Wash washing machines

Washing machine – an indispensable assistant in everyday life for any person. Just imagine how much time and strength you would spend on washing clothes, bed linen and T. NS. In this article we will talk about the “wave”, its features, as well as the intricacies of operation and independent repair.

Wash washing machines

Wash washing machines


The washing machine “Wave” is considered an outdated model, because its production was launched back in the distant 1959. But at the same time it is still in demand, because it has several undoubted advantages:

  • reliability of the design;
  • High quality used when assembling parts;
  • price availability;
  • good purification indicators of any fabrics when washing;
  • Easy use.

Of course there are disadvantages:

  • There are only two washing modes: normal and careful;
  • No additional features.

Wash washing machines

Wash washing machines

    “Wave” refers to the semi-automatic type of electric washing machines. Its internal device is very simple. In essence, it consists of a washing tank, centrifuge and electric motor.

    The laundry laundry container is made of anti-corrosion alloy (stainless steel). This favorably distinguishes these samples (as, however, all the Soviet models) from most modern models, in which the washing tanks are made of plastic, because metal parts are stronger and more durable plastic.

    To prevent clogging of the insides, the machine on the bottom there is a small mesh that performs the filter functions.

    Wash washing machines

    Review models

    Two models are presented on the market: “Wave-M” and “Wave-2M”. For greater clarity, their specifications are shown in the table.




    Start of release


    1975 year

    Dimensions, see

    82 * 70 * 45

    72.5 * 68.7 * 41

    The volume of washing tank, l



    Pressing Function



    Weight, kg



    Drum rotation speed when washing, rpm



    The speed of rotation of the centrifuge during annealing, rpm



    Electric motor

    Single-phase, asynchronous Aolog-22-4c

    Two motors: separately for washing and pressed


    Washing or spin up to 2 kg of linen

    Washing and spin to 2 kg of linen

    Wash washing machines

    Wash washing machines

    As can be seen from the given data, two models do not differ much from each other. Naturally, the later “wave-2m” is considered better, because the designers managed to optimize the weight and dimensions of the unit, without losing as.

    How to start?

    The startup process is very simple. For starters need Connect the machine to the power supply network by inserting the plug into the outlet.

    Next step – Selection of washing mode. As already mentioned above, the “wave” 2 modes: straight (ordinary) and reversible (careful). Depending on the type of fabric, choose the right position. Load underwear (one product!) in the tank and pour washing powder.

    Then need Set the time of washing, Turning the timer lever to the desired number of divisions. That’s all. After the date you specified, the machine will automatically stop.

    Wash washing machines

    Wash washing machines

    Repair with your own hands

    Like any technique, this washing machine may have problems. Most often, they can also be eliminated independently, without causing repair masters. In this you will very help the instruction manual, which describes the main malfunctions, the reasons for their occurrence and correction methods.

    It happens like this: you lost the user’s manual or when buying from hands did not receive it for any reason … in this case You need to read a brief “clip” from it below.

    As a rule, the main problem arising from the operation of the washing machines of the brand “Wave” – Output of electric motor, hearts of any technique. Or, as an option, strong overheating when working. Also may fail the device control panel or power cord.

    The last option is the easiest to repair – you only need to replace the old cable to the new.

    Wash washing machines

    In the other two cases described above, you need to act, adhering to a certain sequence of steps.

    • Before disassembling the unit, you need to turn it off from the power supply. Next, make a dismantling of the machine, spreading all the fastening bolts. Disassemble the device for composite elements: tank, motor, centrifuge, control panel. Tester ring all wires. If somewhere there is no response, then there was a breakdown in this place.
    • If the engine is faulty, the easiest way to replace it with a similar, connecting it by electrical circuit. If you think you can repair the motor, try. Find on the market outdated Aolog-22-4c is not so easy.
    • If, when starting the engine, it starts to heat them hard, check the bearings – perhaps the reason in their worn. Replace them if it is so. Also, the cause of overheating may be a reduction in the distance between the rotor and the stator, as a result of which they begin to touch each other. There is another option – an increased capacity of the starting electroconduator. Test the operation of the motor in the case of a disconnected capacitor – if there is no overheating, the reason for it. It is necessary to reduce the capacity of this element.

    Wash washing machines

    Wash washing machines

    If the malfunction is eliminated, connect the motor and assemble the washing machine. Check out of idle work, without loading linen. Everything is fine? You can boldly wash.

    Overview of the washing machine “Wave” See in the following video.

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