Blanket “Bonbon”

No matter how interesting things existed, there are never many. And if some users are satisfied with the usual classic, others are in constant search for creativity and novelty, decorating every room of the dwelling something unusual. Take at least a blanket: it may not only be warm, soft or made in bright colors. Today, a feature of the form is important: the focus of the modern design of the Bonbon blanket.

What it is and for what you need?

Blanket “Bonbon” – initially decorative element of style, the origin of which is based on patchwork patchwork technique, has long been existing among different peoples of the world. This was due to the disadvantage of the fabric, so each flap was on the move. Today the product has several titles: “Bombon”, “Biscuit”, “blanket from puffs”, “Marshmallow”.

Today, Bonbon style blankets are made from a new, presentable type of textile, and the choice of fabric is made thoroughly, with the selection of color gamma. The technique is a kind of decorative and applied art and compared with the familiar flat patchwork is characterized by texture and volume achieved by packing.

Blanket “Bonbon” is a textile web, which has two different sides: a flat hovering and volumetric facial, consisting of fragments-squares of identical size. The edge of the canvase may be concise, made in the form of a wide edge, decorated with rushes, flour, or tape with pompons. In general, the product resembles the miniature puffs installed in the correct order, fixed on a flat basis.


An unusual type of blanket is not just a decor: it is an independent focus of the room, pointing to a special atmosphere and design idea. It can be the basis of the style or link, by combining individual interior items.

This product is multifunctional:

  • Used in direct intended as a blanket, covering the user’s body during sleep;
  • It is easily replaced by any plaid, turning into a bedspread and giving a bedroom to the bedroom, well-groomed look;

  • Depending on the size, it can be a temporary cape of a sofa, armchair or stool;
  • If necessary, is transformed into a plaid cocoon, covering the user in a chair or on a sofa in a cold room;
  • becomes the first kid rug, which only learned to sit down (softens the fall).

Features and advantages

Boot blankets are unique. They are not created in a massive way, so none of such products has a duplicate. Even if the size coincides, textiles and filling density are always different. Basically such products create in advance prepared sketches with a pattern, which marked different fragments.

Thanks to this approach, you can come up with any pattern: from simple diagonal strips, zigzags or “chessboard” to ornament or volumetric geometric shapes, different silhouettes or abstraction.


Unusual blankets a lot of advantages. They are:

  • Practically no difference in thermal properties from a regular blanket, giving the feeling of comfort and the heated body of the user without overheating;
  • due to lightweight filler used as a packing, do not have a large weight, so comfortable and easy to use;
  • Move from textiles of natural origin, not annoying even sensitive skin, so allergic is suitable;
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  • Performed for users of different ages, including newborns, babies of preschool and school period, adolescents and adults (including the elderly);
  • equipped with a natural lining of the wrong side, which gives the product heat, creates maximum comfort and eliminates the enzier during sleep;
  • may be an independent design element or manufactured in the form of a kit, supplemented with covers or ready-made pillows of a similar style, similar to the sides into a crib, capes for seats or sofa, textured toys from identical material;
  • have a hypoallergenic filler with excellent air exchange and hygroscopicity, resistant to the formation of the medium for microorganisms;

  • Due to the dense structure of textiles, dust do not accumulate and do not accumulate, which prevents the formation of dust ticks – the source of the skin and redness of the skin;
  • Mobile and, if necessary, easily folded, fold for storage in the linen furniture box, without occupying a lot of space;
  • are one of the necessary techniques of needlework, with whom even inexperienced master must be able to cope with even inexperienced master, using the techniques of professionals who know how to easily and quickly make such things;
  • always welcome as a gift to herself or loved ones;
  • In most cases, it isolate washing in a washing machine on a delicate mode at 30 degrees.

In general, the Bonbon blankets are worth the tools spent, winningly distinguished against the background of classical analogs or plaids, covered. They are stylish and look expensive.


Blankets with an unusual “puffy” texture cannot be used as a mattress cover, varying the softness of the mattress surface. If it seems to be possible, it is possible to keep in mind: an uneven surface violates the correct position of the back. This is especially true of babies, whose spine does not yet have the right bends.

Other nuances include limited shape: running from square elements, a blanket can only be rectangular or square. In addition, limitations also have the dimensions of fragments: if the squares are large, the blanket loses its attractiveness, the texture changes, the drawing becomes incomprehensible, broken into separate fragments.

In addition, the blankets after washing need “correct” drying. They cannot be hung, it is important to dry on the horizontal plane, the drying is excluded with heating devices or iron. More often such accessories are used as a bedspread.

Their manufacturing takes time that requires patience, perfection and accuracy when performing a product. As for the floor, such blankets like girls more. Boys are more likely to prone to traditional options, especially if the texture of the product is pronounced. The same can be said about men: such a product is appropriate in the interior of the spouses room, but it is not at all clear in the house of a bachelor.

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Blankets with the aspirations are divided into two rules: for children and adults. Depending on this, they differ in color and theme coloring.

For children’s blanket Use cartoon prints. Basically, such products are performed in the form of sets with differentfactoryity of each product.

Adult product more strict: more often drawing squares has vegetable and floral topics. Such a product is complemented by a regular case on pillows made from puff textiles. This avoids the overload of texture and at the same time support the main focus.

How difficult to do is: what’s wrong with the instructions?

No matter how many descriptions on the Internet are often so confusing that if you follow such instructions, it is difficult to achieve a good result. Sometimes it seems that the manufacture reminds the stitch of the canvas with the addition of packing. In fact, the manufacture of blankets “Bonbon” is much easier. It does not require a tiring drawing of the foundation, the combination of edges, exhausting fitting. If you follow the instructions of professional craftsmen, everything is quite understandable and easy.

The essence is as follows: initially the bombers are prepared, which consist of two squares of different sizes (the large combined with smaller ones, laying the folds in the centers of each face: that is why the squares look rounded).

Then they are rated on all parties, they are connected to the ranks, and then in a solid canvas, not forgetting to sew around the edge with pompons. After, rapidly become synthesized in the form of a curly stitch. Then make small cuts from the offline, fill bombing bombing, “closed” holes with manual stitches, turn the blanket on the face, closes the turning point of the concealing line.

If you do not want to turn out the product, you can simply put a bonbon layer and the insulated base with exhaust inside, stack them and make an edging.

Master class on the sewing blanket “Bonbon” with their own hands can be viewed in the following video.


Dimensions of the blankets from the emblems are diverse. You can make binding to bed parameters, measure the size of a classic blanket, bedspread, blanket. Some models are performed taking into account the growth and user complex, so the product is often obtained by non-standard.

Conditionally dimensions such blankets are divided into three groups:

  • For newborns and children of the nursery, preschool age and students of junior classes – approximately 70×100, 80×100, 100×100, 110×100, 110×140, 120×140 cm;

  • Teenage, Somewhat spacious, with parameters approximated to single blankets: 80×180, 80×190, 90×180, 120×180 cm;

  • Products for adults with large dimensions: 140×180, 140×190, 150×200, 160×200, 180×200 cm and more (performed on one and double bed).

Materials and colors

Components – an important part. You should not experiment with a packing, replacing the filler with cotton wool or remains of yarn – such a replacement will take weight and spoil appearance after washing.

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The main “ingredients” Bonbon blankets are:

  • natural tissue of two, three, four contrast tones with a pattern or without it (siter, satin);

  • Fundament material (dense coat);
  • warmer;
  • insulation (sintepon);
  • filler (hollofiber, syntheps, syntputs);

  • reinforced threads in tone textile;
  • Pins fixtors;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;

  • Pouf cardboard pattern;
  • edge decor (satin or reps tape, braid);
  • Scheme of the future product.

Color solutions for a boy or girls are different. Mostly shades are chosen taking into account the preferences of the author or customer. Girls love all the tones of Barbie, so such a blanket can be pink with gray, turquoise, lilac. Figures More than Symbolic: Dolls, Ice Cream, Candy, Bears, Pussies and Other Beautiful and Cute Items.

For boys make options for maritime subjects, green, yellow, decorating the surface of the product with a variety of prints: stripes, cage, peas, abstraction. Palette of tones for adults more restrained. This is a monophonic, strict shades of pastel gamut, sometimes bright contrasts of two saturated paints.

Beautiful interiors with a bombing blanket

Since the textured blanket of the “biscuit” style in itself is unique and immediately draws attention, it is preferable to do some binding to the existing interior items.

Style can be expressed through the print of bombons, their shades, special elements (for example, bears, sunshine talk about children’s topics and small user’s age). Sticks for older children are performed with a smaller brightness of the print, but the bet is on color: for example, it can be repeated in tone curtains, wallpaper, lamp lamp lamp, flower pot, pattern picture.

You should not cry with one color, pouring them the entire area of ​​the room: the color of color is negatively reflected on the idea of ​​design, creating an oppressive atmosphere.

Choosing the color of the blanks, it is worth considering: it is preferable to use light shades of pastel gamut, as they are able to enter light in the room, heat, visually increasing the space of the room.

To blanket beautifully looked in the interior, you can not forget about the size of the squares. Small universal and perfectly poured into the overall picture, large create the illusion laid by rows of decorative pillows.

Such a blanket looks beautiful in different style. The most characteristic design option is Country (if the model consists of a bright distortion). To enter a product in the classics or modern, you will need to make it a monophonic without an additional decor.

Arabic option is also possible: gold finish, a small repeat color combination of a room, a maximum of two colors – and a blanket from “Thousand and One Night is ready”!

If you want to show a luxury, it is worth choosing an expensive textile with companions (one unloading monophonic, binding two others with a picture). Any little things are important: the print must be premium, lace, but not a foral.

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