its naturalness, due to which such bed linen is completely safe and does not cause absolutely no allergic reactions. Sleep on such underwear is very nice at any time of the year. The fabric has one important feature – it perfectly passes the air. For this reason, even in a strong heat to sleep on bedtime from tensel, it is very comfortable and completely not hot, but in the winter cozy and warm.

In winter, such a fabric is capable of warming, as if a wool blanket. At the same time, it is much more pleasant to hide the ducts of the tonsel, since the fabric is very gentle and light. During washing, such a bedding easily absorbs moisture and also dismisses it easily, so the laundry is perfectly abandoned and dries very quickly. After careful washing, it does not need an ironing, as it does not mind absolutely.

Another feature of this material consists in its high strength. Perhaps, according to the strength of the Tensel, you can rightly give first place. Thanks to this quality, bed linen from this natural material serves a very long time and does not lose its qualities over the years. And one more advantage of fabric is that, due to natural fibers in such bed linen, various microorganisms do not multiply and do not multiply. Even years later, in such underwear it does not start a dust tick and this is another substantial plus.

How to choose and care?

In order to choose a real high-quality tensel, need to know some of his features.

  • Recognize this type of natural fabric is very easy to touch. Tensel – light, soft and pleasant material. In addition, the canvas is completely not deformed, not crushed and not stretched.
  • Choosing a bed set of tensel, trust only proven manufacturers who have already managed to establish themselves from a positive side. Do not purchase bedding at a low price via the Internet on dubious sites that do not completely give any guarantees.

  • Like any natural fabric, the tensel requires special care, thanks to which the bed linen set will last for many years. Store such bed linen is recommended in a room that is well ventilated. In stuffy rooms with high humidity, the fabric will quickly begin to deteriorate and will lose a significant part of its advantages. In addition, while storing and drying, try to facilitate straight sun rays. Since the tensel dries quickly, you can dry it at home or in the shade.
  • Before you wash such a fabric, be sure to read the recommendations of manufacturers to be specified on the package. Some products and can not be erased, because only dry washing is allowed. But mostly it concerns the covered.

  • Such bedding is recommended manually erased or in a delicate, manual washing mode in a washing machine. It is important that the temperature during washing does not exceed thirty degrees. The spin should also be delicate. Wash bedding from tensels can be only from the wrong side. In the event that it is necessary to try tissue, the kit must also be turned on the wrong side.
  • And one more important point. Products made of tensels are not recommended to erase with various powders with bleaching particles and use the bleach, rinse and other special means during washing. Such a fabric can be erased only by a liquid agent, for example, gel.

Consumer reviews

Consumers who have already time to test bed linen from natural tensels leave extremely positive feedback. Hostess notes that costly purchase justifies itself, since the material is environmentally friendly and safe. Consumers say that there is a nice sleep on the tensale on hot days. It is especially comfortable to sleep on such underwear to children, as they do not sweat it at all, and there is no risk of cold.

In addition, consumers celebrate that, unlike a silk product, the tensel linen does not slide. It is convenient to put it and sleep very comfortable on it, as the fabric is not only smooth, but also soft. Moreover, people with allergies and just sensitive skin note that it is very comfortable to use such underwear. There are no irritation, redness and other problems.

Hostesses are also noted that the fabric is very easy to erase manually and absolutely no ironing. Many women noticed the fact that this type of fabric does not absorb dirt and skin fat so much. And after drying on the rope on the fabric there are no minor wrinkles and races, so the underwear can immediately be stuck. In order for the fabric to not lose its original view, the hostess is recommended to wash the sets of tensels separately from other things. They also note that even after multiple styrics and dryers, bright colors and drawings on the fabric do not fade at all. And even years later, the fabric looks flawless.

About how to choose Bed linen from tensel, see next video.

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