What height install urinals?

Increasingly in public buildings, large shopping centers we can meet a specific type of toilet – urinal. This piece of plumbing is intended only for urination, is a kind of wall shell for fluid flow. Contrary to popular belief, it can be used both women and men. In Russia, this sanitary attribute of such widespread, as in European countries, has not yet received, but modern SNIs in the design of sanitary nodes of public buildings imply their use, in particular in men’s toilets. In addition, gradually growing demand for the installation of men’s bowls at home.

Device and parameters

Often the urinal is a compact design, with small, compared to the traditional toilet, dimensions, which allows you to use it in various interiors. This subject is manufactured from the plumbing faience or stainless steel, sometimes metallic models, coated with color enamel, are less common – plastic.

The device of this type of plumbing is pretty simple. The whole design includes:

  • Actually, the bowl itself;
  • Crane (valve) or a flush button;
  • Siphon for carrying out the drain and blocking unpleasant odors from the sewer system;
  • Set of fasteners for wall installation.

An ordinary male urinal with a wall mount has dimensions of 800 x 425 x 365 mm (in x beach). However, depending on the style of the interior, the dimensions of the sanitary room, the design features of the item itself and other conditions may deviate from the specified norm.

Installation standards

One of the first when installing the question arises: “At what height from the floor should be installed design?”. According to the existing SNiP (even when using urinal in an apartment or private house), it is necessary to adhere to the established norms.

Specialists in the installation of sanitary equipment recommend mounting the design according to GOST at an altitude of 650-700 mm from the floor to the edge of the bowl (not to the bottom edge of the load itself!). This will allow the average user to urinate directly, without bending, not touching the design itself.

If the toilet device is installed in children’s institutions, the standard height should not exceed 500 mm from the floor. If the device is purchased for private use, it is necessary to mount the design on the basis of the physiological features and the host growth – to that height, which will be most convenient and optimal for him.

What is taken into account when choosing?

Modern manufacturers of sanitary equipment offer a wide selection of urinal for every taste and wallet. When choosing the optimal model, some characteristics and quality indicators should be taken into account. Consider the highlights.

First, you should decide on the method of fastening: there are suspended models (more compact, relevant for small rooms) and floor units (possess large dimensions, more often installed in public areas).

Secondly, urinals differ in the form of a bowl. Modern designers offer oval, triangular, rectangular, corner models, as well as exclusive, for example, in the form of revealed mouth of animals!

Thirdly, it is worth paying attention to the drain system. There are models with mechanical (manual), semi-automatic and automatic drain. Also important is the way of flowing water: outdoor (relevant for outdoor structures) or hidden (for mounting communications hidden in the wall).

Well, fourth, when choosing an urinator, it is worth considering weight and design material. If the subject is planned to hang onto the wall (not capital), it is worth a preference to the easiest materials – plastic or metal. With a different type of installation, the choice should dwell on models from faience or porcelain. Additionally, it is worth noting that the last two material is considered the most hygienic, easy to maintain, the coating of which prevents the spread of unpleasant odors.

Summing up, it is worth noting that Fashion on the installation of urinal came to us at the end of the last century from European countries. This subject of plumbing can be found in almost all public places. However, when they are installed, many questions arise. Before fixing a new urinal, you should carefully study existing norms and installation rules.

About installing urinal See in the video below.

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