Types of Peppers for Mixer

One of the most important plumbing devices is a mixer, with which the temperature of water coming from the water supply system is adjusted. This happens by mixing hot and cold water. At the same time, the correct selection of the displacement for the mixer will help create the most comfortable conditions for using water for different purposes.


Plilant is an integral part of the mixer, it is most often representable in the form of a curved metal tube (hussak), which transmits cold or hot water to washbasins and bathroom. If you say a simpler language, it is “Nose”, from which water flows with an open crane. As a rule, it is an integral part of the mixer, sometimes sold separately.

Buying a device, seek advice to experienced plumbing or sales consultant to avoid errors when choosing. They will be able to determine the level of quality of the details and materials used. In addition, the Master recommends the necessary dimensions suitable for a specific mixer.

When buying it is necessary to watch the package and nut, which differ in the following criteria: Form, size and product material.

It must be remembered: buying such a device, you should pay attention to the presence of two sets of fixation, which indicates a high quality.

The classic tube is a straight and curved; Long and short; Corner and without corners. Such models can be mounted on the wall. A variety of equipment is represented by square, triangular and round designs.

Sulfume can be unusual shape, tubular, soldering or cast, may vary by weight.

Products often go to the set of the headset of the upper soul, in the kit there is a check valve that prevents the course of water flow in the opposite direction.

Among the advantages of available types, the following can be distinguished:

  • durability, durability (timing of the use of these products reach ten years);
  • reliability, safety;
  • different sizes;
  • Easy mounting and use of devices;
  • compatibility with various types of cranes;
  • availability of prices for this product;
  • hygienic and comfort;
  • simple care and the possibility of disinfection;
  • stability of material to corrosion;
  • Easy use;
  • attractiveness and variety that allows you to choose a device for any interior bathroom.

Matte textures in the interior design of the bathroom are becoming increasingly popular, and the matte chrome of the mixer is also practical, because it is not visible to contaminants. The case of the device is round and flat and can be mounted on a sink.


Several types of fouls differ depending on the design of this element.

  • Swivel is. This type of spinning is designed to direct the water flow in the desired side. Universal device used in both the bath and sink or sink in the kitchen.

  • Static Spill. This type of mixer does not allow you to change the position of the crane. He has a long service life. Compared to the rotary, static is not equipped with a moving mechanism that unstable to breakage.

  • Cascading. In the cascade spout, the excellent transmitting function, the large width and plane of the output flow. Externally, the product resembles a waterfall that creates a feeling of natural comfort in the bathroom. The design of the “Cascade” is allowed to mount on the walls, the board of the bath (especially this applies to the hydromassage bath), a decorative rack, podium and anterior part, adapted to the head washing.

  • Spring ister. Modern design decisions of designers made spring is flexible, which allowed unhindered to flex a design in various sides. This type of models is practical and cost-effective, which allows you to do without excess costs for a separate mixer.

  • Wall mixer. Such a mixer is attached to a vertical surface. It is mainly located in the bathroom, but you can see it in the kitchen. The use of a single-art crane contributes to saving the spending of hot and cold water, as well as easy temperature adjustment. It must be remembered that the flow of water should be directed to the middle of the shell.

Qualified workers advise installation of devices with the lower and middle expulsion exclusively on the washbasins, where they plan only to brush their teeth and make the process of washing.

And there are mixers with two poles. Such devices allow double water flow – conventional and filtered.

Pullen are also divided into species depending on the form.

  • Short. This species is a device of small sizes, however having increased strength, as well as reliability during operation. The disadvantage of equipment can be called badness and use only by appointment (it is difficult to type water and uncomfortable).

  • Long. This is a universal device, because used in the bath and sink. The main minus – rubber gasket quickly wear. Experts recommend to miss an old gasket with plumbing silicone sealant.

  • Designer. Quite often, the model “Cascade” is attributed to this type, having a high level of reliability and convenience. By purchasing this model, it is necessary to choose a mixer that is made of durable material.

  • Exhaust. Such models can often be found in the kitchen, but their establishment is allowed in the bathroom. Exhaust extensions make it possible to easily type water in various containers that are used by residents in everyday life. Such a device can be purchased with a set consisting of a shower can, which allows you to use it in the shower.


The standard spout is twenty-five centimeters.

Hussaki are the following dimensions:

  • short – 14-18 cm;
  • Average – 20-23 cm;
  • Long – 23-27, 30-35 cm.

Foreign manufacturers produce flat models at 40, 45 and 50 centimeters.

High nose is equipped with often sink in the kitchen. This leads to an increase in the useful sink area and delivers the user from the inconvenience of washing the dishes of large sizes.

A brief and still spout is equipped with a bathing bath, and a wall above it is to be equipped. In this case, the mobility of the hussak will be unnecessary. It will be better to take care of high reliability, reducing the number of nodes that are prone to frequent breakdowns.

How to install?

First set the mixer.

To do this, take the mixer and fasten the connecting hoses to it. Too tightly tighten the hose – you can disrupt the thread, which can not be allowed to prevent leaks. Then you need to check whether the hose flows. To extend the operating period, the sealing gasket must be processed by a special lubricant.

The next step is the installation of the seal.

Mixing heel has a groove. It serves to establish a seal, which prevents damage to the shell hull during attachment and gives stiffness to this place. Moreover, the sealant helps to avoid the appearance of leaks under the sink during exploitation.

After that, through the hole in the car wash, the connecting hoses felt, then the mixer is installed. Below the rubber seal is put on, then the metal washer-crescent and twisted the nut. First twisted manually. At the end of the establishment, the nut clash the wrench finally. It is important not to overdo it with the applied force.

The next step is to establish directly sinks with already attached the necessary equipment on the bedside table, after which you need to screw fasteners.

Next takes two cranes. With the help of an adjustable key, they are attached to the mixer. Then the valves are put on the taps, fastening the bolts using a screwdriver. Then on the valves wear upper caps. The main thing is that when installing you do not confuse a blue cap for cold water, and red – for hot.

Then the hub is attached to the mixer.

Choosing the scratch, it is necessary to rely on the layout, the size and shape of the sinks, and, undoubtedly, repel from the overall design of the room and its own preference.

For a start, we take scolding and check for the presence of the sealing gasket. If you wish, you can make a lubrication of the gasket with special means extending the term of use. Then the fastening will be more reliable. After which it is inserted into the mixer is stolen and fits well with nuts using the key. Spin – replaceable part of the mixer.

In this process, using the connecting hoses (already screwed to the mixer), the hot and cold water is supplied to the mixer from the plumbing system.

You can consider checking on the location of the fasteners where hoses with pipes to the mixer occurs. In case of leak detection in fasteners – dismantling, checking the sealing gaskets and replace, if necessary.

To clean or replace parts, you need to remove and unscrew all items in the reverse order of their establishment.

Manufacturers: Review and reviews

Company Vidima

The company produces simple, reliable and high-quality sanitary equipment. This fifty years old. Its mixers fully comply with European standards. Equipment collection is carried out in Bulgaria using German mechanisms.

The company manufactures faucets for kitchens, sinks, washbasins, shower cabins and baths, separately for shower, devices for people with disabilities, thermostatic devices.

As a main material for creating devices, high-quality brass is represented. In this alloy, a bit of tin (about two percent), which is a guarantee of product quality. Plastic parts before chromium, coop copper for the strength and elasticity of final coating.

The advantages of this company include:

  • the quality of the materials used in the assembly of devices;
  • a large range of products that allows you to choose the most suitable equipment;
  • reliable fastening;
  • Pretty long warranty on the ceramic cartridge (three to five years);
  • Available product cost.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • After a time (after the warranty period), the rotary element of the mixer for rotation begins to require efforts during operation;
  • Some types of devices are pretty noisy with an increase in pressure;
  • It is almost impossible to find the necessary parts necessary for the repair, especially the cartridge with a diameter of forty-seven millimeters.

Buyers with their reviews praise the mixers of this brand. Emphasize the reliability and aesthetic appearance of structures with good combination of value and quality.


Devices are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Mixers of this brand are an excellent economical choice. The company is focused on users who have different income. Assortment contains budget devices, as well as luxury models.

The quality of the equipment satisfies all the requirements and wishes. In the factories, an assembly under strict quality control is carried out. Before packing mixers, they are subjected to testing on the functionality of all elements and tightness. Products of this company causes only enthusiastic consumer reviews.

The advantages of Lemark are:

  1. high quality materials;
  2. Stylish designer feeding devices;
  3. quality assurance;
  4. excellent equipment;
  5. three types of switches;
  6. affordable price.

Brand Varion

Devices are used in bath equipment, sink, bidet, shower cabins. It is characterized by high reliability and complete safety.

The feature of the manufacture of this product is the following criteria:

  • In the development of new models and the improvements of the existing equipment, the engineers of the company “Kaya” take part;
  • Elements and components of mixers are ordered in Germany, Italy, Taiwan, France, Spain, including sealing gaskets;
  • Nodal collection and other technical processes occur with “Kaya”.


    It is important to comply with a certain height of the nose in relation to the depths of the shell. The deeper the washing, the higher the kitchen is stolen, and vice versa.

    Before replacing, carefully read the installation instructions of the crane you choose. Maybe you will not be able to assemble the device yourself, and you will need to provide for expenses on a qualified plumbing.

    About how to choose the mixer correctly, look in the video below.

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