Washing machine hits the current: causes and ways to eliminate the problem

Household appliances are designed to solve certain tasks in the daily life of a person. For example, the washing machine erases linen, and the iron helps to turn it out. Thus, life in everyday life becomes easier. However, the same devices can carry some danger to the user. It happens that the washing machines beat a person to the current, which can not only harm health, but also very dangerous for life.


Washing machine – automatic sometimes beats the current not only when washing, but also when turned on into the outlet. Electricity damage in most cases occurs when the unit is connected to the network, but does not function.

To the main reasons for lesion, the current washing machine include several factors.

  • Connecting an aggregate with violations of PUE requirements, for example, With lack of grounding.
  • Fault of external electrical wiring or outlet with poor-quality contacts of protective wires. As a result, the electropotential passes to the housing through which man is transmitted.
  • Damage to insulation wires or the presence of a breakdown of electrical elements in the inner part of the machine, which entails electric current leakage on the unit of the unit.
  • Unsuitable conditions for work, which are expressed in high humidity, the presence of worn items.
  • Faulty Uzo. As a result, current leakage takes place in the electrical circuit, but it does not work the protective shutdown.


The washing unit can strike the bathroom, as well as in any other room both in the on and off state. Depending on what place and under what conditions was the first electric shock, the main problems of the technique are determined. In other words, on features you can find out the cause.

So, if you hit the current:

  • During touching the unit of the unit, they say about contacting the housing with the source of the charge;
  • During the extraction of things from the drum – insulation of an electric motor, which rotates the drum;
  • When walking on a concrete base near the wash machine – a current leakage from the housing or other part of the power grid to the floor;
  • During the inclusion of water – poor insulation, flowing charge through water or a faulty system of potential equation.

How to eliminate?

New household appliances can hit the current in the case of its incorrect connection to the power supply. To prevent the situation on the shield, you need to highlight a separate line with a connected socket and the UZO.

The user must remember that to start eliminating any breakdown should be on the electrical network disabled.

Beats current when not working

If the washing machine does not function, but at the same time beats an electric shock outside the case, it may be associated with a number of reasons.

  • Problem contacts in the outlet. To eliminate the problem, you will need to pull the plug out of the outlet, de-energize the home network and recover the connections node or replacing the spoiled parts.
  • Isolated part of the wire or feed cord. In this situation, the cord is nicknamed, as well as inner isolation. Do not forget about changing spoiled electrical wiring.
  • Show start keys or control blocks. As a result of such malfunctions on the metal case, voltage may occur. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the front panel of the washing unit, repair the problems or replace the damaged parts.
  • Faulty network filter. To repair the filter, it will be necessary to make it analysis on the details and eliminate the breakdown. If it is impossible to repair, it is worth changing the item to a new.
  • The unit is in the raw room, so condensate is possible. The latter, in turn, directs the electric current from the power chain on the machine body. To eliminate the problem, you should move the equipment to another room where there is good moisture protection.

Shock when washing, water does not heat

The reason why in the process of man washing is striking the current, and the water remains cold, is a TEN. Most likely, this detail of the car is broken. To correct the situation, it is worth disassembling the unit, remove the TEN and change it to the new.

The case hits the current, the unit does not start

There are cases when the drum of the washing machine does not start after pressing the power button, but the person is affected by the current. The reason for such a situation is likely to be hidden in insulation disorders either. The device will need to disassemble, remove the old engine and replace it.

Experts argue that it is impractical in this situation to repair the burnt engine in this situation.

Hits the current near the washing unit

If water leak occurs in the unit, and the wire is deformed, then a person can get an electric blow near the typewriter. First of all, the owner will have to find a contact place. It can be both wire and housing. Then you need to spend high-quality isolated problem areas, thereby eliminating current leakage. As a result, the machine will cease to strike through the liquid.

As experience shows, the exception of all the factors of damage to the current through the washing unit is almost impossible. However, you can protect yourself and your family from the unpleasant situation in the following ways.

  • Mending. In order to connect ground, at the wire laying stage, it is worth installing another wire of protection, which is paired from the shield to each of the outlets. Thanks to such events, the electric potential from the body of the machine will be sent to the ground, and not in humans.
  • Installation of Uzo. Since the washing unit is usually in a kind of room with a high level of humidity, the optimal option for the safety of living will be the installation of a machine, which responds to an increase in charge even with a slight closure. If the technique starts to beat the current, the UZO will be able to turn off the machine. To protect the washing machine, it is worth purchasing models with a current cut-off 10 and 30 mA. For old cars, it is better to acquire the second version of the equipment.

Alternatively, in order for the car to stop the current, you can sit in the inside of the hair dryer. In addition, experts recommend turning off the unit from the electrical network between washers. This event, of course, causes inconvenience, but will save from defeat.

What can not do?

The owners of washing machines should know the events that should not be done if the washing machine breaks through the current.

If there is no grounding, Moving the plug in the outlet will not bring a positive outcome. The unit operates from the AC network, so the polarity change for it does not play any role.

Rug from rubber near washing equipment will also not protect against shock. The thing is that the electric potential will not disappear anywhere, so the user can get an electric blow, touching the unit of the unit or other parts.

Turning off the network filter will not help. This part of the washing unit takes electricity to the body of equipment. However, in the usual mode, its voltage is considered safe and is not felt by a person.

Grounding the body of the machine to the heating system will not only create a threat to people who live in the apartment, but in the whole house. Grounding should be exposed only to a special conductor.

The danger of being affected by electric current may be present when using any electrical instrument, including a washing machine. Since this is a dangerous situation, then it is worth solving the problem immediately after detection. Specialists who can easily find the source of the problem can easily help in this situation. And it is also possible to correct the situation personally, but only if there are certain knowledge and experience.

Each owner may notice that the problems with electricity entail household appliances. If the washing machine began to beat the current, it is necessary to ground it with a wire with a cross section of 4 mm2, and for additional security, mount the UZO.

About solving the problem of blows of the washing machine, see further.

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