Winks Villeroy & Boch: varieties and subtleties of choice

Plumbing leading brands worth quite expensive. But for this money, the client receives the satisfaction of his needs. A bright example of high-quality and stylish plumbing are Villeroy & Boch shells.


Villeroy & Boch manufactures high-quality plumbing production for more than 260 years. And all this time, the products continuously improved. In addition to washbasins for bathroom and kitchen sinks, consumers will be able to purchase many other types of plumbing. And even if you restrict ourselves to two decisions mentioned, the choice will be pretty great. Any model is made from contemporary materials on professional equipment. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life of structures and easy casual care.

Bathroom sinks have the following execution formats:

  • on the pedestal;
  • on brackets;
  • Embedded in table tops.

Check out among the proposed options, what will help to make both a small and very large bathroom, will not work. Console structures will help disguise engineering infrastructure. But there are such schemes when it is displayed open, and even turns into an element of decorating the room.

Supplement “Tulip” is possible only in relatively spacious rooms, but comfort is guaranteed. Embedding Countertop plane is considered the most modern and high-tech solution.


Ceramic surface is often covered by enamel having antibacterial components. Thanks to this layer, the occurrence of colonies of harmful microorganisms. But the CeramicPlus cover is attractive because it allows you to create a feeling of a polished surface that is covered with varnish. You can care for her without applying any detergents.

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The size of the countertop can be diverse. If necessary, you can always buy products up to 2 m. The most convenient is the interval of the wall to the facial edge of the sink, which is 0.6 m. But if the bathroom area is small, you will have to limit the 0.35 m long – it is a bit, but the space is released. Width can reach 1300 mm, depth – 950 mm, and height – 500 mm. Round models diameter is up to 53.5 cm.


Villeroy & Boch’s assortment shows more than one and a half dozen models performed in natural shades. Almost every model has from three to six color variations. In addition to traditional white color, saturated black or delicate cream can be used.

Yellow and green, pink and blue, careless gray shells can be ordered as soon as possible. There are solutions painted under natural wood.

Style and Design

Villeroy & Boch Design Solutions allow you to satisfy any even the most refined taste. Wishing truncated cones and dishes, vintage dishes. The original appearance, while maintaining an indisputable practicality, guarantee the sink countertops without seams. In the immediate availability of the user turns out to be a working plane and a plot for placing cosmetics. You can buy products even with several sinks, as well as with severe asymmetry.

Judging by the reviews, Sink Villeroy & Boch Lagor Pure Effectively confronts both shocks when washing hands or dishes and devastating effects of detergents, cosmetics. Users noted that even putting a saucepan with boiling water or putting frozen meat into the sink, you can not be afraid of damage.

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When issuing models LOOP FRIENDS, MEMENTO Only modern technology and materials safe in sanitation are applied.

Architectura is a reliable rectangular sink equipped with three-position mixers. This design is made of Sanfarfora, produced with dimensions 60×47 cm.

Sink Artis It is an option for mounting on top of the countertops and is distinguished by a stunning variety of colors, namely:

  • four shades of white;
  • three pink and yellow paints;
  • Several gray and blue tones;
  • Two green options.

SUBWAY is a kind of compact shell. Their value is only 50×40 cm. Designers have provided a mixer with one position, and equipped with overflow protection. O’Novo attracts attention to even smaller dimensions that constitute only 60×35 cm, and the hole for mounting the mixers is not provided. Delivery is possible only with a cut in the tabletop under the original design. The built-in Hommage system is adapted for mixers with a single working position, the configuration is presented in the form of a rectangle, and the dimensions are 525×630 mm.

    Finion Mounted on the worktop and takes on it a rectangular area 60×35 cm.

    Such varieties of mixers may be provided:

    • High on the leg fixing on the wall;
    • There are also designs without holes for connecting mixers.

    The assortment contains three shades of white and color edelweiss. La Belle is also made in the form of a rectangle, but a little more: one of the sides reaches 415 mm.

    The mixer is not provided in this embodiment, but a typical eccentric valve on plum can be used.

    Evana is a rounded sink 41,5×61.5 cm value. It puts under the tabletop, turns on overflow, but there is no connection of the mixer. Coloring model is represented by two types of alpine white. Venticello is a rectangle mounted on the end, which highlighted the central place for the mixer with three positions. Fastening can be performed on the wall.

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    Avento is one of the best compact shells with a mixer to a single position. It provides overflow, typical coloring – alpine white. The Aveo line is now represented by the second generation, includes five versions from 500x405mm to 595×440 mm. The compact product is complemented by a mixer for one position. Amadea is an embedded and isolated, its size ranges from 635x525mm to 760×570 mm.

    Sentique – This is a sink presented in a rather large number of modifications. This includes a suspended version with dimensions of 100×52 cm, 60×49 cm, 80×52 cm. This collection is advantageously highlighted by a clear and direct configuration.

    How to choose?

    The developers of Villeroy & Boch took care that consumers could buy precisely such a sink that suits them in size. In the individual categories highlighted products of increased format and sinks equipped with a pair of cups. Corner structures are optimal for connoisseurs of classics, and if you want something light and serene, you can safely choose oval variations.

    As for color, Villeroy & Boch produces shells not only flawless white color, but also various natural tonalities.

    On how to install the half-outdoor Villeroy & Boch, see the following video.

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