Washing machines: History, Features and Tips for the choice

The washing machine is an indispensable household device, without any housewife will no longer cost. At the same time, washing machines of the machine type are most popular among consumers: they independently perform most of the functions. What is the story of the emergence of such household devices? What is the principle of work machine? What types of automatic washing machines exist? How to choose the device? Detailed answers to these and some other questions you will find in our material.


The world’s first washing machine machine appeared in 1851. Her invented and invented American scientist James King. In appearance and design, it resembled a modern washing machine, however, the device was working through a manual drive. After creating this device in the world began to invent and patenting another technique designed specifically for washing. For example, the American inventor created special equipment, which for 1 time it could extract more than 10 t-shirts or shirts.

If we talk about the large-scale production of automatic washing machines, it was launched thanks to the efforts of William Blackstone. At that time, household equipment cost 2.5 dollars. On the territory of modern Europe, the washing machines appeared in 1900. In 1947, the first automatic washing machine was published, which for all its signs was similar to modern devices. Her joint efforts produced several large-scale and well-known enterprises to the world: Bendix Corporation and GENERAL ELECTRIC. Since then, the number of manufacturers of washing machines has only increased.

The company called Whirlpool is the first enterprise that took care not only about the functional filling of washing machines, but also about their safety for the consumer and external design. If we talk about our country, then In the USSR, the first automatic appeared in 1975. The household device “Volga-10” was constructed at the factory in the city of Cheboksary. Later, the model “Vyatka Avtomat-12” came out.

Thus, the history of the development of washing equipment is quite comprehensive and interesting. Thanks to the effort of a large number of domestic and foreign scientists today, we can enjoy such an achievement of equipment as a washing machine.

Principle of operation

Automatic washing machines operate according to a specific algorithm. Today in our article we will consider in detail the principle of functioning of the device.

  • First of all To start work, you must implement the inclusion procedure. Machine need to be included in the network by means of a special cable.
  • Next, load dirty underwear in the drum machine. This procedure can be made in several ways depending on which type of loading at the machine (front or vertical). In addition, the loading of linen should be carried out in accordance with the volume of the drum (2, 4, 6 or more kilograms).
  • The next step is Adding detergents (powder, air conditioning and t. D.). To do this, in the external case of the device there are special compartments.
  • Now it is necessary Tightly close the door of the washing machine and launch washing.
  • The most important stage is Select the appropriate mode. It depends on the number of loads loaded by you, its colors and type of fabric. There are several washing modes: delicate, intense, manual, fast and t. D.
  • After that How will the direct wash procedure begins, the pump will start working in the device. Thanks to this device, water enters the machine through specially designed rounded holes (you can see them on the drum).
  • As soon as the water reaches the appropriate level, Fluid supply will stop, The direct washing procedure will begin.
  • From a special compartment, where you fell asleep powder in advance, water will wash the detergent, and it will fall into the drum machine. Wet underwear is soaked with powder and cleaned due to the rotational motions of the drum. In addition, at this time it is possible to additionally add water.
  • Same During the washing, the procedure of rinsing and pressed will occur (provided that the mode you selected provides these processes). The rinsing process is accompanied by the bay in the clean water drum – this happens several times. At the same time, such an essential element of the washing machine as a pump is included in the active work. The pressure procedure occurs due to centrifugal strength.
  • After the selected Washing mode will end, water will be released in the sewer.
  • After that How wash will be finished, the washing machine will turn off automatically. You will only have to turn off the power.
  • After a complete laundry stop, the front door will be blocked for a few more minutes. Then it will open, and you can pull out underwear.

It should be borne in mind that different models of washing machine automatic type can work differently. However, at the same time, the standard algorithm looks exactly described above.


Automatic washing machines have an important domestic purpose. There are 2 main types of devices: embedded and standard. Consider these types of Read more.


There are 2 types of embedded washing machines: those that are specifically designed for embedding, and those that have a similar function. Devices included in the first category have special fasteners with which the door is attached, it is hidden in a washing machine. Besides, Such household equipment in terms of its size is much less than ordinary machines.

Models of the second group in their appearance are no different from standard washing machines, respectively, they can be used both independent household devices, and in the furniture (for example, in the kitchen set). Most often household devices that have an embedding function, install under the tabletop. For this, there is a special plate between the tabletop and the machine, which is designed to collect moisture, dust, fat and t. D.

It is important to note the fact that the built-in washing machines are distinguished by low noise and vibration. In addition, thanks to them you can save place.


Standard washing machines are the most popular models of household devices. They are very popular and are in demand among consumers.

In any case, it should be noted that functionally embedded and standard devices do not differ from each other.


Depending on the size, the washing machines of the machine can be divided into several categories:

  • Full-sized (height – 85-90 cm, width – 60 cm, depth – 60 cm);
  • narrow (height – 85-90 cm, width – 60 cm, depth – 35-40 cm);
  • Ultraupe (height – 85-90 cm, width – 60 cm, depth – 32-35 cm);
  • Compact (Height – 68-70 cm, width – 47-50 cm, depth – 43-45 cm).

It should be noted the fact that the machines with vertical load are more compact in their size.

In the modern market there are a large number of models of automatic washing machine. They differ in the most different parameters: warranty service life, management type (push button and electronic), the amount of possible loading of linen and T. D.

Consider several popular models.

  • ATLANT 50U108. The manufacturer of this device is the famous Russian company. Maximum load of linen – 5 kilograms. By the class of power consumption, the machine refers to the class “A +”. There are a large number of washing modes and programs.

Special attention deserves a program that contributes to minimal failing. If you wish, this model can be embedded in furniture.

  • Indesit BWSB 51051. The user has 16 different washing programs. Among the additional functions, you can allocate a system of protection against children, a system of control over the level of foam and t. D. The market value of the device is about 13,000 rubles.

  • BEKO WKB 61031 PTYA. This model can also be used as standard, and as an embedded device due to the presence in the design of a special removable cover. For 1 cycle you can wash up to 6 kilograms of linen.

In the typewriter you can wash baby clothes, clothes from wool and delicate fabrics.

  • Hotpoint-Ariston VMSF 6013 B. If you describe the device’s efficiency classes, then it can be noted that the model refers to the category “A”, according to anneal – to the category “C”, and for power consumption – to the group “A +”. HOTPOINT-ARISTON VMSF 6013 B – 60x45x85 cm.

  • Hansa WHC 1038. This washing machine is characterized by efficiency and effective work. The device has a special system that prevents the flow. In the market, such a model can be purchased for 14,000 rubles.

  • Samsung WF60F1R2E2S. The maximum load of linen is 6 kilograms. During the press, the device can dial the speed of rotation to the indicator of 1200 rpm. According to the SAMSUNG WF60F1R2E2S management type refers to the category of electronically digital devices. For the convenience of the user, 8 washing modes are provided.

  • Hotpoint-Ariston RST 602 ST S. Machine developers have provided 16 wash programs for any occasion.

Unique in nature, the function that this device has “anti-allery”. For the convenience of users, the manufacturer has provided a large loading hatch, the diameter of which is 34 cm.

  • Indesit EWD 71052. The volume of the drum is quite impressive and is 7 kilograms. At the same time you can embed a device or exploit it yourself. There are 16 washing programs, and speed rotation indicator – 1000 rpm.

  • LG F-1096SD3. The washing machine has a deferred start function (you can program the machine 24 hours before the start of washing). In addition, there is a function of imbalance of linen and control over the level of foam.

  • Hansa WHC 1250LJ. This device is very expensive, its price is 19,000 rubles. At the same time, there are 15 washing regimes, including – careful care for things. By the class of energy efficiency, the device can be attributed to the category “A +++”.

  • Hotpoint-Ariston RST 702 ST S. Maximum load is 7 kilograms. The device is steadily in relation to the wear of the engine and the drum.

Users allocate disadvantages: for example, low spin quality.

  • Samsung WW60J4260JWDLP. A very high-quality device that is characterized by the following indicators: Energy consumption – class “A +”, the quality of washing – “A”, spin – “B”. As for the shortcomings, it is possible to note the increased level of noise when working – it can deliver inconvenience (especially in the case of living in the house of small children or the elderly).

It is important to note that the device can be controlled using your Wi-Fi smartphone.

  • LG F-1296SD3. Pretty expensive washing machine, the value of which is about 20,000 rubles. The maximum volume of the drum is 4 kilograms. There are 10 modes of operation.

  • Bosch WLN 2426 M. The device is made in Germany and has high quality. Energy Class – “A +++”. Provided 15 washing modes. The device is constructed with the latest technologies and scientific developments. The drum is assembled using VarioSoft and VarioperFect technology, inside it has a corrugated panel form.

  • Whirlpool AWS 61211. The model is made according to European standards. Maximum boot load – 6 kilograms. Provided 18 programs.

The machine can function independently either embedded in furniture.

  • Hansa WHC 1456 IN CROWN. The device is one of the leaders of the modern market. Differs high level of reliability. Maximum load – 9 kilograms.

Thanks to a wide variety of washing machine type machines, each user may choose a device for itself, which will answer all its needs and desires.

How to choose?

The choice of washing machine is an important and responsible task that requires a large amount of attention and effort.

Experts recommend to take into account a number of factors.

  • Type of machine. There are several types of automatic washing machines: Frontal and vertical. In this case, they differ from each other in the way of loading and unloading linen. So, the equipment for washing with front loading has a linen hatch on the outermost part of the case. At the same time, vertical machines are equipped with a hatch from above. Selecting a particular device depends solely on your personal preferences.
  • Dimensions of the device. A detailed range of the sizes of washing machines is described above. This characteristic is the most important when choosing a device. First of all, you should navigate the size of the room in which the equipment will be placed.
  • Baraban volume. This indicator is the most important when choosing a device. So, depending on the number of people living in your home, you should choose a machine more or less voluminous. Download volume can be from 1 to a tent of kilograms. In this case, keep in mind that the volume of the drum affects the general dimensions of the washing machine.
  • Functionality. Modern automatic type washing machines are equipped not only with washing, rinsing and pressing, but also a number of additional features. Such additional features include a leak protection system, the presence of additional modes (for example, a gentle or quiet wash program), drying and t. D.
  • Management type. There are 2 main types of controls: mechanical and electronic. The first type is characterized by the possibility of the task of washing parameters using special buttons and switches located on the front panel of the device. Machines with electronic control require only the task of the mode, and the remaining parameters they configure yourself.
  • Washing class. There are several classes of washing modern washing machines. They are latin letters. At the same time, and is the highest class, and G is the lowest.
  • Number of power consumption. Different models of automatic washing machines have different levels of power consumption. This indicator is regulated by the number of material resources that you will pay for the used electricity.
  • Price. High-quality household devices can not cost too cheap. That is why if you see a low price, then it must cause you suspicion. Low cost may be due to the fact that you are dealing with a disregard seller or acquire poor-quality (or fake products).
  • Appearance. When buying a washing machine, pay attention to its functions, safety indicators, as well as external design. Choose such a device that perfectly fit into the bathroom interior, kitchen or any other room where you post a household device.

Automatic washing machines are devices that are real assistants in everyday life. To date, there are a large number of types and models that differ in a number of key signs.

It is very important to accommodately approach the selection of the device so that in the future I will not regret your acquisition.

On the choice of washing machine-machine See next video.

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