Vertical loading washing machines: pros and cons, best models

Models of automatic washing machines are divided into 2 groups according to the load type that happens vertical and frontal. Each view has its advantages and some drawbacks to pay attention to, making a choice when buying this home appliance.

More recently, all the washing machines – the machine had a front load, but today it is possible to become the owner of a modern model with a vertical construct. What are the features and advantages of machines with top-loading – we will tell about this in our article.

Features of the device

Washing machines with vertical loading machines are equipped as part of a complete set for work for work with nodes and mechanisms.

  • Electronic control unit. With his participation, the automatic control function and action of all electromechanisms of the machine. Through the control unit, the user selects the desired option and the program, the hatch cover is also open after stopping all programs, the washing, rinse and spinning process is performed. The commands of the control unit are supplied by means of a control panel located on the upper part of the washing machine housing, together they constitute a single software system.
  • Engine. In a washing machine with top loading, both electric and inverter engine can be used. Equipment inverter at washing machines began to be performed not so long ago, previously engines were equipped with microwave furnaces and air conditioners. Since the installation of inverter engines in washing machines, the quality of this technique has become higher, as the inverter, compared to the conventional electric motor, is much longer due to the resistance of wear.
  • Tubular heating element. With it, water is heated to a temperature that corresponds to the washing program.
  • Drum for linen. It has the type of capacity from stainless steel stamps or high-strength plastic types. Inside the tank there are ribs, with the help of stirring of things during their washing. At the back of the tank there is a cross and a shaft that rotates the design.
  • Pulley drum. On the shaft, which is attached to the drum, mounted the wheel made of alloy of light metal, for example, aluminum. The wheel in conjunction with the drive belt is required to rotate the drum. The maximum number of revolutions during annealing directly depends on the magnitude of this pulley.
  • Drive belt. It transmits torque from the electric motor to the drum. Belts are made of materials such as rubber, polyurethane or nylon.
  • Water heating tank. It is made of durable polymer plastic or stainless steel. Varieties of vertical washing machines are found tanks mounted from two parts. They are collapsible, it facilitates their service, and if necessary, repair.
  • Counterweight. This item is a spare part of a piece of polymer or concrete. It is needed to balance the balancing of the tank in the washing process.
  • Water supply and drain system. It includes a drain pump with nozzles and hoses – one connects to the water supply pipe, and the other is adjacent in the sewage.

In addition to large working knots, there are springs and shock absorbers in any vertical loading machine, which are necessary in order to compensate for the vibration when the drum is promoting around its axis.

In addition, there is a water level relay, there is a thermal sensor that regulates the heating level of water, there is a network interference filter and so on.

Pros and cons

The structural features of automatic washing machines with vertical load have certain advantages and its shortcomings.

Positive sides are.

  • Compact dimensions. Machines with top-loading can be placed in the bathroom of small sizes, since when using such an eye version, it will not be necessary to think about where to find the space to work the door to open freely. In the interior, these cars look a little attention and do not attract unnecessary attention. Capacity in terms of linen they have no less than the frontal analogs, and the vertical load does not affect the vertical load. But this technique has a much smaller weight, and during the work of these cars quiet and almost silent.
  • If for some reason you need to stop the washing process and Open drum, In the vertical car you can make it well, And the water will not fall on the floor and the cycle of its drain into the sewer will not turn on. It is also convenient because you always have the opportunity to make additional things in the drum.
  • Vertical load has the convenience of placing in her linen – You do not have to go squatting or leaning in front of the machine. In addition, if necessary, you can easily visually inspect the drum and the state of the rubber cuff-seal.
  • The control panel is located at the top, Therefore, small children will not be able to reach it and even see the control buttons.
  • Vertical design At the moment of pressing vibrates much less and for this reason creates less noise.
  • Machine is very resistant to overloads of linen. Even if it happened, the bearings on which the drum is attached, hold hard and minimize the possibility of breakdowns of this important node.

Among the disadvantages of the design, the following.

  • The car with which the lid opens up, It will not work in the kitchen set or use any items to place it.
  • The price of vertical loading machines is higher than that of frontal analogs – The difference reaches 20-30%.
  • In low-cost vehicles There is no option called “Baraban Parking”. This means that when you stop the washing cycle and open the lid, you will have to manually rotate the drum to get to his sash.

Advantages of vertical loading machines are much more than flaws, and for someone, these shortcomings may be completely insignificant. And on the quality of washing machines with different types of downloads, do not differ at all from each other.

Principle of operation

Description of the work of the washing machine comes down to the following sequential operations.

  • On the cover of the machine there is a compartment, where the powder and air conditioning are placed in front of the washing. Inside the drum, the detergents will get along with a jet of water passing through this compartment.
  • After the underwear is loaded, the drum sash is snapping and closed the door of the machine. Now it remains to choose the washing program and turn on the start. From this point on, the car door will be blocked.
  • Next, the machine will open the electromagnetic valve, and cold water from the water supply system will rush to the tank for heating. It will be heated, it will be smoothly to the temperature, which is provided for by the washing program you chose. As soon as the temperature sensor trigs when the desired heating is reached, and the water level sensor will notice that the water is typed enough, the laundry washing process will begin to rotate the drum.
  • At a certain point, the washing machine will need to drain soap water, which the unit makes using a hose connected to the sewerage. The hose is a corrugated tube, length from 1 to 4 meters. It is connected on one side to the drain pump, and on the other hand to the sewer tube. Drain and a new set of water followed by heating occurs several times, the duration of the process depends on the selected program. The operation of the drain pump is regulated by an electric sensor.
  • After performing the washing machine, the car sails water, and the water level sensor will report to the central control unit that the drum is empty, This will serve as a rinse process activation signal. At this point, the electromagnetic valve will open, the car will receive a portion of pure water. Now the water jet will again pass through the compartment with detergents, but through the compartment with air conditioning for linen. The engine will drive the drum, the rinse will begin, the duration of which depends on the program you chose.
  • Using a pump, water will merge, but then again come from the water supply system to repeat the rinsing cycle. The rinsing process occurs for several cyclic repetitions. Then the water merges into the sewage, and the machine goes into spinning mode.
  • The spin is carried out by rotating the drum on large turns. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the underwear presses to the walls of the drum, and water is pushed out of it, leaving the drain system through the drum holes. Next, water with a pump pump is sent to the drain hose, and from there – in the sewer. It is noteworthy that the engine straight-wheel drive machines perform their work much quieter than their analogues with the belt system.
  • After the washing cycle is finished, the machine turns off, but the door opening is 10-20 seconds will be blocked. After that, you can open the door, unbutton drum and remove clean linen.

Modern technologies allowed to supply the latest models of washing machines with options at which the underwear after washing is also dried right in the drum.


To facilitate the choice of the model of the washing machine with a vertical load, you need to know which kinds of them are divided.

By functions

The most common features are such.

  • Automatic control over the level of formation of foam. The machine merges the excess part of the water, in which too much detergent is dissolved, and makes a new portion, which reduces the amount of foam, improving the quality of rinsing and preventing foam to enter the control unit.
  • Option of additional rinsing. Before schisp, the machine can perform another rinsing mode, completely removing soap remnants from the linen. This feature is very valuable for people suffering from allergies to detergents.
  • Preliminary soaking. The option allows you to better wash underwear with strong pollution. At the beginning of the washing process underwear wetted, detergents are added to it. Then the soap solution merges – the main washing cycle begins.
  • Water leakage protection function. In disruption of the integrity of the liquid and drain hose, the control system includes a pump that pumps excess moisture, and the maintenance icon appears on the display. During leakage detection, a set of water from the water pipe is blocked.
  • The presence of a fast, delicate and manual washing regime. The function allows you to highlight the lingerie made from any fabrics, even the most thin. At the same time, the machine uses various temperature modes, tank filler water, adjusts the washing time and spin degree.
  • Some models have a timer squeezed launch of the washing process, Which allows you to wash at night when the cost of electricity is lower than during the daytime.
  • Self-Diagnosis. Modern models are displayed on the control display information in the form of code indicating the presence of a malfunction.
  • Protection against children. The option blocks the control panel, with the result that a small child will not be able to bring down the program settings and change the washing process.

Some manufacturers of washing machines add exclusive functions.

  • Bubble wash. Its essence lies in the fact that underwear in the drum is exposed to multiple air bubbles. The drum is equipped with a special bubble pulsator. Bubble cars are better abandoned things, as air bubbles are mechanically affected by the fabric and can thoroughly dissolve washing powder.
  • Function Turbosushki. It carries out linen under the action of turbocharged hot air.
  • Washing with ferry. The option occurs infrequently, but it will be completely able to replace your dry cleaning services, as it eliminates pollution without using detergents. With this function, the laundry does not need to boil – steam perfectly disinfects and dissolves persistent contaminants, but delicate fabrics to handle hot steam not recommended.

It is worth noting that the presence of such functions affects the cost of the washing machine to the side of the increase.

By capacity

The performance of the washing machine depends on its load. Household models have the opportunity Simultaneously wash from 5 to 7 kilograms of linen, but there are more powerful aggregates, Capacity of which reaches 10 kg. In terms of capacity, loading is subdivided into minimal, that is, equal to 1 kg, and the maximum, meaning the limiting capabilities of the machine. The overload of the drum leads to its increased vibration and wear of the bearing system.

By washing and pressed classes

Evaluation of the washing class is performed by examining the prototype after washing for the remaining contaminants. All models of one brand are tested in equal terms, and then they are assigned a class having a labeling from a to g. The best models are the car With the class of washing but who possesses the overwhelming majority of modern washing machinery.

Express class evaluation is performed by taking into account the speed of rotation of the drum and the effectiveness of the spent efforts that manifest themselves to the degree of linen. Classes are marked the same – letters from A to G. Indicator A corresponds to the level of residual humidity equal to no more than 40%, the G is equal to 90% – this is considered the worst option. The cost of the washing automatic machine depends largely on which the washing class and pressed it belongs to. Low class level matches cheap devices.

In size

Vertical load contributes to the fact that the machines of this species are small and compact. There are non-standard activator models that have a horizontal tank. Such models are much wider than their feasures, but they are found on sale very rarely and are in demand, since most often it is semi-automatic.

By way of control

Management in washing machines is performed by mechanical or electronically.

  • Mechanical system – is carried out by using the handles, the rotation of which in the direction of the clockwise direction allows you to select the desired option.
  • Electronic control – It is performed using buttons or touch panels, which greatly simplifies the process of selecting the washing mode, but increases the cost of the machine.

The developers of washing machines believe that management should be the most simple and understandable for the user. For this reason, most modern models have an electronic management model.


The washing machine machine with top loading is a small design that can easily fit even in the most cramped conditions of small bathrooms. The standard parameters of the vertical loading device are the following values:

  • The width is from 40 to 45 cm;
  • In height, the car is 85-90 cm;
  • The depth of the vertical models is 35-55 cm.

If you compare this technique with front-loading analogs, the difference will be very significant.

How to choose?

Defined with the choice of a washing machine, attention should be paid to the following important points:

  • Rate the size of the space where it is planned to install the machine and choose the type of download;
  • Select the washing class and spin, as well as determine the power consumption of the device;
  • Make a list of options that the car should have;
  • Find out the desired type of drive and the location of the drum;
  • Select the required load of linen.

The next step will be Determination of the price range of the desired model and the choice of brand.


Assortment of the selection of models of washing machines with a vertical load typeToday is diverse I Posted by various manufacturers and their brands:

  • Korean – SAMSUNG, DAEWOO, LG;
  • Italian – Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston, Ardo, Zanussi;
  • French – Electrolux, Brandt;
  • American – Waytag, Frigidairi, Whirlpool.

The most reliable and modern are the machines of the production of Korea and Japan. Brands of these manufacturers’ countries are ahead of competitors and surprise us with their innovations.

Best models

The choice of the model of the washing machine – the task is responsible and difficult. This expensive technique should be reliable and multifunctional. We present the highest quality options at a different price and functionality.

  • ELECTROLUX EWT 1276 EOW – This is a premium class French assembly machine. The volume of its load is 7 kg, control is performed using electronics. There are additional washing modes for silk, underwear, down coats and blankets. Model economical consumption. Cost 50-55 000 rub.

  • Zanussi Zwy 51004 WA – model of production of Italy. Load volume is 5.5 kg, electronic control, but there is no display. Washing efficiency – class A, press – class with. Dimensions 40x60x85 cm, works very quiet, has 4 wash modes. The case is partially protected from leaks, there is protection against children. Cost 20,000 rubles.

  • AEG L 56106 TL – The car is made in Germany. Loading volume 6 kg, control electronic using display. Effectiveness of washing – class A, spin up to 1000 rpm., There are 8 washing modes, control of foaming, protecting the case from leaks, the deferred start function. Cost from 40,000 rubles.

  • Whirlpool TDLR 70220 – American model with a load of 7 kg. Control is performed using buttons and swivel handle. Washing class – A, spin class – in. It has 14 washing programs, control of foaming, low noise. The heating element is made of stainless steel. Cost 37-40 000 rub.

Despite the fact that the vertical models are more expensive than the frontal counterparts, they are much safer, more convenient and more compact, as well as the bestly protected from children and do not make noise during the operation of the press option.

How to use?

Before start using a washing machine, You need to read the instructions and follow these steps:

  • dismantle the transport bolts holding the drum springs;
  • adjust the screw legs and install them so that the car stood strictly by horizontal level;
  • If there are irregularities on the floor – under the feet of the machine, an anti-vibration rug is placed;
  • Connect machine hoses to water supply system and sewage.

Only after these preparatory work, you can open the valve of the water supply and fill the tank with water for the first test cycle of washing.

Review reviews

According to marketing professionals, which regularly conduct customer surveys of vertical automated washing machines, the demand for such models has steadily increases. Most owners of such equipment note that Very satisfied with your acquisition and in the future will give preference to models with top loading due to their reliability, compactness and diversity of functionality.

About how to choose a WHIRLPOOL washing machine with a vertical loading machine, look in the following video.

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