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The heating system of the house is an important part of comfort, which allows not only to feel warm, but also dry things. This seemingly minor function, is greater importance, especially in the bathroom. For this, people use heated towel rails, among which the most popular are vertical.


Vertical models are not only products for the immediate drying towels, hats, shoes and other things, but also have other useful features. Among them, you can note the possibility of using the product as a heating element. In this case, the technique will be not only a dryer for towels, but also part of the heating of the bathroom.

It is impossible not to say that the vertical version of the treatment of the heated towel rail is the most common, as it meets all the necessary requirements for the standard location.

If you compare these products with horizontal, then The design of the ladder from above allows to have a thermal effect on the dried clothes along the entire length, which speeds up the process. The features can be attributed to the fact that most of the apartments and houses for internal layout have a small width walls, due to which such type of devices is noticeably easier. At the same time, the heated towel rail can be installed along the hot water supply system to save even more space. Horizontal models are more suitable for rooms and living rooms, rather than for the bathroom, which is characterized by planning housing.


Next, you need to pay attention to the species diversity of vertical heated towel rails. To begin with, it is necessary to disassemble the models depending on the material of the manufacture.

Most modern products are manufactured stainless steel, which passes a certain processing to increase anti-corrosion properties. This allows the manufacturer to establish a considerable warranty period on its products. An important technical indicator is the thermal conductivity of the material, and the stainless steel in this component is not the best option. As for the appearance, the heated towel rails from this material look attractive from the point of view of both processing and all kinds of design.

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The price of such products can have a different range, which is caused by a large number of other reasons, but stainless steel heated towel rails are mostly available, which makes them the most popular option.

The following manufacturing material is Black Steel. The inner part of the tubes in this case is processed by a special protective composition, the main purpose of which is an obstacle rust. The physical properties of black steel are not inferior to their stainless analogue, due to which this option is as popular with the consumer. Due to the similarity of its characteristics, these materials are about the same cost. You can find models of different colors, for example, white, red or gray.

The most efficient material of the manufacture of heated towel rails is Copper or brass. These non-ferrous metals have a very good level of thermal conductivity, due to which the products have a high radius of heating effects, and can also be dried by clothing and towels in a short time. The price of models from these materials is slightly higher, due to their effectiveness. The main disadvantage of non-ferrous metal is not the greatest durability.

Do not forget about aluminum used when creating a large amount of products. This material has one serious operational advantage in the form of its physical lightness.

Due to this transportation, installation and use of the heated towel rail will be easier. Thermal conductory functions and durability are at the average level. The price is low because of the simplicity of the material. Designers aluminum is easy to create various shapes and painting coatings, so manufacturers offer such products in various versions.

The next classification of vertical heated towel rails can be called their division into water and electric. It is this characteristic that determines how to work. Water models are connected to a central heating system or hot water supply, after which hot water begins to circulate in pipes, thereby heating heated heated towel rail. In this case, the named thermal conductivity indicator is important, since it allows to provide a higher temperature.

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In addition to water, there are electrical models. How can I understand from the name, they work from the network by connecting the cord into the outlet. In this situation, it is worth paying attention not so much on the material of the manufacture, but on the characteristics stated by the manufacturer. It is they who determine the maximum heating temperature, as well as its achievement time.

There are differences in the connection type. There are two main types of installation – with lower and lateral connections. In this case, it all depends on the location of communications in the bathroom, in addition, there is no significant difference.

Best models

It is worth making a small overview of the best models of famous manufacturers to make a more accurate understanding of what characteristics have good products.

Energy Prestige Modus – Water model made of stainless steel. Connection is carried out to the system of central heating or hot water supply, or a closed heating system. It is worth noting the universal direction of connection, which can be the bottom, side right or left, as well as diagonal. Horizontal envelope is 500 mm, vertical – 800 mm. The design contains 11 sections and 1 shelf, which allows you to have a large number of towels and clothes.

Heat transfer 406 W, working pressure is in the range from 3 to 15 atmospheres. The maximum coolant temperature can reach 105 degrees. The configuration includes fittings, fastenings, eccentric, faucet, and all other required for different types of installation. Weight 7.7 kg, the design is made in the “Lestenka” variation.

“DVIN F” – Another water heated towel rail made of stainless steel. In this case, the complex is a “ladder” with a shelf from one division. There are various types of connectivity and several directions. Among them can be noted the side right or left, as well as the diagonal, top and bottom. The horizontal distance is 600 mm, vertical 800 mm, diagonal 800 mm.

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A total of 5 sections, a working pressure from 5 to 25 atmospheres, a 2 mm collector wall thickness, heating temperature up to 110 degrees. The configuration has a basic set for different types of installation. It is a variety of installations that is an important advantage of the Dvin F model in front of other heated towel rails.

Terminus “Euromiks” p8 – Externally attractive and simple electrical model of the average price. Connection under, total 8 sections. Power is 140 W with heating temperature up to 70 degrees and approximate time to achieve it in 15 minutes. There is an on / off button, as well as the thermostat. Weight 5.6 kg, built-in dimmer to change power. This model is distinguished by simple operation and installation, which makes “Euromiks” one of the most popular models from the consumer.

Criterias of choice

The correct selection of the vertical heated towel depends on many factors. This is not only the price and the availability of suitable technical characteristics, but also compliance with the desired connection type. This can also include functionality for electrical models so that you can regulate the device as much as possible. It is important that the product is well looked in the bathroom interior.

Choose products of the desired design, since not all models have, for example, the same distance between the ladies. Width of 20 cm can arrange someone, and someone is not. Many depends on the material of manufacturing and laying the bathroom. At the moment, the market of heated towel rails includes a large number of companies and models, so the consumer has good opportunities for the right choice.

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