Varieties of dry ladies for cottages and their choice

Beta usa for giving is an optimal solution that allows you to provide a fairly high level of sanitation under conditions of country rest. Pros of such systems noticeably outweigh the minuses, installation and maintenance take up to a minimum of time, and the rating of ready-to-use models easily solves the problem of choice when buying. It is better to choose which summer cotauette is better to choose how different it works work will help an overview of the available systems to create a restroom on the site.

Pros and cons

Choosing a cotauette for giving, you can solve most of the questions related to maintaining high hygiene levels in the bathroom. Regardless of whether it will be a peat model or a variant of a liquid type, they always have a certain set of advantages and disadvantages. To the obvious advantages can be attributed to the following.

  1. The convenience of use. The comfort of operation of the restroom is significantly rising, especially for the elderly and children.
  2. Sanitation level. Biottoles are easy to maintain in order. They have washable design elements.
  3. Possibility of seasonal use. This moment is especially relevant for peat options, since at low temperatures their biological advantages are reduced to zero: useful bacteria do not multiply.
  4. Lack of location restrictions. You can make a restroom inside the country house or in a pre-building.
  5. The possibility of subsequent use of waste In the manufacture of compost.
  6. Rare emptiness. With irregular use, it is necessary to clean the reservoir 2-3 times a month.
  7. The possibility of selecting stationary and mobile options.

There are deficiencies in individual types of dry lats. These include the need for procurement of consumables, electricity costs in some models. In addition, when removing waste may require the use of certain physical efforts. Peat models do not remove the smell completely.


The principle of operation of each type of toilets for the cottage has its own characteristics. Some prefer stationary options with pumping, odorless, with a washed, more similar to those used in urban apartments. Other more conveniently portable portable models, Winter removed for storage, or plastic models for children.

Garden looks and dry, with a falling content, absorbing odors. Each type is arranged and works in its own way, so it stands from the very beginning to study, what are the country restrooms, consider their features.


This category includes portable beytails that do not need to connect regular communications. They have a simple device comprising five main parts.

  1. Capacity for feces. This tank is able to accommodate 12-24 liters of waste.
  2. Clean water tank. It is designed for 15 liters of liquid, equipped with a broken device with the system of. Special sanitary fluids are poured into this tank.
  3. Filling indicator. It is necessary in order to perform the cleaning of the lower reservoir.
  4. Seat and cover. They look like ordinary components for plumbing devices.
  5. Distribution valve For separation of different fractions.

Such biothelients do not require ventilation or other communications. Water tank filled manually. Liquid biotales are suitable for installation indoors, no smell leave. In the lower part of the tank, a special solution is poured, recycling waste. They are environmentally friendly – with the possibility of disposal to a compost bunch, in green and blue packages, as well as based on formaldehydes. The second option requires the connection of the dry content to the central sewage, since such solutions are toxic to the environment.


Externally, this type of dry-loop can be similar to the usual summer cottage with a waste capacity inside and a tank-drive. That’s just instead of the wash system here there is a reservoir with a dry backfill – finely fused peat. Historically, such restrooms were named Pood-closets, invented them in Europe for several centuries ago. Their design includes ventilation pipe to avoid stagnation of evapoable gases indoors. It should be a straight line, not less than 2 m height, if only natural traction is used.

Peat toilets usually have a special device, with which you can dose the powder substance, after using the bathroom for the purpose. Such structures have great dignity – environmental safety. Peat successfully copes with the deodorization of the country toilet, and also absorbs moisture, reducing the contents of the tank, drying feces. In such models there is a separation of waste from each other, while the liquid merges into the cesspool through the hose. Disterposed peat residues keep in a compost pile for at least 2 years.


The most expensive of the available models. They are rarely installed in country houses, require connecting to communications. In such structures, the lower tank has a separation that allows you to immediately sort different fractions without mixing them. Feces fall into a special camera, where they are dried and destroyed at high temperatures. Liquid waste is reset to the pipeline system, and then into the sewer sump.

Some biotales work on another principle. They completely evaporate moisture from waste falling into a tank with garbage. The remaining masses are falling asleep with a special composition of the dispenser. Excrement occupy a minimum of space do not require frequent recycling.

Cleaned electric beyouts only a year per year. They are environmentally friendly, do not require purchasing expensive consumables. Electrical type beytles are cheap in service, but at the initial stage need to connect to the power system, ventilation, sewage plum.

Moreover, when the electricity is turned off, it will not be possible to apply the toilet toilet.

Rating the best models

Catering ratings are traditionally compiled on the basis of customer feedback, as well as with a comparison of the characteristics of specific models. Not always a cheap option turns out to be worse than expensive. To disassemble which modern models deserve to get to the top will help the overview of the biothetol market.


Eco-friendly, affordable, but not too spectacular outwardly – this is how to characterize peat models of country toilets. Their cost directly depends on the size of the tank-drive and its execution. That is why the cost of purchasing all the necessary initial may be impressive. Among the deserving sentences in this category include the following.

  • Piteco 905. An explicit leader of the design and quality of performance. Tank-drives on wheels in 120 l Family from 2-3 people will be enough for all summer. The model is very easy to use, the peat feed is made when the lever is pressed. There is such a model about 11,000 rubles.

  • Biolan Biolan Eco. Large-format drying with peat backfill, solid body, with seat and cover top. Drainage hose is connected to the container. The remaining waste can accumulate in volume up to 200 liters. Emptying containers can cause some difficulties.

  • “Tandem Compact-Eco”. Biotage of Russian production with a pleasant design and compact sizes, created from hygienic polystyrene. Inside there is a separator with a tube for removal of liquid and compartment for feces. The ventilation system has a large diameter, provides the convenience of removal of unnecessary smells. 60 l tank drive requires manual carrying, not equipped with wheels.

Liquid models

In this category of market leaders are European brands from Italy, Germany, other countries. The main focus is on compactness, mobility, ease of service. The following options in their class are among the best models.

  • ThetFord Porta Potti 565e. Ultra-compact portable toilet with a stylish design, a set of delivery weighs only 5.5 kg. The model is equipped with an electric pump that runs from the battery power source, indicator of tank fill, is convenient to use. Lower tank capacity is 21 liters. There is such a design of about 15,000 rubles.

  • SANITATION EQUIPMENT LIMITED MR. Little Ideal 24. This model is noticeably inferior to the design leader, but it is capable of withstanding more user weight. The lower reservoir in 24 liters does not require emptying more often than 1 time per week, designed for a family of up to 4 people. In the design, a piston hand pump is used, which complicates the independent use of this model by children, elderly people. The cost of the kit is about 8,000 rubles.

  • Bioforce Compact WC 12-20VD. The universal country toilet from durable beige plastic is distinguished by a pleasant design and affordable price – just over 5500 rubles. Weighs the whole set of about 6 kg, small volumes of tanks allow to facilitate maintenance. This is a good choice for most cottages, where the number of permanent users of the bathroom does not exceed 1-2 people.

The piston mechanism of the flush does not leave the “blind zones” inside the bowl of the toilet bowl.


The biotales of this type are expensive pleasure, the average cost of the kit begins from 55,000 rubles and can reach 200,000 or more. Most of the manufacturers are based in Italy and other EU countries. In such models, the appearance differs little from classic plumbing equipment, they fit well into the interior of a country house with seasonal or permanent accommodation. Biottails allow you to quickly and easily solve the problem of waste disposal.

Among the attention of the attention of the models in this category you can allocate two.

  • Biolet 65. Functional model with central dumping urine. Weighs a dry launcher only 35 kg, the bowl has a comfortable planting height of 50 cm. Drainage of fecal masses is made by a compressor, then they are grinding into compost, liquid waste is reset to drainage. The model is distinguished by low power consumption.

  • SEPARETT VILLA 9020. Model from the average price category, weighing only 13 kg. Waste in the process of receipt are separated, the liquid is discharged into drainage, solid fractions are dried. The model has an excellent complete set, there is even a child seat. Emptying capacity is required no more than 6 times a year.

Electrical stationary bed rests require substantial costs at the initial stage, but in the future there are high environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. This is the best choice for houses with permanent accommodation.

Criterias of choice

Choose the appropriate bitette for giving is not so difficult. In most cases, it is enough to simply correct to evaluate a specific model for the main criteria.

  • Mobility. Method of installation – stationary or mobile – is determined by the availability of communications and other factors. For example, in a unheated house with seasonal accommodation, it is better to purchase a compact bite of liquid type. It is more mobile, after emptying it can be stored until spring. At the cottage with a year-round visiting, it is better to immediately install a stationary model.

  • Budget. The most expensive beyouts – electric. Peat and liquid models at the initial stage are quite comparable for the price. But in maintenance, the second option is clearly more expensive due to the purchase of consumables for the bay in the tank.

  • Type of construction. Peat dishes are the simplest, but require output for ventilation, natural or forced. Electrical models are also quite complex in connection. Not always in the country there are full sewage and energy supply, organized without interruptions.

  • Cleaning frequency. In a large peat toilet tank, a lot of waste will be placed, but then it will have to empty – it is better to take a model on wheels, and the bathroom itself will be located near the cesspool. Liquid options with active use are purified up to 2-3 times a week. The most rarely empty bedtime – electric. They will suit even the elderly people who do not undermine heavy tanks.

  • ECOPE safety. Here, peat-based beyathetles are clearly preferable because they do not harm the environment. This is the best option for summer residents who are accustomed to fertilize the garden Organic. In liquid versions, only certain types of stocks can be discarded into the compost. In electrical, depending on the method of recycling feces, fertilizers are obtained as an ash or powdered mixture, they are not so much, but the power consumption of such models is difficult to call economical.

  • Gabarits. The dimensions of the biotage are important if there are problems with a free square inside the country house. You can choose the most convenient option, if you need to decide in advance with the place to install.

  • Possibility of transportation and storage. If you plan to take a toilet with cottage for the winter, mobile liquid models will be suitable, easily placed in the car trunk. Large peat options will have to be transported on special transport. For the winter they need conservation. If you leave such a toilet in the cold, it can crack and break.

  • Equipment. Liquid toilets are often complemented by cabins that can be installed even “in a clean field”. This is a good choice for plots where construction is underway. The remaining models require the construction of a separate platform for installation, with liner communications and supports for the accumulative tank (in peat).

Hoses and fittings are not always included, and it is quite difficult to find a replacement, so it is worth paying attention to their presence.

Given these recommendations, you can easily select and buy biotractors for giving taking into account the needs of a specific family, the wishes of the owners.

Installation and maintenance

Installation of a peat library usually does not cause difficulties, but with the most popular in the summer houses, difficulties may arise. Install and assemble such a design, even in a residential building. It does not require connecting to the ventilation system.

Enough to collect all parts of the design. Sanitary safety standards do not have to take into account, and the choice of place for installation will limit only by the owner’s own preferences.

The procedure for preparing such a dry ladder to operate will consist of 4 steps.

  1. Build construction taking into account manufacturer’s recommendations. The order may vary depending on the model.
  2. Disconnecting the upper part. It is usually fixed with the button. To disconnect the elements of just one press.
  3. Filling the reservoir with a special liquid with water. Similar actions are performed with the bottom of the tank. Separate liquid type is used for each tank.
  4. Build construction.

After that, the look is completely ready for use. Pressing the special lever or button can be flushed. When opening the valve, waste is sent to a container with a processing solution. Liquid doses portion. After that, the valve overlaps.

Subsequent care of the liquid type beyatuet is also not difficult. It is enough just to monitor the water level in the valve – it should be at least 1 cm.

In this case, it will work as a waterproofing, not allowing odors out. After emptying the container, it is washed every time, then poured new components.

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