Zanussi washing modes

Each modern washing machine has many different functions. Is no exception and technique of the famous Zanussi brand. The user can choose the washing program suitable for a specific type of fabrics, use special features. On the functionality of the aggregates of this company and the signs that can be found in the toolbar, this article will tell.

Main modes

Initially, it is worth considering the main programs specifically designed for products from different fabrics. Each of them has its own graphic designation.

  • Cotton. The program is indicated by a flower pattern. Work occurs at 60-95 degrees. Even complex contaminants are removed. Washing duration – from 120 to 175 minutes.
  • Synthetics. Function with glass flask icon. Temperature regime – from 30 to 40 degrees. Under annealing, an antisoline option is running. This allows you to get clean things without strong races. The operation time of the car in this case is 85-95 minutes.
  • Wool. Mode is depicted by a ball of threads. Washing occurs in warm water on small circulation, spin very careful. Due to this thing, do not sit down and do not fall. The process lasts about an hour.
  • Delicate fabrics. Icon – Pen. This program is designed for thin and delicate things. There is a gentle processing at 65-75 degrees.
  • Jeans. Drawing trouser draws denim washing. The program eliminates the link, abrasion and fading things. It lasts about 2 hours.
  • Baby clothes. The corresponding sign speaks about the mode, in which the clothes for kids are perfectly abandoned (30-40 degrees). A large amount of water guarantees thorough rinsing. As a result, the powder on the fabric does not remain. Duration of the process – from 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Blankets. Square icon symbolizes the cleansing of products of this type. Temperature regime – from 30 to 40 degrees. Process duration – from 65 to 75 minutes.
  • Shoes. Sneakers and other shoes are erased at 40 degrees about 2 hours. Denotes the pattern drawing boot.
  • Sports. This program involves intensive washing of clothing designed for training. It happens at 40 degrees.
  • Curtains. Some models have a mode configured to washing the porter. Water in this case warms up to 40 degrees.

Additional functions

Many brand aggregates are supplied with additional options. They significantly expand the functions of the machine and increase the convenience of operation.

Economical mode. This program helps save electricity. This auxiliary mode, which is turned on simultaneously with the main selected program. Frequency of revolutions, pressure intensity and other installed parameters remain unchanged, but the water heats up less. Due to this, there is a decrease in energy consumption.

Prewash. This process is preceded by the main washing. Thanks to him, the most thorough cleaning of tissues. This mode is particularly effective when processing strongly contaminated things.

Of course, the duration of the machine in this case increases.

Quick wash. This mode is suitable for clothes without big contamination. It allows you to refresh things, saving time and energy.

Staining. If there are complex stains on clothes, you can use this option. In this case, a stain remover is poured into a specially provided compartment of the unit.

Hygienic washer. This option may come in handy if it is required to disinfection. Water warms up to the maximum level (90 degrees). So for gentle tissues this mode does not fit. But things from durable materials are successfully cleaned not only from dirt, but also from dust ticks, bacteria. After such a washing occurs thorough rinsing. The duration of such a program is about 2 hours.

Additional rinsing. This program is important for families with young children and allergies. Due to this option, detergents are completely removed from tissue fibers.

Port. If it seems to you that clothes are too wet, you can start the spinning process re-. The duration of the procedure is from 10 to 20 minutes. Also, some models allow you to disable the spin at all.

Night wash. In this mode, the washing machine works as quietly as possible. In the regions in which at night electricity becomes cheaper, such an opportunity to minimize expenses.

Dying at the end is not made. It needs to be turned on manually. This is usually done in the morning.

Plum. Forced drain can be useful not only when using the previous program, but in some other cases. The procedure occurs within 10 minutes.

Easy ironing. If the clothes you erase, it is not smooth, or does not take ironing at all, you can use this option. In this case, the spin will occur in a special mode, and there will be no strong chances on things.

Handwash. If on the labels of clothes is the “Hand-made only” icon, it is not necessary to soak it into the pelvis. You can put a washing machine in this mode, and it gently seets the most tender things. The process occurs at 30 degrees.

Diagnostics. This is one of the most important built-in brand techniques. With it, you can check the efficiency of the unit at all stages of its work. In addition to the verification itself, the program issues results.

If some error is revealed, the user receives its code, thanks to which you can troubleshoot.

Tips for choosing and configuring

    Before configuring a washing machine, you need to paint underwear. At the same time take into account the color, the composition of the fabrics. Simplicate things are loaded into the drum. Powder is poured into a special compartment. Then the corresponding options are selected. You can confine ourselves to installing one tissue type program.

    If necessary, use additional equipment (for example, set the mode of easy ironing).

    Overview of the modes of the washing machine Zanussi ZWSG7101V See More.

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