Varieties of shower racks with a mixer and top shower

If you are searching for current soul repair solutions in your apartment, a country house or a bath, we bring to your attention a review of shower racks with a mixer and top shower.


The shower rack with the mixer and the top shower has long and firmly entered our life. This is the optimal choice for both the Compact apartment of the city dwellery and a complete set of a guest bathroom in a country house. And we have time to follow from time to time, what innovations in this format are offered engineers and designers.

Consumers love compactness in this decision, practical, convenience, easy installation, intuitive management, quick opportunity to change the mode of use of the soul (for example, from the top shower on a watering can with a flexible hose), a varied design, and most importantly – a large selection of options for configuration, manufacturers and price range.

To begin with, determine your budget. The cost of luxury models of world manufacturers will exceed all your bold expectations, but be sure of your “Moidody” and also will definitely find. Next, follow the design, materials from which the system is made, as well as built-in functions up to the backlight of water jets.

Product design is very diverse: Modern Classic, Minimalism, Retro, Shebbi-Chic, Eco-Style, Ethnics and Other Varieties. Just extract magazines or pictures on the Internet in order to understand what your soul requires today from the appearance of the soul.

This system may be adjusted under all family members, including children.

There are also options where the soul watering can move in the horizontal plane. In addition, showers are often supplied complete with equipment that allows you to contain a shower zone in order: shelves, hooks and other accessories.


The main task of the manufacturer is to provide high anti-corrosion properties of the equipment, which is mounted in wet soul, bathroom, swimming pool or bathroom. So, today a shower rack with a mixer and upper shower can be made of stainless steel and plastics, copper alloys, glass with protective coatings. Especially picky aesthetes can stop their choice on shower racks made of steel and tempered glass, and the watering can be offered to such racks.

We recommend the mixer and top shower made of chrome brass. Perhaps this is the best choice. Next comes stainless steel. Both of these material are durable, products glitter and have long-term corrosion protection. But aluminum rigid vertical racks, which were so common in the 90s of the last century, today in private housing is rare, and we will not discuss their consumer shortcomings.

Pretty wide choice and materials for the shower hose.

  • Antice plastic with increased flexibility and protected edges. It’s pretty convenient to take a shower with him if you keep the watering can in your hands and direct the water jet where.
  • Silicone in a metal braid. Smooth rubber hose are placed in chrome-plated metal corrugation, while it remains very flexible and confidently withstands multiple twisting. When you take a shower, sufficient hose length is very important for comfort and convenience. So, it is desirable that the corrugated hose is at least 2 m in length, which will significantly increase its service time.

  • Material for cartridges of shower systems that mix cold and hot water before serving it. Cartridges are ball and ceramic. At the same time, for shower systems with the top shower, it is recommended to choose a cartridge from ceramics.
  • Type of watering cannon, both at the top soul and manual. In sight and, in fact, styrene-forming elements in your soul, today these details are distinguished by a variety of design and even delight. Overhead can be round, rectangular or square with a diameter of 6 to 40 cm. Like for a hand shower can be the usual classic outlines or innovative (have a cylindrical or parallelepiped form).

It is desirable that the leiba has a regulator to switch water supply modes (narrow-directional flow, massage or “rain”). However, your right to choose the most simple wage configuration – without a regulator and without options. I would like to separately note the shower systems with waterboards type “Tropical shower”. They are durable and very beautiful. This expensive system will give the gloss even the smallest bathroom and provide you with constant pleasure from water procedures.

Do not forget that there is on sale and inexpensive plastic racks. They have the same outdoor appearance, like brass, but they are much cheaper. There are matte or glossy, with a chrome surface.

When choosing a shower system with a rack and upper shower, do not forget to navigate the rigidity of water in your home. Whether it gives a limestone falling, which is so often spoils the appearance of even the highest quality plumbing products, causing again and again change individual nodes? Make your choice based on this fact.

Consider more large selection of shower ensembles.

  • Shower system with a mixer, fixed crane and watering can on a flexible hose. In the shower system with a mixer and a fixed crane and watering can on a flexible hose that performs the function of the upper shower, the rack is the metal rod attached to the wall, on which the watering can be fixed. The most democratic shower solution, which can be additionally equipped with shelves and hooks for bath accessories at its discretion.
  • Shower system with a mixer, fixed crane and top shower on a rigid rack. Shower system with a mixer and a fixed crane and the upper shower on a rigid rack, which simultaneously serves as a pipeline, is the easiest, and therefore the durable version. But it is not very convenient, as static and not designed to adapt to anyone, who decided to take a shower.

  • Shower system with a mixer and top shower on a rigid rack and a flexible hose with watering can. The shower system with the mixer and the upper shower on a tight rack and a flexible hose with a watering can include the top shower of the price category that you allow yourself to afford. For example, enjoy tropical shower from the top soul, whose watering can contain up to 244 water holes.

You can also consider models with a thermostat to maintain the water temperature you choose. The thermostat in turn may not stand out by its appearance, and may have a shelf design. This system has two wages: stationary and movable on a flexible hose. Flexible hose allows you to direct water to where you need. You can even take a shower sitting. With the design of the upper watering can also be interesting solutions: you can change the nozzles and modes to give the jet of the desired force, to change the angle of inclination of the can.

As a rule, it is such systems that are supplied with watering can be equipped with a shower and a tropical shower on a swimsuit. These cans, as a rule, have impressive sizes, round, square or rectangular shapes and beautiful design.

  • Shower system with the mixer and top shower on a rigid rack and a flexible hose with watering can and spill for the bath. The version of the shower system with the mixer and the upper shower on a rigid rack and a flexible hose with watering can and writing for the bath allows both to take a shower and fill the bath from ordinary nose with a switch (“one-handed”, that is, lever). Excellent and at the same time compact option for those who keep in their apartment bath.
  • Shower system with mixer and upper shower hidden in the wall. The shower rack bar is sewn into the wall, the top shower is mounted directly into the wall, the shower control panel is also attached to the wall. Stylish solution for those who prefer minimalism, visually expanding the room and space.
  • Lake, built into the ceiling. Another option capable of diversifying the design of your shower – hidden in the wall shower system with the mixer and the upper shower, which is mounted in the ceiling. There will be a little more water supply hassle to the ceiling can, but this option looks very stylish.

Additional technical solutions

You may enjoy additional technical solutions that can be provided with your shower:

  • Thermostat – a convenient device that supports the temperature of the water, comfortable for you. It will protect both burns and ice water.
  • Aerator – This is a small element built into the mixer for mixing water with air. So the water jet becomes greater and softer, and the reception of the shower is more pleasant. At the same time, at the expense of “inflation”, the flow of water is consumed much less. As a result, we get not only a shower of high comfort, but also savings.
  • Shower leak under bronze with LED backlight. “Mini-power station”, which is also built into the shower system as a headset, due to water current produces energy for LEDs built into a watering can. Many people simply like colored jets of water. And someone even claims that the color therapy session is being taken at the same time.

As we have seen, modern shower solutions have no special flaws. They are comfortable, both in use and price and provide consumers water procedures high-grade.

Installation of the iron rack can be made independently, but better if the column is mounted by a professional. It is better to choose a cabin made in Russia because this product is characterized by high quality.

About how to choose a shower rack, look next.

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