What to do if water flows from the washing machine LG?

Water leakage from a washing machine is one of the most common problems, including when using LG technology. Flowing both barely noticeable and cause the flood. In any of these cases, it is necessary to immediately eliminate breakage. You can do this in two ways: Invite the wizard or on your own.

First actions

Before you start repairing the washing machine LG, you need to de-energize. This will create safe conditions for working with the device. First of all it is important to notice at what kind of stage the machine began to flow. Observations will help facilitate diagnosis and faster to cope with the problem.

After the breakdown was noticed, it is necessary to inspect the device from all sides, even tilt it to examine the bottom. This is difficult to make it difficult, you may need someone’s help.

If it was not possible to find where the water flows from, it is necessary to remove the side wall of the device for the completeness of the inspection. The place of leakage is better to determine as accurate as possible.

Causes of leakage

Basically, the LG washing machinery can be reduced due to several factors:

  • violation of the rules for using the device;
  • factory marriage, which was allowed during the manufacture of nodes and other components;
  • failure of any element of the working system;
  • washed with poor-quality powders and air conditioning;
  • leakage of a drain nozzle;
  • crack in device tank.

How to eliminate?

Consider several options for eliminating the problem.

  1. If during the survey it was found that water flows from the tank, the device is needed. Most likely, the reason in the hose breakdown, and it will need to replace.
  2. If it turned out that water flows from under the door of the device, most likely was damaged by hatch cuff.
  3. Not always to flow arises because of the breakdown – she could be the fault of the user. Noticing to flow after a few minutes of washing, you need to check how tightly the door of the filter and the device itself is closed, as well as that, well, the hose is inserted. This Council is the most relevant, if a garbage filter has recently been cleaned. Sometimes after his cleaning, an inexperienced user loosely fixes this detail.
  4. If the user is convinced that he closed the lid tightly, you need to carefully inspect the place in which the plum hose and pump connects. If the intersection is a loose, the sealant will solve the problem (be sure to take waterproof), however, it will be more reliable to replace the details.
  5. Despite the fact that water accumulates under the machine, the cause of the problem occurs sometimes above. It is necessary to carefully examine the dispenser (compartment) intended for powders and air conditioners. It is located more often in the left corner of the machine. Sometimes the dispenser is too polluted, because of what the water transfusion occurs during annealing and set. It is necessary to make an inspection, both from the inside and outside, pay special attention to the corners – more often the leakage appears in these places.

If the user doubts that the leakage arose because of the powder acceptor (it is in front), the tray must be fully filled with water, wipe the bottom of the unit to dry and then watch the process. If water begins to slowly flow, the reason is exactly in this. Unfortunately, This item is sometimes breaking even in new models LG machines after 1-2 years of using the device. This problem is associated with the unscrupulousness of the builders who wanted to save on the details.

If the user noticed that water flows precisely during washing, the reason exactly lies in the breakage of the nozzle. To carry out accurate diagnostics you need to remove the upper wall of the device.

Sometimes the problem occurs because of the leakage of the drain nozzle, which is directed to the pump from the tank of the device. In order to check this, you need to tilt the machine and look at the inside of the case below. It is likely that the reason for the breakdown lies in the pipe. To make it inspection, you will need to remove the front panel of the machine and explore the area where the connection is.

If the cause of the leakage was the crack in the tank – this is one of the most unpleasant problems. Most often, it is impossible to eliminate it yourself, it will be necessary to replace the tank, which costs. This crack could arise with a frequent washing of shoes, as well as when entering the machine of pointed items: nails, iron inserts from bra, buttons, clips.

The crack could also appear because of the marriage, which made the manufacturer, but in any case the device will have to be disassembled to remove the tank and carefully examine it. For the work of such manipulations, it is better to call the masters to not make even worse.

If during the inspection of the device it was found that water leaks from the door, the cuff for seal could be damaged. In this case, the problem is easily solved – a special patch or waterproof glue will eliminate the problem. As well as the cuff can be simply changed to the new one, it is inexpensive.

So that problems with the cuff no longer arose, it is possible to make simple prevention: for this you need to follow, so that the drum does not get unnecessary items that were randomly left in pockets.

The article covered the most frequent causes of the breakdown of the washing machine LG, as well as ways to eliminate them. Anyway better If possible, contact the master or in the service center if the machine is warranty. So that the problems did not occur in principle, it is worth carefully treating the device and check things before loading them into the tank.

About what to do if water flows from the LG washing machine, you will learn further.

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