What can be made from a drum washing machine?

Unfortunately, it happens that the washing machine – the machine fails and is not repairable. However, do not hurry to throw it on the whole garbage – some elements you can give a second life.

Today we will tell you that you can make it possible from the old drum.

Options for creating interior elements

Your washing machine, or rather, stainless steel tank can be a real interior decoration. To do this, you just need to show a little imagination and spend a little bit.

Very stylish looks homemade table – dense perforated steel, especially decorated with backlight, looks truly effectively, expensive and perfectly complements the decoration in the style of Hi-tech. Making such a table is quite simple – you will need 3-4 metal rods, which should be accepted to the worm drum, they are attached to the glass, epoxy resin or MDF.

With certain skills from the drum you can do Quite interesting puffs. To do this, you need to take a pillow, and then cut from the woodcrews the rectangle of the appropriate size, after which with the help of a furniture stapler fasten the pillow on a wooden billet.

To the outer wall of the drum and chipboard, you need to secure half the card loop. Everything that will remain after that – only cover the surface of the tank bright paint, and an unusual empty dress with a folding sidushka is ready. By the way, inside you can store small toys and small things.

In order to change the interior of the children’s room or living room, you can make a homemade lamp or lamp, work includes several stages.

  • Take any non-combustible and non-conductive material (ebonite, textolite) and cut from it a circle of two times less than the diameter of the old drum.
  • Insert a cartridge in prepared in advance and fix the circle on the rear of the drum. The wire should be output.
  • In the ceiling hole fasten the hooks on them to fix strong cables, on which then you can hang the whole design.
  • After that will remain only Connect the wire from the lamp with the cartridge conclusions and screw the light bulb.

In order to make the light more muted, a multicolored material can be glued on the inner beams of the drum.

Ideas for the country area

If you have a cottage or a household plot, you can make it yourself quite interesting and unusual elements for landscape design, fixtures for landings and economic work.

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Old drum can always be used to clean the fruits and vegetables grown on their own beds. For this, the tank is placed above the sewage, lay the harvest and water from above with the hose. All dirty water will flow through the holes in gravity. In fact, Such a design is working on the type of colander in the kitchen, but has much large size and allows you to wash a large number of vegetables and fruits at a time.

Many dacms use old tank from washing machinery As a restricter for the growth of fruit and decorative shrubs, as well as to protect the roots of decorative crops from pests – all excessive moisture will go through perforated holes, and no rodent can pass through steel protection.

Pretty interesting look Flower Basons Creams, To give them a more decorative species, they are laid out by fragments of the clay pot or ceramic tiles.

From the Bachka SMA also you can get Not bad windmill, which will be the source of obtaining alternative energy.

Of course, to feed the whole house such a design will not be able, but in order to charge the gadget, it will be enough.

How to make a hearth, smoking and brazing?

For fans of fried meat and fish can be advised to make cars from the old tank brazier, barbecue, furnace, grill or roaster.

The drum is usually made from high-quality and particularly durable stainless steel, so it can withstand heating and suitable for ignition. You will need several metal rods, welding machine and 20-30 minutes of work. If desired, the supporting block of the design can be made collapsible – in this case, you can take a brand to country picnics and trips.

For the manufacture of mangal, it is best to take the drum from SMA with loading vertical type. In this case, you will need to cut one of the sidewalls of the body with a grinder, and below equip a steady support.

If you wish, you can always make Little mobile smoking, which is suitable for the preparation of juicy and tasty meat or fish. The side openings of the tank is better to drown out, wrapped with a thin metal sheet with a tank, – it will prevent the exit of the tank. As it should be in smokehouse, you need to make holes under the chimney, and inside the homemade device, the lattice should be fixed, the one that is taken from the old slab.

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Create useful devices

From a mother’s tank can be built Spacious sterilizer for conservation. To this end, you need to put small plugs on the activator holes, to fasten the wire mesh on the bottom, attach a support and drill a hole for an electric boiler. Such a device allows Sterilize up to 10 cans of fruits and vegetables at the same time, for processing meat products of its temperature indicators will not be enough.

Fans of juice from apples can quickly and just do Juicer. It is best to take old work for this with a centrifuge and a washing block, for example. In this case, the activator needs to be replaced with steel knives. The mechanism of operation of such a product is simple: Fruits wash with small portions and fall asleep into the tank when the knives are turned on for grinding, and after 20-25 minutes, move the entire processed mass in the centrifuge, which will press the juice.

SMA tank is suitable for making an extractive machine. To do this, in the side openings insert the 18-fold rubber fingers in a step of 3-5 cm. The lower disk is attached to the drive shaft, the drain hole is not necessary to drown – it will be used to remove water.

Other crafts

If you cut part of the tank along with the door, it will turn out Stylish sea window, which will look creatively in the bath.

And if you have a dog, then you can pussy. In addition to the stylish appearance, such a device will perform a practical function – if necessary, you can always insulate the yard security guard from guests, as well as protect the animal from precipitation and frost. Just do not forget to drill in a ventilation hole in the cone, since SMU hatch is sealed.

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Press for grapes, hasp and wax – also objects that can be made from the old drum of the washing machine.

Further, look at how to make a brazing from the drum washing machine.

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