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Modern person has become accustomed to comfort, which should be present almost everywhere. If you have a cottage without central sewage, and the stationary toilet on the street is extremely uncomfortable, you can use the dry-looking, which is installed in any room. Liquid toilets are the most common autonomous options.

Device and principle of operation

The design of the chemical biotage consists of 2 modules. Upper consists of tank with water and seats. Water in the tank is used for flushing.The lower module is a reservoir for waste, which is characterized by perfect tightness, due to it there is no unpleasant smell.Some models have special indicators that inform the user about tank fullness.

The principle of operation of the chemical toilet is based on the splitting of waste with special chemical concentrates. When they fall into a tank with excrement, feces decompose, the smell is neutralized.

To utilize recycled residues, it is necessary to simply disconnect the container and pour the content in the place specifically allotted for this. Liquid toilets have small size and small weight, made of durable plastic.

Review models

Consider a number of popular options.

  • TheTFord Porta Potti Excellence model is designed for one person. The number of visits to full filling of the lower tank is 50 times. The toilet is made of high-strength plastic granite color, has the following dimensions: 388 mm width, height 450 mm, depth 448 mm. The weight of this model is 6.5 kg. Permissible load on the device – 150 kg. The volume of the upper water tank is 15 liters, and the lower for waste – 21 liters. In the design there is an electrical system of flushing. Washing is made easily and with minimal water consumption. The model is equipped with a toilet paper holder. In the upper and lower tanks provide filling indicators.

  • The Deluxe Biotage is made of durable white plastic, the piston system of flushing is provided. Eat paper and seat with lid. Dimensions of this model: 445x 445×490 mm. Weight is 5.6 kg. Volume of the upper tank 15 l, the volume of the lower – 20 l. The maximum number of visits is 50 times. On the fullness of the tank with waste you will notice the indicator.
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  • Campingaz Maronum BEATEULT is a large mobile system used instead of the main sewer system. Suitable for people with disabilities. The design is made of 2 modules in the form of a canister, seats and covers. Thanks to the transparent design of the tanks, it is possible to control their filling, the piston system washed. The volume of the lower tank is 20 liters, and the upper – 13 liters. Production materials are polypropylene and polyethylene in combination of cream and brown colors. For convenience of transportation, special handles are built. The model does not have metal parts. The concentration of disinfecting fluid is 5 ml per 1 liter of the lower tank.

  • Street Biotticket-cabin from the company “Tekhprom” Made of plastic blue. Mobile model has a large pallet from high-strength polyethylene, providing long-term operation. The volume of the lower pallet is 200 liters. There is a ventilation system that does not allow to linger to unpleasant and harmful evaporation inside the design. The roof is made of transparent material, so the cabin does not need additional lighting. Inside the cabin there is a seat with a lid, a hook for clothes, a papermaker. In the assembled form, the width of the model is 1100 mm, length 1200 mm, height 2200 mm. Seat height 800 mm. Weighs toilet 80 kg. Upper filling tank has a volume of 80 l. Excellent solution for country plot or private house.

  • The PT-10 Biottails from the Chinese manufacturer Avial weighs 4 kg and allows the load of 150 kg. Made of durable plastic, has the volume of the top tank for water 15 liters, and the bottom – 10 liters. Washing system is a manual pump. It is designed for one person, the number of visits is 25 on one sanitary liquid refueling. The model has a height of 34 cm, width 42, depth of 39 cm. The design is made of solid tanks, equipped with a valve of a lower tank made of metal.
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What is different from peat?

Chemical and peat toilets are similar to each other by external parameters. The difference is that there is absolutely no liquid in peat, and there is excellent fertilizer from recycled feces. Wastes do not need to be disposed of in a special place, but you can immediately use as a biodowner for plants. The most important advantage of peat devices is the low cost of the filler, such a design can be created independently, unlike chemical dry.

If there is absolutely no smell from chemical toilets, then peat devices do not boast of this. Unpleasant smell from them is constantly present.

Criterias of choice

Pay attention to several nuances.

  • To choose a suitable model of a biotage, First of all, it is necessary to determine the volume of waste collection of waste. The greater the volume of the tank, the less you will have to release the container. The optimal option will be the model whose volume is 30-40 liters. You can maintain the tank only once a week.
  • Compactness of the Biotticket is an important indicator, since its comfortable accommodation in the country house is very important. The larger the volume of waste tank, the greater the device size will be. Your choice should be based on the number of people who will enjoy them. The smallest biotales are intended for one person, have a tank of 10 to 15 liters.
  • Very important indicator is the size of the reagent reagent. Than it is more, the less you will worry about his fullness.
  • Useful function in some models is the water level indicator, which controls the tank filling. The device with the electric pump provides a uniform distribution of fluid on the drain.
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User manual

Before use, pour clean water into the tank and add a special shampoo. In a toilet bowl, add 120 ml of sanitary fluid. Using a drain pump, pumped into a drain tank of 1.5 liters of water, then open the distinctive valve so that the solution gets into the lower tank for feces. After each tank filling with clean liquid, raise and lower the pump several times until the water starts to enter the wash device. It is necessary in order to remove the air plug. Flushing occurs when the lever rises.

The design provides indicators that begin to show the flow level only if the liquid reached 2/3. When the indicator reaches the top mark, it means that the beytale is already needed to clean.

To clear the relay from the feces, you need to bend the locks and split the containers. Lower capacity thanks to a special handle can easily be taken out. Before recycling, lift the valve up and unscrew the nozzle to lower the pressure. After cleaning, rinse the reservoir with clean water.

To assemble a toilet, you need to connect the lower and top tanks by pressing the button to click. For further use, repeat the refueling procedure, bay to the appropriate tanks shampoo and sanitary fluid.

With proper use, the biological toilet will last as long as possible.

  • So that the device light up as long as possible, Always use a sanitary fluid that prevents the development of bacteria. From water flowering in the drive and disinfection use a special shampoo.
  • Be sure to lubricate rubber pads In the pump and all movable toilet parts.
  • To save protective coating, Do not use cleaning powder cleaning powder.
  • Do not leave the liquid in the tank In the unheated room in the cold season for a long time, because when frozenning it can disrupt hermeticity.

Read more about liquid biotales will tell the video below.

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