Water towel rails with shelf

Water towel rails with shelf – pretty promising type. Consumers need to know the details about the “ladder” with the upper shelf of stainless steel 500×800 and 800×600 mm, about black and white versions. And it is also necessary to familiarize yourself with other popular stainless steel grades models.


Drying Towel Technique is represented by a large number of models. But even on a general background, water heated towel rails with a shelf are beneficial. Half structures allow putting underwear, which is temporarily impossible for some reason to transfer to a permanent place. The presence of one and more shelves improves drying and increases design capabilities, their performance. Among them are found both pure water and combined versions.

Dimensions and design

Much popularity among models with shelves have dryers “Forests”. This design is reliable and convenient. Unlike the simple “serpent” underwear, the underwear will be dried along the entire length. An important advantage is the big heat release intensity. The width is equal to the distance between the racks installed on the sides.

An important role is also played by the location of the connection point. Traditionally she is on top. But in some models, the lateral location is chosen, which strongly changes the design. Side and diagonal connections with bypass without narrowing and displacement allow you to achieve the greatest efficiency in terms of heat treatment. In this embodiment, the input of the coolant from the upper side and the output below.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that models with two shelves are even more effective. Yes, they take more space. But it will turn out to place more underwear. The form choose purely at their discretion.

However, it should still be paid to the attention that the dryers in the form of arc are very attractive.

This configuration allows you to place a large amount of towels, eliminating their mixing and confusion. According to aesthetic characteristics, it is also quite acceptable and even visually pleasant. Another solution that is equally practical and aesthetic, these are M-shaped dryers. Products such a form are found in the range of any major manufacturers. The smoothness of bends and glitter surfaces allow you to originally equip any interior.

As for the dimensions, in most cases they buy dryers in size:

  • 400×800 mm;

  • 500х800 mm;

  • 800×600 mm.

Regarding the design it is worth indicating the obvious advantages of white heated towel rails. They confidently fit into any design. Light shade combines with any other coloring. White paint allows you to maximize the radiative ability. It significantly saves thermal resources.

For many people, black tones are attractive. They are perceived extremely well and turn out to be a stylish addition to any interior. In addition, the minimum gauge can also be a plus. Another stylish version – bronze. Such color looks fun, optimistic and fits into romantic interiors; But in the utilitarian situation, these products fit or fit poorly.

Almost all models of water heated towel rails are made of stainless steel. A good example is the model “Bohema-4”. The classic type “Lanenka” looks pretty. For the manufacture of the device, the stainless steel alloy AISI 304 is used. Provide special protection against wandering currents.


  • The depth of the dryer is 8 cm;

  • Shelf 20 cm;

  • Maevsky’s crane for ½ inches;

  • The ability to stain in white, black, bronze or other provided in the RAL color.

Model “Turgor Lz Bravo PM 3 P L 50x80x40” is divided into 9 sections. The inter-axis distance is a decent 50 cm. Connection is carried out with the help of “American”. The total range of warm-up is 3.31 kV. M. Steel thickness is 2 mm; Metal is thoroughly polished.

As an alternative, you can call Energy Prestige Modus 80×50. This 11-section drying apparatus has a standard range of 0.5 m. The surface is painted in tone chromium. The possibility of connecting both to the means of hot water supply and to the central heating system. Used high-quality food stainless steel.

Attractive and Aquanerzh with shelf 80×60. The device is made of 8 sections. The inter-axis gap is 0.6 m. Heated area is 7.5 kV. M.

Maevsky crane, removal air.

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