Washing Machine Press Sports: Description, Principle of Work and Features Settings

About how to use the washing machine knows each of its owner. But about the structure of the construction is not aware of any. In order to know how to independently eliminate one or another problem, it is worth knowing the location of the parts and their functions, for example, the pressostat. The normal functioning of the aggregate and the quality of washing depends on this part.


Machine Press Sature – This is a device that monitors water volume in the tank. The main task of the device is Determination of the amount of fluid on the pressure of its post. The relay has a disk view, inside which is a air chamber with wires and tube. From the number of washing modes, which are characterized by the machine, the complexity of the press space design depends.

Relay can be simple and complex type. To all of each other, electronic sensors are distinguished by its core and membrane rigidity.

For this reason, the press service from one unit does not necessarily function in another. The sensor produces high quality plastic, usually it looks like a detail of a rounded shape. Need a mechanism for the proper functioning of the washing machine and high quality washing. This simple mechanical node consists of such elements:

  • frame;
  • inductor;
  • magnetic core;
  • a diaphragm that changes the form under the influence of water pressure and shifts the core;
  • Group of contacts.

    Electronic fluid level sensor can be in the following parts of the unit.

    1. Under the top cover In the washing machines of the classic type, where there is an anterior door to load things.
    2. At the bottom under the tank In a technique that is characterized by a vertical type of linen load.
    3. In the area of ​​the housing, Slightly below the linen container is located in those machines that have plastic drums.

    Principle of operation

    In each automatic unit for washing the linen there is a water level control sensor. It is he who serves an electrical signal to control the washing machine in the form of information about the presence or absence of fluid in the tank, which will be used for the procedure for cleaning things in one mode or another. During water from entering the unit, there is an increase in pressure in the pipe and the sensor chamber.

    Due to the sensitivity of the membrane, the rod rises, afterwards that it presses on the contact plate from the spring with the mechanism.

    When water in the tank reaches a certain level, switching to the upper position occurs, while the lamellae electrical cap is closed. In the case of draining water, pressure decreases. In this case, the rod is lowered to the lower position, like the contact plate. As in the previous case, the electrical chain is broken.

    Signs of malfunction

    It is possible to determine the crash of the press space of the washing machine using the error code that is displayed on the display. There are also other signs that the water level sensor is broken.

    Cycle repetition

    Due to the fact that the mechanism of controlling the water level is broken, its incorrect operation is occurring or stopping. Wherein Commands come to the control panel. In this case You need to turn off the unit and replace the pressostat.

    Does not gain water

    In some cases, there are situations when the water set does not occur in the machine, but the procedure itself is started. This may happen When contacting the contact in the “Full” position or automatic launch of dry washing.

    Low quality washing

    Poor-quality washing of dirty things occurs in the case of, When there is not enough liquid in the tank, and the press service is adjusted to low pressure. To correct the situation, it is worth helping the spring with an adjusting screw.

    Water remains

    In the drum can remain fluid for some reason. One of them is the malfunction of the water level sensor and the elements that it accompany it.

    In some cases, at the end of the washing process, the drain of a dirty liquid is not completely occurring, and at the same time a new water is fence.

    The smell of burning

    If there is no water in the washing machine or the smell of burnt appeared, it may indicate about the breakdown of the press cost or pump. In this case, the program launches the washing procedure, the TEN warms the fluid, and the absence of water in the tank leads to the launch of the heating device fuse.

    Diagnostics and configuration

    Each owner of the washing machine – the machine will be useful to know how to check, set up, ring, adjust its press service. Before independently checking the performance and adjust the sensor, it is necessary to clarify whether the unit is under warranty. If so, then when unauthorized interference of warranty service can be forgotten. The sequence of work lies in the following actions:

    • Removing the power cord from the outlet;
    • dismantling the upper panel by removing two small screws located on the back wall and the shift of the back-forward panel;
    • the detection of the pressostat, which is located on one of the housing walls;
    • removing the connector, the release of the screw, pull out the hanging sensor from the machine;
    • Splitting of the clamp and removal of the instrument with pliers.

    Before checking the adjustment of the device, it is worth estimating the performance of the press. To this end, it is worth preparing a piece of rubber tube, as on the relay.

    After the device is extracted from a washing machine, it is connected to a small pipe. After that, it is necessary to pour it into it, thereby understand whether clicking is happening inside the sensor when pressure change. If there is no click, then the press service is considered good. To verify the health of the water level sensor using the hardware method, namely the multimeter, you will need to perform such activities:

    • preparation of the device for determining resistance;
    • the premises of the probe on the contacts that correspond to the pressost power supply;
    • Pressure formation in the air tube until the relay will work for a certain contact.

      If there is no change in the resistance value during the trigger, then the water level sensor should be changed. In the case when the entire verification has shown that the mechanism is in good condition, it will not be superfluous. The procedure is carried out by attaching the tube to the sensor and its estimates for tightness.

      Configure and adjust the mechanism at home can be in the case when the user does not suit the fluid level in the drum. Liquid volume can be made more or less, adjusting the power of the sensor. Prior to the start of the adjustment procedure, you will need to turn off the unit from the power supply. To do this, remove the top cover, and disconnect the connector from the relay.

      The press service has 3 adjusting screws, they can be visually determined by the presence of color components in the slot.

      The required screw, which manages the primary force, is usually located in the central part of the relay housing. This item is usually made under a crusade screwdriver as well as an asterisk. Performing the sensor stands in the case when the tank is empty. The process is carried out in stages with the presence of intermediate, visual inspections of the water level:

      • turning the key – assembly;
      • Connection – Testing and T. D.

      1 time it is recommended to turn the screw only half the turnover and no more. Check, shift, setting the pressostat only in the presence of at least elementary basic knowledge of the theory. If there is no experience in this process, it is better to entrust the procedure to a professional.

      Features repair

      The press service works according to a specific scheme that does not constitute anything complex. The owner of the washing machine can independently clean the pipe, remove the sensor or make the replacement of the device. The broken water level sensor can cause a serious washing machine malfunction. If the user was unable to clean or repair the item in a timely manner, such problems may appear:

      • will cease to gain water;
      • worsen the spin of wedged linen;
      • Over time, a TEN will burn;
      • Lingerie will be poorly charged;
      • The tank will overflow water.

        With the frivolous breakdowns of the press, you should not buy a new mechanism, to help this situation can configure the old device. The sensor replacement is carried out as follows.

        • Extraction of the old relay by disconnecting wiring, hoses. The procedure should be carried out with special accuracy to avoid unwanted damage. After that, unscrew the fastening bolts, which fixed the housing.
        • Installation of a new relay. The design is screwed with bolts to the place where the old. After that, the hose is fixed to it and mount the wiring.

        The owner of the unit should be remembered that the sensor is worth buying an original or identical to the old factor.

        Before installing a new relay, it is worth checking out its performance in advance. Immediately after repair work, you need to check in several laundry laundry modes. In order to prevent the pillar of the press, Experts recommend listening to the following advice.

        1. Do not use the washing machine at idle. Before the start of washing, the drum is filled with liquid more than half. If the device is empty, the sensor will soon break.
        2. Wipe. For a high-quality procedure for cleansing linen, the temperature of the liquid should not be greater than 45 degrees.
        3. On a regular basis to practice drain. So that the water from the tank merged without obstacles, the cleaning of the plum should be carried out once for 30 days.

        Each washing machine is equipped with a press space that is responsible for the water level in the drum. In some cases, the relay breakdown is possible, after which it will be necessary to carry out its repair or urgent replacement. If you check or replace the owner is difficult, then It is better to use the services of professionals. To increase the service life of household appliances, as well as its details, it is recommended to use the machine strictly according to the instructions that the manufacturer offers.

        About how the press service is arranged, look next.

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