Tropical bathroom shower mixer: Features and selection criteria

The design with a wide area of ​​vertical irrigation, on external characteristics similar to tropical shower, is customary to call a tropical shower. A similar impression was achieved with the help of a wide diameter of the shower spray nozzle and vertical (diagonal) installation.

A characteristic feature of this type of shower system is its static with minor adjustments. In other words, it is impossible to adjust or remove the main sprayer. The regulation of this type of shower system is not provided, since the perimeter of spraying water from three hundred millimeters in diameter – this makes it possible to cover a person entirely. If there is a wide system, such a distance to the shower watering can impede the comfortable taking of the shower due to the fact that the impressive volume of water is selected beyond the borders of the shower cabin, and there is a risk of flooding the entire bathroom.

Advantages and disadvantages

The shower system of the tropical type is excellent from a simple analogue with some exceptional features of installation and further operation. Therefore, it is recommended not to chase in modern novelties, but deliberately approach the solution to establish a tropical shower in your home.

To the positive parties of this system can be attributed:

  • a wide perimeter of water spraying (dense and continuous flow of water);
  • In the process of using the shower, your hands are free (there is no need in the direction and holding of the shower watering can);
  • Exotic appearance (creating a unique interior in the bathroom, the tropical shower is not the most popular version in Russia).

Tropical souls have a number of characteristic flaws:

  • complex and time-consuming installation of the shower system;
  • the presence of special technical conditions in the room;
  • Mandatory use of an additional mixer.

      Fixing the shower system produced to a ceiling or wall surface. Often the design of this type requires the presence of a low ceiling and a rather volumetric space inside the cab – this will protect the walls from water splashes and the occurrence of fungus.

      To take advantage of the tropical shower, one mixer will not be enough. The fact is that this shower system is provided for use with additional shower racks. The laboriousness of the installation work is enclosed in creating a wiring, namely: the most complex system from pipes and the preparation of the place for the future installation of the mixer to the wall.

      For those who prefer stylish minimalism – it is recommended to mount a tropical mixer in the ceiling.

      Arrangement of the system for taking a shower

      The tropical mixer is not a completely full option for comfortable comprehensive use of the shower, therefore There are four different ways to fix it:

      • Making the tropical mixer above the surface of the bathroom bowl or shower pallet;
      • establish a shower rack;
      • supplement the tropical mixer with a simple shower watering can;
      • Install an additional mixer.
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      The tropical shower system for the bathroom with the mixer is designed pre-either on the already finished trimmed surface. Depending on the model of the mixer, the installation of hoses is made on the wall surface or under its trim (tile, polyvinyl chloride panels).

      Regulation elements are often placed near the mixing gland. They allow you to customize the flow of cold and hot water or switch it to another mixer. This method is suitable for any type of bathroom, provided that the hose is located on the surface of the wall surface. To date, find a wall and ceiling tropical shower system will not work. The first method is most practical in connection with saving water and space.

      The rack for the tropical shower with the mixer does not have an output for the usual water supply. Externally, such designs look like ordinary shower racks with static watering cans, there is another option with an additional hand wage. This option is applicable both in the shower, and in the homemade soul. And also has a number of distinctive features: a hydromassage function, backlighting, the presence of a thermostat for selecting the necessary temperature regime.

      Installation of the added shower watering can with an existing tropical mixer can be made both in a conventional shower and above the bathroom. The only drawback of such a model: It is required to hide the hose from the tropical shower. The basis of the shower can. Watering can of tropical species applied as a pleasant addition, which makes the bathroom of multifunctional and more attractive. Some models suggest the installation of only one watering can – top. It can be used to redeem children or domestic animals.

      Not the most aesthetic, but less labor-intensive option is the installation of a separate mixer. Very often used for the bath: In addition to the shower can, a simple mixer is required to fill it. Installation occurs on the general system of pipes, or a separate eyeliner is made.

      How to choose?

      Tropical Type Soul Rack for Bathroom is available on the shelves of all construction stores. When buying, pay attention to the dimensions of the products, the manufacturer, are there any different options, as well as from which materials the product produced.

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      Parameters are individual and directly depend on the perimeter of the bathroom. The removal and size of watering are one of them. For static showers, fixing to a wall surface, a large takeaway will create difficulties in exploitation. The size of watering affect the width of the shower watering can: the wider watering, the greater the diameter of the watering can. For leaked, intended for mounting to the ceiling surface, there are only some dimensions, one size. The length of the removal for such a model is installed during installation, it is not recommended to do it less than fifty millimeters from the nearby wall.

      IMPORTANT: Choosing irbarities of watering, be sure to consider the size of the shower cabin or bathroom bowl. Dimensions of the removal in response to the comfort of exploitation, because it is larger, the farther it should be located.


      Depending on which materials were used for the manufacture, the cost of tropical watering and all of its components may vary. Budget products made from metal powder or covered with a thin layer of aluminum plastic are most susceptible to mechanical effects. They crack more often and break.

      More expensive models made of copper and aluminum alloy, – just a concession to designer designs. Externally, products have high aesthetic qualities, but the practicality in them is extremely few. Copper under the influence of a constant flow of water and oxygen will quickly begin to oxidize.

      The manufacturer prudently covers copper mixers with specialized protective film. But soon after damage, copper oxide is formed, which is expressed by an abundant dense flaw of a green shade. The most practical of all the options offered by manufacturers will be a clean stainless steel mixer or with a chrome-plated surface. Galvanized products have ease, low cost and high strength indicators. Zinc products are undemanding in care. They are not so strongly susceptible to oxidation than copper.


      What is the most famous manufacturer, the higher the cost of products. This is a kind of quality guarantee. After all, a major brand takes care of reputation and more carefully refers to the production of quality products. It is recommended to pay attention to the manufacturer, especially if you have scheduled to update and completely change the bathroom interior. Quite often, manufacturers produce a line of sanitary products weathered in one tone and color scheme that create a single ensemble.

      Among the manufacturers of the soul with the rain is “Rain”, you can allocate companies BRAVAT PHILLIS and KAISER. Reviews about their products are mostly only positive.

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      Hydromassage function

      Shower panels with hydromassage function and tropical shower are additional features that make a shower multifunctional. Water massage is a circular, separately located on the wall surfaces of the shower and point in the presence of the main scatteer in the shower. The last option is extremely popular because it does not need additional installation work. As for the cost and complexity of the installation – they are significantly lower, but also the usefulness of such hydromassage is extremely small. High-quality hydromassar is a circular. But it is rarely found on the shelves of plumbing stores.

      The hydromassage option is installed exclusively in shower cabins, a jacuzzi function uses in the bath.


      An important attribute of any shower cabin is the backlight. Sources of lighting are installed on the control panel or mounted on the surface of the shower watering can. At first glance, it may seem uncomfortable and impractical, but vertically falling light highlights the entire area of ​​the shower.

      LED or halogen lamp is used as lighting sources. LED lamp is a safe and budget way to additionally highlight the shower cabin. She is pretty bright and does not need to be repaired upon failure. Halogen during damage is replaced with a new lamp.

      Top Samples

      It is impossible not to mention the most popular models.

      • Jacob Delafon E3875 – CP – Model of French Luxury. Cost varies from seven to nine thousand depending on the acquisition of additional components. Plumbing product is distinguished by quality and relatively high cost. This model is a classic tropical cheap system for mounting to the ceiling surface. In the manufacture, chromed steel is used, and for the internal spray system – durable plastic.
      • Rossinca S35 – 45 – product of domestic production, which has an excellent quality ratio and price. Complete set of this system: Ceiling watering can, rack, separate hand wage and mixer. In the manufacture of brass. The diameter of this canoe is one hundred thirty millimeters. This model does not have a separate way out for direct water supply, it is necessary to consider when buying. But a significant advantage is worth noting that finding various components (for example, gaskets) for the product of domestic production at times easier than imported analogues.

      • Raiber – Plumbing product of German production. This shower system provides a separate watering can, mixer and vertical shower. Wasted steel coated with a protective layer of chromium. The inner laying of plastic protects the system from corrosion.

      On how to install a faucet with a rain shower, see the following video.

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