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Each company makes even a little, but different from other companies. This fully applies to Vestfrost washing machines. Just examining the main specifics and features of the latest models, you can make the right choice.


For washing machines Vestfrost is characteristic Special elegance design. Each node in such a device is made with special care. The quality of the nodes corresponds to the most stringent requirements. Firm Scrupulsino checks the quality of all components, tools and raw materials.

Vestfrost is intended for its goods for the premium segment and gives a guarantee at least 2 or even for 3 years.

Country Manufacturer Vestfrost is historically based in Denmark. But later it becomes an integral part of the electrolux conglomerate. And since 2008, this brand has become the property of the Turkish company Vestel. Almost all products are manufactured at the enterprise in the Turkish city of Manisa. External appearance of Vestfrost devices is very attractive and unusual.

The following features are still characteristic of this technique:

  • excellent energy efficiency;
  • excellent manufacturability;
  • Attractive consumer qualities.

Description of the best models

The optimal versions of washing machines included Vestfrost VFWM 1250 SWL. With the help of a liquid crystal display, you can always see which of the 15 basic programs is elected. The device has options for protection against foam and imbalance prevention. Of course, Turkish engineers took care of protecting against leaks. Control systems operate electronically. There is a malfunction diagnostic option. Automation tracks if the door is closed. There is a special night program and protection against children. The spin will start when you click on the Start button. But it will be made after the 10-hour interval.

Thanks to Eco Logic it becomes possible to control the amount of linen and washing powder. As a result, the overload is excluded, and the service life increases. The special body of the “boomerang” guarantees a small vibration. Deserves attention and so-called pearl drum.

When it is created, it has been tried to optimize both washing and spinning mode to extend the service life.

It is worth noting the following main technical properties:

  • loading hole with a cross section of 0.33 m;
  • The door diameter is 0.47 m;
  • The top cover can be replaced;
  • The number of revolutions is up to 1200;
  • Power Category A +++;
  • permissible load – up to 7 kg;
  • Frontal loading hatch;
  • The volume of sound when washing reaches 58 and at annealing – up to 78 dB;
  • Dimensions – 0,845×0,597×0,527 m.

Vestfrost Vfwd 1461 W – no less attractive washing machine. This device is represented with drying 6 kg of linen. You can wash up to 9 kg of clothes. The manufacturer declares that this model takes place both place and time. The model has absorbed many original innovative developments. Thanks to a three-dimensional sensor that tracks the amount of linen and powder, the service life of the device increases. Automation will calculate the required duration of the program and the need for detergent. In houses with two-tie counters, it is advisable to use the Eco Time option. All required information is displayed on the major graphic screen. Display management implemented using touch elements.

The following is the following:

  • economical mode (with +20 degrees);
  • washing the porter at +40 degrees;
  • the washing of a down blanket at +40 degrees;
  • Mode as fast as possible is washing (only 12 minutes is required);
  • Just fast washing of 29 minutes (in combination with a fast drying of 29 minutes);
  • Drum cleaning mode;
  • Air refreshment mode.

Duration of drying can be 30, 60 or 120 minutes. Users will probably like the timer option. The graphic display allows you to adjust the contrast, image brightness and even the language of the displayed information. If necessary, reset to factory settings.

Of the additional features it should be noted Twinjet mode, That is, direct water injection mixed with detergent.

Technical parameters are as follows:

  • The number of revolutions is up to 1400;
  • 15 main programs;
  • loading in washing mode up to 8 kg;
  • loading in suspense mode up to 6 kg;
  • Lounge Bookmark Frontal Mode;
  • The size of the packaged product is 0.881×0.641×0.66 m;
  • Sound during annealing – up to 77 dB;
  • Sound when washing – up to 58 dB;
  • Sound when drying – up to 64 dB;
  • Own sizes – 0.845×0.597×0.582 m;
  • Eco Time, Twinjet, Eco Logic Systems.

A good choice can be washing machine Vestfrost Vfwm 1241 W. This is a narrow model accompanying up to 6 kg of linen. In the quick wash, the laundry processing takes no more than 15 minutes. There is a special program Allergy Safe. On a 7-segment liquid crystal display, such information is shown as:

  • How many minutes washing still left;
  • what temperature is chosen;
  • What is the spin speed;
  • how much to postpone the start (up to 23 hours);
  • established castle from children;
  • error code.

Complete the review appropriate on the model Vestfrost VFWM 1041 WL. Machine painted in traditional white color. The drum can spin at up to 1000 revolutions per minute. Capacity of this drum is up to 41 liters. You can download the car 6 kg of linen.

You will have to download it through the frontal hatch. Class of engineering machine – A++. Linear dimensions of the device without packaging are 0.845×0.597×0.416 m. The total weight of the product is 60.5 kg. There are 15 major programs.

How to choose?

When choosing a washing machine, you should pay attention to several important points.

  • Be sure to learn, What parts are required for a specific model, as well as how convenient will it be serviced.
  • Next important step – Determining the place where you need to put the car. The permissible size of the device depends on the site.
  • It is also worth considering what is important Type of download. The frontal machine always accommodates more linen than loaded from above. Frontal machines, the upper part sometimes use as a stand for linen baskets, bed and bath linen. They can be put almost closely under the sink or shelf, inside the locker. But it should be borne in mind that the car will have to free enough free space, otherwise the door opening will be very difficult. In addition, if the machine opens into the passage, the door can be broken with careless movement around the house. Vertical loading method allows you to slightly save space in the house, which will delight living in cramped conditions. But the problem is that the volume of the drum turns out to be less, and about the function of the stand will have to forget completely. The functionality of vertical machines is somewhat less than that of the loaded in front.
  • Playing a big role Assessment of the private budget. With limited tools, it makes no sense to chase the speakerphone – usually it is given the most expensive versions. It is worth paying attention to that the more expensive the washing machine, the higher the price for its repair.
  • Next step – determination of which it should be loaded. For two or three joint living people enough capacity 3-5 kg. But in a large family will have to use a car with a capacity from 5 to 6 kg.
  • Drying immediately appreciates the device twice or more. Therefore, such a technique is justified only for those who can spend a serious amount. If the car is purchased with drying, it is useful to consider that the limit load in this mode is approximately 50% of the load in the drying mode.
  • Very important take into account the class of performing each of the main works. The necessary information is provided in the user manuals and official accompanying documentation, so such materials must be read.
  • Do not confuse the class of efficiency, washing and pressing – All these are different parameters that are not related to each other. All washing machines have 3 or 4 main categories of programs. One category is intended for synthetics, the other – for flax and cotton, the third – for thin matters, one more – for wool and so on. In addition to this basic set, various other options can be in a specific model. When selecting this indicator, personal preferences and needs are guided by. By default, the programs are set optimal parameters. But in some cases, the machine allows you to change them at your discretion.

However, it is much better if the sensors of the most washing machine will take for this work.

Review reviews

In general, familiarity with the estimates of both buyers and specialists shows that vestfrost technique It works quite reliably. But it is worth noting that some users estimate such cars without much delight. Most often criticism causes insufficient thoughtful designs. Problems are connected with rather loud noise. But the dimensions are quite acceptable at the VFWD1461 model.

It is appreciated for such characteristics as:

  • nice appearance;
  • Excellent borax capacitance;
  • variety of programs;
  • Excellent wash quality;
  • Minimum powder consumption.

Present in various models mode is useful for allergies. It allows you to significantly save time. VFWD1461 – relatively inexpensive machine, but it is characterized by excellent functionality. Pressing speeds in 800 revolutions turns out to be quite enough to almost all consumers. Reviews of other models often write about such features as:

  • Comparatively quiet work;
  • Excellent quality of the washing of children’s clothing;
  • stable operation without special failures;
  • Absence in a number of additional rinsing models.

In the next video you will find a detailed review of the washing machine Vestfrost VFWM 1041 WL.

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