What are the cranes for the urinal and how to choose them?

Pissars rarely can be found in ordinary apartments and houses, but in different urban institutions this kind of hygienic toilet is found very often. A very important element in this plumbing is a crane.


Despite the huge selection of the diverse production of cranes for urinal, they all have a common task – lowering the water into the pollution zone at a certain time, at the end of which the flow of water automatically stops. A feature of this device is its design. The case is made as comfortable as possible for the user. It should be convenient to reach the sensor or press the button, so often the buttons have large dimensions, and the sensor or photocell is located at a distance of an elongated hand. The main assortment of cranes for urinal is made of stainless steel, which is treated with chrome.


Most crane models can be divided into two main types of Automatic and manual.

In manual form, the process of operation of the crane is to press the button or open the valve crane by turning. Pressing the button in manual species changes along with the locking strip the stem position, which overlaps the flow of water and at the same time guarantees good tightness. Due to the compressed spring, the gasket slowly becomes in the initial position, so the flow of water stops automatically.

In the plastic cylinder with a bottom there is a mobile piston. Thanks to the plastic, the tap for urinal has a longer life.

During the initial condition of the crane, a set cup is filled with water. Under clicking the button, the piston allows water through a small hole. After that, there will be a descent of water, which omotes the surface of the urinal and goes into the sewer.

Push-button, push the most common because of its simplicity and inexpensive cost. The button is large, it is more convenient to use, unlike the turning option. Such cranes usually install in establishments where there is no large flow of people, as well as in private houses with a separate sewage tap and in apartments where sanitary cleaning is regularly held. Such a portion of water saves water significantly. The faucet most often has a wall-mounted type of fastening over an urinal or specifically in its design. Its part of it is equipped with an upper eyeliner or external water entrance.

In automatic cranes, no physical action is required, the water comes itself. This method is quite popular and has many advantages. In this system, an apparent crane is triggered using sensors that can react to liquid or to a person approaching. Water consumption economical. Such a flirting method is characterized by great hygienic. These systems have protection against the flows, which prevents large problems in the device. The appearance of such models aesthetic and neat, t. To. Used with water supply underwater.

In some models can be Continuous plums. This option is applied in general-purpose institutions, where a very large flow of people, so water is served continuously, the crane is constantly open. Indoors with such a system are very large humidity and constant noise. The uneconomic consumption of water is reflected on the surface of the urinal, forming a limestone falling and rusty divorces. The process of operation of the portion crane is always associated with the volume of the cup, cross section of the slit, as well as the rigidity of the spring used.

In certain models, the cranes do not set the spring, and the thin needle is assembled, which cleans the holes from various types of clogging.

There are models, equipped with a sensor or photocell that reacts to the appearance of hands. That is, this is a contactless version that is applied in establishments with a large cluster of people. Such external devices have a sufficiently high cost, but they are inherent rare breakdowns. Such devices will not be rated by infections and bacteria. If you get this option for home use, then there is no need to worry about that water is closed or open when you go to work. Most cranes have chromium coating. Small models have hidden installation, which significantly gives the design of accuracy. Also there are cranes in horizontal and vertical execution.


As for manufacturers, their huge amount. Among them, you can highlight the most popular companies.

  • Remer – Brand from Italy, whose products are distinguished by European quality and durability. In assortment, many cranes with a pressure dispenser. Models have a small cost and ergonomic species.

  • Bianchi brand is also from Italy. For about 5 years, it supplies consumer with high-quality products and a large range of models. Various options for execution of cranes will satisfy even the most capricious buyer. There are very sophisticated products that differ not only by design, but European quality and high enough cost.

  • From Chinese manufacturers you can allocate a brand Potato. On the Russian market, the company came in 2009. It produces budget versions of plumbing, which is in demand and competitive among producers of this product. The company is rapidly developing, the range expands, the range replenishes the touch options.

  • Chinese company Solomon produces budget plumbing. Production Collection is quite small. These are mostly simple models that are equipped with pressure dispensers.

  • From the Polish manufacturer, you can mark the company Topaz, which has its own style and European quality. For the production of products used materials that comply with standards and environmental standards. All stages of production have phased control, thanks to which the company guarantees its products impeccable quality. Year after year, the brand modernizes its technology, developing new models. The company is confident in its products, so it gives a warranty for all goods for 5 years.

How to choose?

  1. To select a high-quality crane, especially if it is a pressure option, In this form, it is not worth saving. Cheap options quickly fail with frequent operation, and the replacement of parts sometimes reaches the value of the design itself. So buying goods from the proven manufacturer, you will ensure impeccable use for several years.
  2. If you choose the product from the domestic manufacturer, then Gosta should be indicated in his passport. They guarantee high quality of goods that meets all standards.
  3. If you acquire goods from a foreign brand, then The appropriate certificate must be attached to the product, which also provides for a long time to use the crane.
  4. When choosing any model It is necessary to take into account the design of the urinal itself. Especially this concerns the pressure options. In this case, it is better to purchase a crane immediately with the urinal, since very often the models do not match each other.
  5. Usually high-quality options are made stainless steel, which is quite attractive and serves a long time, does not give in to corrosion and raid. However, some prefer prefers from decorative materials that greatly increase the cost of the product.
  6. Crane for urinal should be economical. Basically, this is expensive models in which the dispenser or adjustment of the flow of water consumption is provided.

If you have already chosen a certain model, then inspect it carefully for corrosion or any other marriage.

About differences between propylene and metal cranes See below.

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