Varieties of shower panels with hydromassage and tropical shower

Almost every person loves to relax in the soul at the end of the working day or cheered in the morning. However, not everyone can afford installation in the bathroom shower. Then output from this situation is to install a shower panel with a mixer and top shower. The main advantage of such a soul is that it is similar to a storm flow in a tropical area due to alternating water drops and air bubbles. The “tropical” soul system is installed at the top of the equipment and, accordingly, the water flow comes from above. These streams of water act on the human body healingly and help him relax.


The “tropical” soul system is installed at the top of the equipment and, respectively, the water flow comes from above. Thanks to the adjustable water droplets, such a system provides comfort when taking a shower. The area and height of the watering can cover the water jet to cover the entire body, and the above thermostat does not allow the possibility of burning.

    The sanitary device with hydromassage has such water supply options:

    • Simple jet;
    • The effect of rain of the middle strength;
    • full stream power;
    • Spraying small moro.


    Modern manufacturers offer four types of shower devices.

    • Panel, where the mixer with watering can be combined in one case. Mainly applied in shower cabins, however can be installed in the bath. Sometimes the controlled hydromassage for the back, the thermostat, radio and lighting and lighting is completed.

    • The rack is equipped with a wage with a large diameter, water is supplied by a simple flexible hose. It is suitable for both bathrooms and cabins.
    • The mixer has a watering can of a much smaller diameter than a rack, due to which it does not consider “tropical” shower. Water flow occurs with the hose or pipe.

    • Lake, which is suitable for “tropical shower”, adapts to a simple mixer. It is in demand, because such a watering can be installed independently.

    But the most common models are considered to be installed at the top panels. They are suitable for the premises of any area.

    Panel Device

    Panel components are housing, mounted equipment and additional components. Some species are made with a soul and seats. For the manufacture of the housing it is considered to be better used acrylic plastic, as it is resistant to temperature drops. Aluminum alloy or glass of various colors are also used. Glass housings are not so durable as the rest, but the appearance is perfect for any interior of the bathroom.

    Inside the device is equipped with one or two cans mounted on a flexible hose, a mixer, a hydromassage of the back, an upper watering can, touch with a liquid crystal display or a mechanical control system.

    Mixers are the following types:

    • With one lever, regulating the mixing of cold and hot water by turning to the sides, lifting the lever up changes the jet pressure;
    • with two levers, of which one is intended for hot water, the other – for the cold, the pressure is adjustable from both.

    Other devices give appearance of attractiveness. They have additional functions for the product. LED or halogen backlight of various colors, as well as the radio receiver positively affect the mood of man. For convenience there is a shelf for detergents and accessories, for recreation – Seat.

    Types of panels

    All models of shower equipment with hydromassage and tropical shower are divided into the following types of installation method:

    • Universal – installed in the corner of the bath or wall surface;
    • embedded in the wall;
    • Corners – installed only in the corner of the bath;
    • wall-mounted – mounted to the wall.

    Equipment used in everyday life differs from the professional number of hydromassage sprayers. Household models have up to eight nozzles, and professional – up to fifteen, for example, as the production of Germany.

    Also panels are characterized by the control system.

    • Mechanical – the simplest and have a small number of functions. The temperature and water pressure is adjustable in manual mode;
    • Electronic – have a touch control system, on the LCD screen displays all the included features, all the equipment control buttons are located.


    The main sizes of shower panels with hydromassage and tropical shower:

    • Long – have a length of about 108 cm;
    • Average devices have a length of about 105 cm;
    • Short – Length can be up to 10-15 cm.

    Pros and cons

    The shower panels became widespread due to most advantages, namely:

    • Devices have many features, you can take any kind of soul;
    • Easy and ease of operation. Additional accessories add comfort;
    • Small dimensions make it possible to install a plumbing device with a “tropical” shower and hydromassage in the smallest baths;

    • Acceptance of a variety of water procedures allows you to distract from all problems;
    • The variety of forms and execution of products allows you to choose the most suitable model for any interior of the bathroom;
    • Small water consumption. For one procedure, up to ten liters is saved;
    • Large diameter of the watering can make it possible to wash all the torso.

    By cons of these systems include their greater cost, given that sometimes you have to change the design of the sewage and water supply. Also, the installation of the product should be done with the help of professionals, which greatly affects financial expenses.

    Select model

    The main manufacturers of these products are companies from Russia, China and Europe. If the equipment is high quality, then the price will be the corresponding. Cheap copies have only a leak of large diameter without additional functions.

      Of all the variety of products, it is difficult to make a choice, but if you follow the advice of specialists, it will be easier to acquire the desired model.

      • It is important how often the shower will be used. If there is little time to use the panel, it will be enough to buy a device with the most necessary features;
      • Where shower equipment will be installed – in the cabin or in the bath. If in the bath, then the kit is needed by a mixer and a “tropical” shower, if in the cabin, then you can do only to watering with a large diameter;

      • Is the model in height suitable, given the growth of family members. For this, there are products of different sizes;
      • Interior style – you can choose to your taste, but it is advisable to stick to the common room design;
      • Sizes of the installation site – if they are small, then the corner version is perfect.

      Internal equipment depends on disposable finances.


      Because of the rigid water on the details of the plumbing, a flight is formed, so periodically for the normal functioning of the system of equipment with water procedures should be cleaned.

      The following actions must be performed:

      • Watering can and nozzles can be purified by citric acid or lemon flesh;

      • You can not clean chrome details with solid elements, otherwise they will lose their initial species;
      • From fat traces will save the means to wash the dishes;
      • After each use of the panel, it is advised by microscopic fiber;
      • Scratches on chrome or metal elements are easily removed with toothpaste or polishing for jewelry.


      If the acquisition is purchased of high-quality production, the installation can be made without any problems, but it is necessary to do everything in accordance with the attached instruction. On sale the panels are already on the finished form, so it remains only to install the device and bring pipeline to it. But you need to take into account the pressure in the plumbing. In every house it can be different. With low pressure, which is less than two atmospheres, the system will not work.

      The hydromassage device runs from the electrical network, So before installing it is possible to need to remake not only the system of water supply and sewage, but also electrical wiring. Before fixing the device, it is necessary to consider at what height it should be for a comfortable reception of the water procedure. In order to avoid mistakes, it is better to install specialists.

      Shower equipment with hydromassage and tropical shower – this is a brilliant invention of humanity, allowing you to feel a tropical shower in a comfortable environment, as well as relax under water massage. A varieties of such devices give comfort and style bathroom. Professional installation and good care will make this product durable.

      On how to choose a rack or a shower panel, tells in the video.

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