Why the washing machine Candy does not press underwear and what to do?

Candy washing machine breakdown can occur at any time, one of the most common SMA problems is the lack of spinning. Of course, this problem is unpleasant, but you should not panic ahead of time, most faults can be eliminated by their own without contacting the service of a specialist. About why SMA Candy stops pressing and how to deal with it – speech in our review.

Possible user errors

If you encountered the fact that your machine stopped working on pushup, then first it is necessary to exclude the likelihood of custom errors – that is, make sure that the unit really failed. The fact is that Similar errors often lead operational shortcomings that are easy and simply exposed to adjustment. So, among the most common reasons you can select the installation of an incorrect mode. Some things – delicate underwear, shoes or outerwear are erased in special programs without pressing. It is likely that you could accidentally include the trimmed mode of operation of the washing machine instead of a complete.

The cause of the error can be rebooting the tank – In this case, the spin option simply cannot cope with such loading of linen. With elevated circulation due to violations in the operation of the motor, the sensor simply blocks the rotation of the drum. The maximum weight with which SMA is able to cope is always indicated in the instructions – be sure to read this item before using the machine.

If after unloading the tank and install the correct Mat Mature mode, it still does not press underwear – this is a sign that you deal with technical problems.

Technical reasons for spinning problems

Quite often, the cause of the lack of effective press becomes Pollution of plum filter – It often turns out to be scored by rubber bands, small coins and other small objects. They prevent the withdrawal of fluid, and the program suspends the removal of linen. If these actions have not led to the desired effect, it is possible that the hose itself takes place. In some cases, the causes of errors are more complex.

SMA functions on a programmable algorithm that is responsible for the good operation of all options. If it does not work, then washing suspended, The program needs a new firmware that can not be done by all models. The reason for the failure of the press option may be the burnout of one of the elements. Most often, this happens when the sensor is fault that regulates the volume of water in the drum. When it sends a signal to the control unit that the waste liquid from the drum is merged, the system starts the spin. Respectively, If the sensor does not respond to a change in water in the tank, then the spin is not produced.

Another reason is reduced to breakage of the sensor responsible for fixing the drum. Rotation in the typewriter adjusts the sensor fixed on the shaft of the motor, it determines the number of revolutions per minute. If the wiring burned in it, then the signal is simply not going to the automatic system, it does not gain momentum and poorly pressing underwear. If SMI does not press, then the reason for this unpleasant phenomenon can also be concluded In the outstanding engine.

It is known that the motor is the main element of any technique, if it is faulty, it can lead to a wiring cliff or short circuit, which is the most negative effect on the technique functionality.

In the absence of spin, the likelihood is that Graphite brushes extended. Another common breakdown is connected with a malfunction of an electric module. Most expensive washing machine machines Candy equipped with an electronic control system based on stabilizer. If it breaks, the module will no longer give all the commands for good job – while the situation occurs when the drum is spinning, but the spin does not turn on.

How to renovate?

In the first check, check Status of the drain hose – He should not be overtaken. If a mud stopper appeared in it – it should be discarded a powerful jet of water. Carefully check the pipe that connects the tank with pump – maybe it also needs clean.

If, after eliminating all small faults, the machine has not earned in normal mode, it indicates a serious malfunction – repair, without having special skills, it is impossible.

As you know, any problem is easier to prevent than to correct, Therefore, in conclusion, we will give several recommendations that will allow you to avoid troubles related to the absence of spinning in SMA.

  • Before loading linen, make sure that your pockets are empty, remove all batteries, small coins, tokens, gum and cigarettes – These items clog the filter and negatively affect the operation of the machine.
  • Purchase only high-quality powders and pour them out in the volumes specified in the instructions. Do not save on a cleaning agent or, on the contrary, flood too much powder – an excessive amount of foam can lead to the failure of the water sensor.
  • Any network fluctuations can cause Candy Wiring Problems, Therefore, if possible, use network filters that intersect your technique from voltage jumps,
  • Be sure to contain your apparatus clean, After each washing, it needs to be wiped both outside and inside, special attention should be paid to the gum and drum. Be sure to clean the container for the powder and air conditioning.
  • After washing some time, keep the door open – the tank must be tricky from the inside.
  • Refuse acid-containing detergent powders, They dissolve the protective layer of the tank and lead to the appearance of rust.

In order for your machine Candy to serve for a long time, it needs to be more careful to operate, and at the first signs of a serious breakdown to contact the Master of the Service Center.

About what to do if the washing machine Candy does not press, look next.

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