Washing machines with vertical loading Whirlpool: device, models and selection

Today, the laundry laundry does not cause hostess no hassle. With modern machine, this process has become the most simple as possible. It remains only to choose a model with suitable technical characteristics and an attractive design. At the same time, many buyers prefer the technique of whirlpool, as this company has long established itself in the market due to the successful price and quality ratio. The article will talk about the washing machines of this brand with vertical loading.


Whirlpool is based in the United States and already has more than a century of history. Its plants are located around the world, the company employs research centers, whose task is to improve equipment in accordance with modern trends and consumer requirements.

Main feature of vertical machines – linen loading method. The door on them opens from above, and not in front, which allows you to save space of a close bathroom. Most of these models can recruit during the washing process without turning off the program. At the same time, the functional of the WHIRLPOOL vertical machines does not suffer. They are distinguished Good set of options, high quality assembly and durability, as well as economy at energy consumption.

The container for the powder in such models is under the vertical lid. Depth is usually 60 cm, the width is 40 cm, and the height is 85-90 cm, the number of drum revolutions during annealing – in the range of 900-1200. The drum is attached on two supports, which makes the mechanism is quite reliable. Power Class WHIRPOOL Machine with Vertical Loading – A + and Above.

Thanks to the built-in self-diagnostic system, you can learn about breakage from the message on the display – they are designated by the combinations of letters and numbers, the decoding of which is in the instructions.

WHIRLPOOL WITH VERTICAL DOWNLOAD MACHINES Using levers and buttons. They start the device and allow you to choose a program. As a rule, the machines have four main modes:

  • cotton;
  • delicate wash;
  • washing colored things;
  • eco.

Among other popular modes that are found in WHIRLPOOL vertical machines – Akva-Eco, spending only 19 liters, “antisumania” and “Jeans”. In many models there is a program 6th Sense, allowing to identify the level of pollution, the weight of the content and adjust the mode for the most economical washing.

Drum Auto Parking – Special devices stop drum so that the hatch sash is at the top, so that you no longer need to scroll through it manually.

It is worth noting the wonderful characteristics of the vertical machine whirlpool for power consumption A … A+++. Function “Akvastop” Blocks the supply and removal of water during leakage, stopping the operation of the machine. The start of the start makes it possible to run the washing process when you need it. Protection against children reliably blocks the door and buttons from small “helpers” by house.

Review models

We give examples of popular models of WHIRLPOOL washing machines vertical download type.

Whirlpool AWE6516

Economical, with a large selection of washing programs – is available 18 modes. Capacity of the drum – 5 kg, which is quite enough for a young family. The energy efficiency of the model has a class A +, the quality of washing – A, and the spin – only C. Bioenzymna washing phase allows you to better remove the stains from which it is difficult to get rid of.

The developers took care and about Safety washing in Whirlpool AWE6516. It is equipped with protection against the course, as well as the model has a blocking from children. The disadvantages include the fact that this machine is relatively noisy, and the display does not provide on it, so the remaining time washing can not find out.

Whirlpool AWE2215

Its capacity is somewhat more – 5.5 kg of linen. You can control it by means of buttons and lever, and the washing parameters are displayed by LED indicators. The energy efficiency of the machine is also classified as a +, and the quality of washing A, however, the prescript class is labeled only as D.

Protection against leaks is provided only by body. And there is no defense against children. Her 13 programs are quite long in time.

However, the price of this washing machine is not too high, so these minuses in price and quality ratio are insignificant.

Whirlpool WTLS70712

The drum of this model accommodates 6 kg of linen. The device is controlled by electronics, and the display shows the remaining time execution time. The maximum number of revolutions during annealing (1200) allows you to dry the lingerie, the quality of the press is assigned the class B, washing – A, and energy efficiency – a+. Among the 18 programs there is a 15-minute washing mode. 6th Sense Colores technology and a smooth opening of the drum make this model with an excellent alternative to the previous one, the disadvantages include partial protection of the body from leaks.

Whirlpool AWE 6415

Inexpensive model with a good set of options for its price. It is not very loudly noise when working, has 18 programs, including fast washing. Climbing takes place on 900 revolutions. There is no complete protection against leaks.

Whirlpool TDLR 60810

Many rated this model for its capacity – 6 kg, low noise, full protection against leaks and high energy consumption class A+++. Spin running at 1200 revs, so Lingerie after centrifuge is pretty dry.

The machine does not have short modes – Minimal wash lasts almost a whole hour. No protection against voltage drops in the network.

Whirlpool TDLR 70220

Powder loading indicator avoids its recalculation, display shows the time of operations. And the spin takes place at 1200 revolutions. Among the 14 modes, you can note the half-hour express washing, cost-effective washing with a consumption of 19 liters. The model is worth Several more expensive devices.

Criterias of choice

In order not to make a mistake when choosing a typewriter, you need to know which basic characteristics of vertical machines exist, and what should pay attention to first. Due to the wide range of functions, you can pick up the optimal model for your home based on your financial capabilities and priorities. Before making the final choice, check with the seller a number of moments.

  1. Water consumption for standard washing. The lower this indicator, the more economical will wash.
  2. Stainless steel tanks serve longer than plastic. Specify which material made drum.
  3. Manual temperature adjustment – very important feature. If the machine is equipped with such an option, then you can choose the optimal wash conditions for a particular thing.
  4. Capacity of tank. The volume of 4 kg is suitable for one person or a young family. Otherwise, it is better to get a washing machine with a tank capacity of more than 5 kg.
  5. power usage It is also very important for family budget savings. The most successful acquisition will be the machines with the class “A” and “B” + .. +++.
  6. Volume of typewriter When washing, it can also be essential. The smaller the noise it makes it better.
  7. The high number of drum revolutions affects the spin quality, But for washing it is not always good – things will be faster. The main characteristic of the squeezing of washing machines is all the same class.

User manual

Working with vertical machines is no different from working with ordinary, frontal models, except for the load of linen. The lid opens from above, there and put things. To wipe underwear on optimal mode, You can easily select the desired option – The names of the programs are written in the control panel in Russian. The buttons with additional features are also signed, so the users have no difficulty in users. A similar rotary selector is designed to adjust the water temperature.

When operating a washing machine, it is important that she does not send it. Otherwise, its lid may be subject to corrosion.

Wipe dry not only the lid, but also the entire case in the case of wetting. For more information about the intricacies of using machines with a vertical download type, read the next paragraph of the article.

Possible malfunctions

Consider the frequent causes of the kneading machine WHIRLPOOL with vertical loading. Sometimes they arise due to errors when operating.

As mentioned above, The drum of these models has two supports. It increases the reliability of the design, but if it still has to change, then the repair is more expensive than for the front machine. Need to replace more bearings.

After a few years of using the machine can start opening the drum sash. The reason for such a malfunction may be in uneven linen distribution. Especially often it happens when washing slippers, curtains and other items that are not belonging to linen and clothing. When contacting with heating elements, the sash jars, which can output the drive belt.

Luke’s cuff can carry, then the water will be seized in the slot to the hatch blocking device. Seeing damage to this spare part, replace it until it led to more serious breakdowns.

So, buying automata with vertical loading of the famous American brand Whirlpool, you get Qualitative and economical washing of things, and most importantly – save the space of your bathroom or kitchen.

To make the final choice of a model, determine the most important characteristics and pick up the most suitable option.

How to choose a WHIRLPOOL washing machine with vertical load, look next.

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