Washing Machine Door Repair

The washing machine has long ceased to be awesome. She is almost in every home. People are accustomed to enjoy it, thus simplifying inevitable household worries. However, such a technique, despite reliability and functionality, may be subject to different sorts of breakdowns. In this article we will find out what to do if the problem touched the door of the device.

Possible problems

Even the highest quality and reliable devices may break. Various knots are susceptible to breakdowns. Often you have to repair the door of the hatch technology.

Consider what problems most often arise with this important part of the aggregate.

  • If you carelessly clap the door of the hatch, you can break the glass.
  • The latch is often broken down by the detail under consideration – in most cases it cries when the door closes.
  • Loop supports made from plastics.
  • Door pen leaves.

If you encountered such problems, do not panic. The main thing is to identify a malfunction in time, and then stock all the necessary details and proceed to a fairly simple repair.

What you need?

In the repair of the door of the hatch machine you will need Good screwdriver. With it, you will be able to unscrew all the necessary nodes, as well as spin the removable parts and fragments of the unit. Here it is worth clarifying Perfectly suitable type of bits used. Imported models of washing machines in many cases use, in addition to simple crusades, sprockets of various diameters, as well as curly profiles. They should be kept at hand. May have to be stocking special extension cords for bits.

How to renovate?

Device, the door of the hatch of which broke, can be repaired independently. Usually there is nothing supernatural in carrying out such works. Consider how you can “return to life” with your own hands. The damaged door of the hatch in the case of.

Malfunction UBL

If unexpectedly stopped working the Luke lock device, it may mean that It was very clogged. It will take to disassemble the element and see if there are some obstacles. If any, then the item must be cleaned. There are cases when Iplot ceases to function normally due to overheating. With such a problem, restore the affected parts will not be able to restore.

To remove the old and damaged device, and then install a new spare part in its place, you need to use 2 screwdrivers: slotted and cross. The procedure will be the following.

  • Carefully Patty Homut a screwdriver of a slotted type and Remove it.
  • Remove part of the cuff in the castle mount area. Do it carefully not to damage any detail.
  • Unscrew a couple of screws, which perform the function of blocking parts.
  • Get your hand out of the design you need and Torn chuck.
  • Then you can Install a new UBL, Arching it into the inside of household appliances. Securely screw the fixing screws.
  • Return the cuff For the same place.
  • Secure the cuff using 2 screwdrivers. If all actions have been completed correctly, all items must work properly.

Problem with latch

If the door of the hatch machine broke, first check the condition of the castle. That the problem lies in this part, may indicate the lack of a characteristic clicking sound at the time of closing. On the lever, which is included in the hole, can appear. It is because of them that the device risks stopped normally close. It will take carefully to unscrew the door and put on a flat surface. It is better to prepare a free table for this. Get rid of jar with a conventional file.

Pre-apply special graphite lubricant, after which you carefully remove all excess so as not to spoil the underwear during washing.

Will remain back to install the door.

If the latch is strongly deformed, it is easier to change to a new one, rather than try to repair. There may be a lot of time to a similar procedure – there are no guarantees that work will be effective. Better to spend a little and find a new proper detail of a suitable modification.

Sometimes the “root of the problem” is hidden at all in the latch, but in weak fasteners and loops. In such a situation, we just need to competently adjust the position of the hatch itself, so that the latch is easier to enter the desired hole.

Glass damage

If the glass item in the door is removable, then you can order a new one and silently set to the right place. This is the easiest way out. If there is no possibility to get the glass from the door, you will have to resort to repair damaged machine parts. To do this, it is necessary to prepare an epoxy or polyester resin.

Enclose polyethylene to the frontal half of the glass with a scotch. Try not to leave a single gap. Damaged area Hide a special reinforcing ribbon, which is usually used for plastering. Prepare the resin: Mix the base and hardener in the specified proportions.

Carefully pour the mixture into a damaged area and wait for the polymerization of the composition. A day later, you can remove the film. Remove the remaining leaks using the sandwich sheet. If you did everything right, the glass will look like new.

Breakfast plastic support

Even in the most high-quality and reliable washing machines, plastic over time will inevitably deteriorate and is strongly wearing, especially if we use technique with disregard. In the event of a breakdown of the supporting elements, the hatch may be faced loosely, provoking the most risk of flooding.

If you notice that the plastic part is spoiled, Remove it and fix the damaged part with the help of vice. The diameter of the nail should be 4 mm. Subscribe it to the required length, if there is a need. Drill through the through hole in the support, the size of which will be 3.8 mm. Hold the nail with pliers and heat up to 180 degrees. Next, insert it done by the hole and wait 3 minutes while the fastener does not cool. After that, it will only be left to assemble the sash back and put on the previous place.

Breakdown handle

Usually the handle on the door is made of plastic, so Repair it at home is not possible. To replace the damaged item, you will have to disassemble the existing design: you need to remove the door of the hatch, unscrew the screws that hold plastic rims. After that, you can install a new suitable handle.

Dissake fixing tongue or loops on the door

If with an effort to put on the door of the hatch, you can bend or completely break the holding loop. Also the reason for this problem can be Initially incorrect installation of the apparatus, when it vibrates strongly and “trembles” during washing.

Often, low-quality components produced from weak materials lead to the problems under consideration.

Look and appreciate the scale of skew. If possible, adjust the location of the loop, slightly twisting the bolts. If you have noticed that the breakdown is more serious – under the blow of the bearings and finishing of the sash, you will have to change the loop.

  • First you need to remove the door with a washing machine.
  • Next, you will need to unscrew all the connecting screws and disassemble the door.
  • Dispatternize the decorative flanges, and then get the glass. If the plastic spare parts of the hatch received damage, they can also be changed to new.
  • Most situations, hinge bearings and hinge are subjected to breakdowns. Listed spare parts will need to be pulled out from the device and change.
  • Assembly must be made in reverse order.

If you do everything right, and the door of the hatch is not blocked, it means that The case is in the crochet fixation. He can’t get into the castle hole. This may be due to the displacement or strong wear of the iron rod, which is responsible for fixing the tongue in the correct position. Breakdown can be subjected to the tongue itself.

To cope with such faults, It will be necessary to disassemble the door of the hatch in the above method and see the scale of damage. If the rod is lightly bent or jumped out of the retaining groove, it is better to correct the spare part and fix it in the right place. Be sure to put a new rod if he broke. After completing such repairs, you will see that the tongue should start working correctly.

If a hook is broken in the device of the castle of the washing machine, which is responsible for fixing, it is better to completely change the handle to the new.

    If independent repair work you spend afar, even despite their simplicity, it is better to call experienced repairmen. Specialists will quickly fix a faulty door.

    In the next video you will learn how to open a washing machine and change the broken handle.

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