Bed linen: types, rating of the best manufacturers, selection tips

Nowadays, in the richest assortment of various bed linen, you can easily “get lost”. The choice of buyers is a huge number of most different options. It is worth considering which types of bed linen exist and how to properly select the perfect products.

Features and equipment

A third of life spends in a dream, so the arrangement of the bedroom plays a rather important role. Acquired bed linen should be as comfortable as possible, soft, cozy and, of course, attractive in design issues. We must not forget that such details are often one of the decorative components of the interior, so you need to choose them especially carefully and thoughtfully, considering all the nuances and features. Previously, the range of bed linen was not the widest, and today it will be necessary to choose the perfect option for every taste, color and budget. Before you go to the store or order your favorite instance, you should find out what is included in its kit. The most common today is one-time (single), double, euro and family sets.

With regard to the direct content of the bed linen set, it usually includes such components as:

  • semi-gun – the sheet includes, 2 pillowcases and a duvet cover;
  • double – also includes sheet, duvet cover and 2 pillowcases;
  • Euro – a set of such linen is a sheet, 2 pillowcases and a duvet cover;
  • Family – Here the set is richer and includes a sheet, 2 duvette and 2 pillowcases.

What fabrics produce sleeping kits?

Modern types of bed linen are produced from a large number of different materials. It is worth considering the most popular of them.


Today in many outlets you can meet Lingerie from Bosi. Thick threads are noticeable in the material, as well as their cruciform weave. Calcuse itself is unpretentious and does not require difficult care. Lingerie from such raw materials is considered one of the most practical. Bosi products are more dense than Batista options, but do not have a characteristic shine, such as, for example, satin. According to the owners of such products, the bumping linen can be delicately transferring a very large amount of styrics, without losing neither forms or a commodity type. In addition, many buyers attract the democratic cost of the product from Boszya and their widespread prevalence – they are found in many stores.

From Boszya make both the front and casual bedrooms. This feature is directly dependent on the direct weaving density of the material. So, in great demand in our time, everyday bump kits are used, because it is considered very practical and durable. Many hostesses prefer to have in their home such a noncain, but attractive underwear. In terms of practicality and wear resistance with bumping copies, it is possible to compete with cotton and polyester products.


This popular and widespread material is characterized by a special nitish weave, which is difficult to confuse with something like that. Batistan products are distinguished by ease, air and transparency, which makes them very attractive and gentle. However, bed linen from Batista has one serious drawback – it does not boast of high budget. After about 50-70, the styrics will begin to copy the threads in the washing machine, and noticeable lumens will appear in the textile, which will be noticed by the thread bases of the panels. That is why Batista underwear is expensive and not designed for daily use.


Bamboo is one of the most viable natural materials, which is fragile, without attracting pesticides and other chemical components. Grow similar raw materials on special private farms subject to century-old traditions. Today from bamboo learned to get high-quality threads and fabrics. Bamboo bedding boasts ease, unique gentle texture and low attractive brilliance. According to its quality, such products resembles a luxurious silk or cashmere. It should also be noted that bamboo bedding are hypoallergenic and have effective antifungal characteristics, so enjoy mad popularity.

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Satin yield textiles can consist of cotton or synthetic fiber. Satin is characterized by the presence of a smooth face with a silky surface on which there are thin threads. This material is dense and brilliant. In large volumes are produced by smooth-haired, printed and bleached options. Satina bed linen enjoys enviable demand not only thanks to pleasant invoice, but also high practicality. Similar products in the forces to withstand 200-300 washes without losing positive properties.

According to buyers, satin underwear is very pleasant to the touch and does not cause unpleasant sensations when contacting the body. But a long time, such products begin to lose their former color saturation. Satin underwear cheaper silk, but more expensive than other cotton fabrics. From this raw materials produce kits in a variety of styles and colors. As a rule, produced underwear is used for everyday use.


Gorgeous is a beautiful silk bedding. Such products are characterized by light cool and has a positive effect on the human body. Silk itself is a good and exquisite material, but at the same time a capricious and demanding. You need to carefully care for him. Wash silk linen is very careful, and it is better to contact dry cleaning services. There is a product and fasten, and plunge all the rules. Wrong care can cause tissue damage.


Bed linen from such raw materials externally looks like natural silk products that is much more expensive. Artificial silk is bluntfully painted in a variety of colors, effectively absorbs moisture and boasts high thermal conductivity.


This Cotton Linen Weave Textile. Perkal itself is a dense matter with a velvet surface of the matte. Such canvas retain heat, “breathe” and contribute to the formation of a cozy environment. Lingerie is made from Persian who has passed special processing. Such raw materials turns out dense, but it keeps soft. According to buyers, Piekal products are very pleasant to the body. In addition, similar lounges are distinguished by resistance to wear, durability and ease.


Flannel bed accessories are heat-saving, very soft. The surface of such products has a lightweight cannon, which distinguishes it from other similar materials. Products from the specified raw materials are perfectly suitable for use in the offseason, when the heating season has not yet come. But the flannel lingerie has one serious minus – if you use it too often, ralki will inevitably appear on its surface.

Linen fabric

This textile is an old. To him turned back during the time of Ancient Egypt. Lingerie from flax in our time is inexpensive and is environmentally friendly. It does not cause allergic reactions or irritation on the skin. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that pure flax is a material that is very easy to think and is difficult to smooth. In stores more often occurs products in which flax is combined with other raw materials, such as cotton. Similar specimens are extremely pleasant to the body and easily smit in case of crumples.


Cotton, perhaps, is one of the most popular woven materials used in the manufacture of bed linen. He is inexpensive, and can last for a very long time. The main property of cotton is its high hygroscopicity. Many buyers choose cotton kits, because in winter they sleep with them, and in the summer – not very hot. However cotton cotton retail. So, products from expensive high-quality raw materials will definitely serve for a long time. If we are talking about a cheap option, it can give a shrinkage after the first washing, and its coloring will soon begin to lose the former brightness.


This textile is produced from eucalyptus fibers. It is characterized by a soft structure and velvet texture. When we touch the linen of the tensela, the feeling is created as if you touch the delicate peach. The fabric itself is smooth and silky. It looks like a pleasant glossy glitter. Tensel combines all the positive characteristics of natural fabrics, but does not have their flaws. Products from this raw material serves a long time, is a standing for wear, does not occur and does not give shrinkage after washing.

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What design and color to choose?

As mentioned earlier, modern bed linen options are available in the widest assortment. They differ not only on materials manufacturing and operational characteristics, but also to design. On the shelves you can meet both monophonic products of different colors and more interesting and “live” copies with prints, drawings and a variety of patterns. Choosing a suitable bed linen set, special attention should be paid to its color. Competently selected products of the suitable color are able to become a decorative component of the interior, successfully completing it.

The choice of ideal shades depends on the following points:

  • Personal and taste preferences of the hosts (it is recommended to focus on psychological aspects);
  • Directly design of the existing interior and the surrounding space (for example, on the background of too multiple wallpapers with many drawings and prints, it is better to place calm monophonic underwear, rather than catchy options with flowers, quotes, owls and other popular images);
  • Type of fabric, which was used by the manufacturer in the manufacture of linen.

Neutral kits performed in one tone are considered universal. The drawing is allowed, but it is desirable to give preference not too daring and catchy elements of approximate tones. Similar underwear will last longer and will keep the trademark for a long time. Too intense paints usually “linen”, which negatively affects the design of accessories. When choosing a suitable color, the following features should be taken into account:

  • Blue – the laundry of such a color will create a harmonious atmosphere in the room, and will also contribute to the pacification of households;
  • Pink is the color of calm and tenderness, mutual love, romance;
  • green – soothing color, positively affecting the mood and overall human well-being;
  • Red and orange shades – have a positive impact on sexual fantasy, liberate users, act on the psyche of man, helps to awaken as soon as possible;
  • Yellow – energetic color, revealing the creative potential of users;
  • Pale purple and purple tones – contribute to the assimilation of information received by the person during the day;
  • blue, black, gray, dark purple – with so linen you can fall asleep instantly and calm down, pulling away from extra thoughts.

If you want to purchase a more creative set, rather than a concise monophonic or two-color, then you should look at the following solutions:

  • An exquisite option with lace (they are often used as a wedding bed linen or give a young one for a wedding);
  • products with small or large prints (drawings can be very different, from colors to animals);
  • Festive kits (for example, New Year kits can be supplemented with snowflakes, geometric deer and other thematic elements);
  • Options with large 3D images (for example, it can be cosmic landscapes, painting of rose petals, blue sky in the clouds and other interesting motifs).

Rating of the best manufacturers

If you want to acquire really high-quality and beautiful bedding, which will last long and will not lose the commodity view after the first washing, then you should contact products produced by well-known and popular brands. It is worth familiar with the lowest rating of the best manufacturers offering consumer kits of the highest quality.


Opens our list of verified firms Famous Belarusian manufacturer “Blakit”. The company itself is based in the city of Baranovichi and is engaged in the release of not only high-quality bed linen, but also special clothes, yarn, dining room woven accessories, as well as bandages and gauze. Bed linen kits from Blakit have the following advantages:

  • represented by a large range – on sale you can meet both laconic options and models with drawings of a wide variety;
  • are manufactured in different sizes, from small to “royal”;
  • do not lose color saturation, do not lose;
  • mnuham at a minimum and fragilely ironing;
  • Resistant to wear.

As for the minuses, it can be attributed to them only that some bed linen models are equipped with very comfortable clasps, as many buyers say.


The next on the list goes the Russian manufacturer called “Monolith”. The company produces not only bed linen kits, but also table textile accessories for bars and restaurants. The assortment “Monolith” is available both inexpensive and luxurious expensive underwear for every taste and color. The main advantages of branded products from the company “Monolith” are the following:

  • bright and stable colors;
  • Fabrics consist of 100% cotton;
  • presented both expensive and cheap models;
  • durable;
  • wear-resistant;
  • Beautifully packaged.
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Of the minuses, you can note only that in some models labels are sewn to the front side.


This is the largest Turkish bed linen manufacturer. He produces not only bedding, but also many other textile things for the house, such as towels, tablecloths, curtains and other similar products. Products have the following advantages:

  • presence of bright prints;
  • do not give shrinkage after washing;
  • Soft to the touch;
  • Completed carefully;
  • Durable.

Of the minuses it is worth highlighting what the products of the Turkish company costs quite expensive.


This Chinese manufacturer releases a truly luxurious bed linen from silk, jacquard, ranfors and other high-quality types of textiles. The Italian branch of the company is responsible for design and equipment in this case. Linen Asabella has such advantages as:

  • Beautiful and rich design;
  • the highest quality of execution;
  • durability and wear resistance;
  • does not break, does not lose color.

However, Asabella products costs expensive and requires an appropriate relationship – wash the laundry is not recommended. Need to go to dry cleaning.

Le Vele

Our small rating is closed by the famous French company Le Vele, offering bed linen for the choice of consumers, superior to any expectations. Products of this manufacturer are known for the whole world due to the highest quality and wonderful design. The main pluses of bed linen from Le Vele are the following:

  • the use of environmentally friendly materials;
  • Original and beautiful design;
  • huge assortment;
  • durability;
  • Presence of soft and gentle tissues.

However, many models from Le Vele are quite expensive.


About products from different manufacturers Buyers leave various reviews. It is worth considering several examples.

  • Lingerie from Blakit pleases buyers with the highest quality tailoring, even cut, lack of skuses, as well as wear resistance and affordable prices. Did not like some people fasteners in a number of models.
  • Products “Monolith” pleased buyers long service life, lack of shrinkage, color preservation and impeccable sewing quality. Special minuses people did not notice, to someone only did not come to taste product design.
  • According to consumers, the laundry from TAC is the best price and quality ratio. Some buyers are upset only the high cost of Turkish products.
  • Buyers have been satisfied with the design, sewing underwear from Asabella. In addition, it almost does not mind and nice to the body. Did not like people just that underwear capricious and flutters after the machine washing, and it costs expensive.
  • Products from Le Vele impressed customers of elegant packaging, beautiful design, high-quality textiles, durability and a large assortment. Of the minuses, people reimpted an ambulance line of some models, as well as high cost.

Tips for choosing products

When choosing a set of bed linen, it is recommended to rely on the following criteria.

  • The size. The selected kit should approach your bedroom on its dimensions, otherwise it will be not very convenient to use it.
  • Quality sewing. Lingerie should not have sticking threads, damaged areas, faded places or seams in the middle. If you have at least one of the listed defects from the purchase, it is better to refuse – such a product will not last long.
  • Material. It is advisable to choose high-quality, natural and hypoallery material or artificial, but reliable and not too cheap.
  • Colour. Lingerie should approach the environment to the environment.
  • Manufacturer. Buy brand underwear, despite the high cost. Such products serve long and do not deliver hassle.

How to choose bed linen, look in the following video.

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