What to choose a children’s toilet?

Modern points of sales of plumbing devices surprise a variety of products offering various parameters and destination. They are manufactured in numerous colors and forms based on different materials. But the models for the smallest stand out among them. It should be accommodated for the choice of baby toilet.

      Main characteristics

      For sale are offered for children’s toilet bowls with a tank. Such models are considered the best option, since the child will feel adult due to a full-fledged technical device for hygiene procedures. Parents will show her baby’s care that will positively affect the emotional state of the child. But the process of mounting this product is difficult to have an additional place for installation.

      You have to calculate the area for an adult and baby toilet with an eye to ensure that the child can easily use it.

      Such a technique other than positive qualities has also negative moments. Parents increasingly install it, because they are guided by the benefits.

      • Kids can exploit adult toilets from orphanage, but the comfort will be very dubious because they will have to use various auxiliary devices in the form of overhead seats or coins under the feet. Children do not like such difficulties, and it makes it difficult to the process of campaign to the toilet, develops some mental problems. A special plumbing is able to offer compliance with the growth and mass of the child, which provides usability.
      • Such a technical device will have a positive effect on the psyche of the child. He will be happy to deal with all hygienic procedures: cleaning teeth, bathing, because it will be aware of its special position and care for adults.

      • Aware of the possession of an important subject, the child willingly perceive training from parents. He will be happy to clean the children’s toilet, because he knows that no one except him uses him. Baby from childhood will be accustomed to compliance with the purity and ways to maintain it.
      • Safety is considered an equally important factor in favor of acquiring children’s toilet. The fact is that the children’s body does not have the necessary dimensions for the use of adult plumbing equipment and can get injured. Often, children fall and turn out to be blocked in the opening of an adult toilet.

      There are negative points.

      • Such devices are quite expensive. Given that not everyone has the opportunity to spend large sums – it becomes a problem.
      • In the bathroom may not be sufficient area to install this device. In most apartments, even the toilet for adults is not very comfortable, since there are few places.
      • Children grow rapidly, and the plumbing remedy with a barrel will soon be unnecessary. Will have to deal with the process of its dismantling.
      • The installation process is also complicated, as in the case of an adult analog. You have to carry out the correct connection to the water source and sewer output.

      Criterias of choice

      If the decision is made in favor of acquiring a baby toilet, then it is necessary to approach weighting and very seriously to this venture.

      So as not to be mistaken, it should be relying on some criteria.

      • The comfort of the use of children’s toilet is placed in the first place. It is necessary to focus on the dimensions of the child or several children if the baby is not alone in the family;
      • It is very important an attractive design of baby toilet, which is expressed by a unique form and color. The child should like the appearance of this device, as it guarantees the desire to use it. If the baby is like everything, he will be more willing to clean the personal plumbing device;
      • It is reasonable to go to choosing the sizes of baby toilet. The growth of the child should be taken into account, and acquire a device with an exploitation for several years;

      • The attention of the baby is recommended to the plumbing device to maintain using its design. You need to find out from the baby, what he likes, for example, what a cartoon hero. This will give equipment significance;
      • It is worth paying attention to the materials of the manufacture of the device. They should refer to an environmentally friendly category. It is important that contact with the child’s toilet will not cause the appearance of various allergic rashes;
      • Superior does not mean that children’s toilet should be functionally different from adult. Any child will be pleased if everything is done Identically what he sees in dad or mom.


      Manufacturers of high-quality compact units are Rosa and Colombo companies. Their products are fairly cheap and quite high quality. Diverse Pisces are made according to GOST, and also attractively look at the ensemble with sinks. You can select multiple popular models.

      • “Baby”. This toilet is equipped with a solid shelf. The product has a plate shape and oblique release. It comes in a set with a tank of necessary height, everything is selected individually. May have both the side and lower eyeliner. This compact house toilet has small dimensions and is well suited for kindergartens or installations in a private house, apartment. It is installed directly to the floor.
      • “Frog”. For the manufacture of this toilet for children, OSCCO Ceramics is most often used. The product is equipped with horizontal release and has a two-mode drain tank. “Frog” is equipped with a comfortable-lid suitable for children, as well as a microlift system.

      Additional devices

      If the process of using the slider ends, it means that the time of the toilet. It is necessary to think about which bright elements can be used to interest the child. For this purpose, you can use any solutions that will definitely like the baby. All children are different. To painlessly teach them to the use of baby toilet, it is necessary to find a point of contact with a pediatric psyche. It is necessary to find out what needs to be done to exacerbate the desire to use the baby’s toilet. For example, the plumber of this species can be decorated with gluing unique applications created with the baby. Not a bad option are considered bright seats covers. You can sink a fun toy somewhere nearby. Children like an unusual toilet paper device, since this process turns into an exciting game.

      It is best to immediately rely on the opinion of children during the choice for them toilet. This will allow you to understand – the device likes to like the child or not. If the baby manifests passionateness to this plumbing equipment, it will provide its quality use for a long time. If the acquired device will have to do not like the baby, you can wait for various capable expressions of its failure, right up to completely ignoring. An unhappy child can demonstratively to use an adult toilet to demonstrate its protest against the device selected without taking into account his opinion.

      If a long-term use of an additional element is planned, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of operation on the toileties of different types. This is due to the fact that over time you will have to install another children’s toilet or change the lid-seat.

      Due to this, a pleasant accessory can be used throughout the childhood.


      The process of installing a baby toilet is in complete identity to adult. It is important to install everything correctly and fully connect to all the necessary communications. It is such a device that will be especially valuable to the child.

      In this case, you will have to fulfill the usual installation process of plumbing with all the difficulties arising from here.

      • It is necessary to prepare the basis for the installation of children’s toilet. The device must be securely secured on the floor so that the child does not overturn it during operation. Access to communications should be facilitated, so the plumbing device must be placed near the output into the sewer and the water source.
      • If there is a need for an additional substrate, then it must be subsequent under the toilet. It is intended to strengthen the foundation, creating additional sustainability and reliability.

      • It should be verified that the children’s toilet is set at a sufficient distance from an adult.
      • The process of mounting and fixing the children’s toilet can be carried out on the basis of the use of glue, dowels, anchors or cement mortar.
      • In the process of connecting such plumbing to sewer and water supply, it is necessary to pay increased attention to the tightness of all connections. Even taking into account the fact that it is a children’s device, everything should work correctly without the possibility of leakage.
      • Before starting full operation, you must test the device for defects. If everything is fine, then you can transfer the device under the child’s control. But this does not mean that no longer need to control his condition.

      Many parents have already appreciated all the positive aspects of the use of children’s toilet, Therefore, this device has become a requested product in the sanitary product market. The process of its mount is considered to be an identical adult toilet that, under the power of an experienced master and will not take much time and effort. And the cost of buying baby toilet and its installation will pay off with positive moments affecting the development of the child. In addition, the gratitude of the child will be very pleasant for any parent, which speaks in favor of acquiring such a useful plumbing device.

      More about children’s toilets you will learn from the following video.

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