Washing machine under the sink: options sets

The most ergonomic location of the washing machine in the bathroom or in the kitchen where there is access to sewage and plumbing. But often places in the room is not enough. And then there is a need to “enter” this technique in a limited space, for example, put under the sink.


The solution to place the car under the sink is most often dictated by a small number of square meters or the desire for minimalism in the interior. One way or another, but under the sink appliances with standard dimensions do not put.

It must be special and respond to several criteria.

  • Match in height. Not only fit into the distance between the floor and the sink, but at the same time there should still be a small gap. The optimal is considered the height of the unit up to 70 cm. Exception can only be apparatus that are mounted under the worktop. Their acceptable height reaches 85 cm.
  • Narrow and small washing machine perfect for such an installation. The unit should not stand close to the wall, as usual for the typewriter leave a place to install a siphon and pipes.
  • The width of the device must be less than the width of the shell. The washbasin must “cover” the machine and protect against the possible fall of extra drops of water.

There are three options for the placement of small-sized machines.

  • Ready set with built-in sink machine. And with all the supplied components.
  • Separate device that is adjusted to the sink. All components of the kit are bought separately.
  • Washing machine embedded in a sink with a tabletop. In this case, the device is located on the side of the washbasin.

The best solution is considered to buy a ready-made kit, because you do not need to go throughout the city in search of parts suitable for each other.

The most popular full-elective washing machines are two models.

  • Candy Aquamatic Complete with the shell “Pilot 50”. The height is 69.5 cm, the depth – 51 cm, width – 43 cm. There are five models of this typewriter. They differ in the speed of rotation of the drum in the press mode. All of them budget options. They can be caught up to 3.5 kg of linen;
  • Eurosoba Included with the sink “messenger” has dimensions of 68x46x45 cm. This is a very popular model. Programs provided by traveling. The manufacturer confirms high quality long service life and warranty.

It is noteworthy that the washing machines under the sink are made only for the Russian segment, often the assembly of technology is produced in the Russian Federation. Bosch, Zanussi, Electrolux, Candy, Eurosoba – these are manufacturers of technology, in the model range of which can be found cars for installation under the sink.

In stores of household appliances there are washing machines of compact sizes.

  • Zanussi FCS 825 with. The height of the product is 67 cm, width – 50 cm, depth – 55 cm. Thanks to the dimensions under such a device, you can install an ordinary siphon. True, the car is inferior in characteristics: the rotational speed of the drum is a maximum of 800 revolutions, and the maximum load is 3 kg. At the exit will be slightly wet underwear, but it is pretty quiet.
  • Zanussi FCS1020 It has the same characteristics as the above-described model, but only the speed of revolutions is higher and is 1000. Both machines are budget.

  • Electrolux. In the model range, machines have two options with parameters 67×51,5×49.5 cm – this is EWC1150 and EWC1350. They differ among themselves the maximum speed of revolutions per minute. They are reliable and economical, but not the cheapest. Their capacity is 3 kg.
  • Candy Aquamatic Series Series Includes five enabaritis machines 69.5x51x43 cm. They have different spin speeds (from 800 to 1100 revolutions per minute).
  • EUROSOBA model range Differs reliability. Warranty on products is 14 years.

These devices will need to purchase a special sink. It should not be very deep. Most often for the installation of a washing machine under the sink, shell type “Waterwear” and a non-standard siphon, and also make a drop of horizontal type. Sometimes, for example, if the sink is installed very high, then we will apply a standard siphon and vertical drain.

It is worth noting that the washing machine can be installed and under the sink with a tabletop. These kits make it possible to establish a standard (more practical) siphon, a vertical drain system and thereby protect the device from possible water ingress. In addition, due to the fact that the washbasin is located on the side of the countertops, there is an opportunity to “steeple” 10-15 cm. And the height of the household appliance can already be 80-85 cm.

In the market of plumbing equipment, the models of washing machines are presented, which perfectly fit under the sink with a tabletop.

  • Bosch WLG 24260 OE. The model height is 85 cm, width – 60 cm, depth – 40 cm. It has a large capacity (up to 5 kg), as well as a good choice of programs (14 pieces). In addition, the car provides an anti-vibration program.
  • Bosch WLG 20265 OE has the same parameters as the Bosch WLG 24260 OE model. The loading of the unit is up to 3 kg.
  • Candy CS3Y 1051 DS1-07. The height of the equipment is 85 cm, the width is 60 cm, and the depth is 35 cm. This is a budget model with a capacity of up to 5 kg. It has 16 washing programs. According to the manufacturer’s applications in the machine installed an anti-vibration program.
  • LG F12U2HDS5 Posted by parameters 85x60x45 cm. Capacity of the model reaches 7 kg. This option is quite expensive, because it has 14 washing programs and vibration control.

  • LG E10B8SD0 has a height of 85 cm, 60 cm wide, a depth of 36 cm. Equipment capacity is 4 kg.
  • Siemens WS12T440Oe. This model is presented with dimensions of 84.8×59.8×44.6 cm. Its main advantage is silent.
  • Indesit Ewuc 4105. This option is characterized by a small depth, which is only 33 cm. Other parameters are standard – 85 cm in height and 60 cm in width. Maximum load is 4 kg.
  • Hoover DXoc34 26C3 / 2-07. Despite the depth of the unit only 34 cm, it can be downloaded to 6 kg of linen. In stock There are 16 wash programs.

Advantages and disadvantages of construction

Machines for the sink differ in compactness. They are able to organically fit into both small, limited space, and in a fairly spacious room. The main advantage of such structures is, above all, their compactness and concise appearance.

However, bold plus in the form of non-standard dimensions can turn into the following minuses:

  • Due to the characteristics of the design, it is necessary to go low, which is very problematic for people with a sore back;
  • Built-in devices are more vibrated, that is, the vibration from them is more noticeable. When the machine is securely fixed with the top (washbasin or tabletop), the vibrations are quenched, but at the same time, during the press, the washing machine begins to rattle and knock. Yes, and besides, due to such a regime, bearings fail. It is worth noting that the washing machines with the already built-in sink do not produce loud sounds and bearings operate in them longer;

  • Horizontal drain and non-standard siphon are often clogged. And the leaks are possible, wastewater can go through the sink;
  • Pretty limited access to the hidden plumbing. “Get it” and eliminate the defect is difficult;
  • If the machine is bought not complete with the sink, it will also be necessary to buy a washbasin, siphon and other components in completely different stores;
  • There is likelihood, albeit a small, unexpected short circuit due to water from entering the device.

Features of choice

Choosing a typewriter under the sink, it is worth paying attention not only to its dimensions, but also in which plumbing will be installed, as well as the functionality of the device, on the number and quality of the installed programs. Despite a small load, a small washing machine may well be a family of 2-3 people. Based on this, you can look after the typewriter with “family” functions that have a multitude of washing programs, including allowing you to wash very complex stains, as well as with protection against curious children’s handles.

The material from which the internal details are made, especially the drum, can tell about how long the technique is. Preference is worth giving metal structures. Big plus in choosing equipment is a big guarantee from the manufacturer.

The criteria for choosing the sink also should not be limited to dimensions. An important aspect, then where and how water will go. From this depends on the type of installation of the siphon. The optimal will be the option with a drain device closer to the wall or in the corner. On the form of a lumber can be rectangular, rounded. This parameter is selected individually, the choice depends on personal preferences.

The depth of the washing machine depends on the parameters of the shell. If the width of the sink washing is 50 cm, then the depth of the device is 36 cm. When the sink is wider, for example, 60 cm, then the depth can already be 50 cm. If still the pipe does not fit, you will need additional work on the construction of a small deepening in the wall.


Pre-step before installing the equipment will collect data for future work. It will be necessary to produce all measurements and marking. It will be necessary to go to the store and purchase either the finished set, or first the machine, and then the sink. After all, the sink will have to perform somewhere on 4 cm above the device.

Measurements will help to imagine how the finished set will look like, Yes, and besides there are some rules to violate it is undesirable. So, the siphon should be placed above the floor by 60 cm. Drain Cannot be installed above the machine. When all measurements and markup are made, all parts of the kit are purchased, you can directly move to the installation of the shell. When using a siphon for a sink under a washing machine, you need to mount the check valve into a drainage for drain, and the hose itself is consolidated by clamps. Drain nozzles are best placed at some distance from the machine.

When the installation of the sink comes to an end, you can go to the siphon. All connecting details need to be lubricated with silicone. Drain hose fasten together with a siphon pipe using a clamp. Fasten the pipe of the siphon to the pipe. To seal gaskets use sealant. The main thing is that the siphon is set above the holes of the sewer tube. Next, you can go to the installation of technology. You should adjust the position of the machine with its legs. Connect all communications. When installing the machine, you should clearly follow the instructions instructions.

Operating and Care Tips

The washing machine under the sink is almost no different from ordinary devices, except for sizes and sometimes a limited number of programs and revolutions during annealing.

Therefore, it is necessary to exploit it in the same way as other cars, the care of it will be the same.

  • It is necessary to maintain cleanliness and order both outside and inside the apparatus.
  • Each time after washing it is no means that the following procedure will be: wipe all rubber cuffs, hatch and drum first wet, and then dry napkin. After leaving the door of the machine open to ventilation.

  • It should be monitoring any foreign objects that so often accumulate in your pockets, did not get into the machine.
  • If water is tough, then the use of special tools that would soften it. And in no case can deterrely use detergents (powders, bleaching) unpredictable machine gun.
  • If there is a non-standard siphon and horizontal drain, then it is necessary to clean the pipes more often.

Washing machine under the sink will help to achieve the organization of practical and stylish space. It will become an integral appliance that will noticeably simplify life. And at the same time it will not interfere in the passage, and compactly settled under the sink.

Modern models of washing machines – reliable and loyal assistants who will serve not one year. You can choose a compact model in top online stores “M Video” and “El Dorado”.

About sets consisting of washing machine and sink, look in the following video.

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