Tree bathroom: natural beauty and comfort in room design

Many modern people are increasingly thinking about more natural facilities for decoration. Bathroom no exception. The wood finish attaches to the room of natural beauty and comfort, and also allows you to feel unity with nature.


The tree is the most sought-after material that is used to finish any room, even if it is a small room. Wood has many advantages. This is both environmental friendliness and color nature. In addition, the tree looks in the interior very expensive. With the help of such a material, you can not only divide the room on the zones, but also make a bathroom non-standard. In addition, natural colors help get relaxation.

This material also has shortcomings. They conclude that the tree is very afraid of moisture, and those options that can be used to finish the bathroom are very expensive. Therefore, many choose either natural wood, or materials stylized under the tree.

Ways finish

To make the interior of the bathroom unusual, can be used to finish bathroom materials resembling a natural tree. The most suitable option for decoration of the walls is considered to be. However, it is the most expensive material, so it can be replaced by wood panels or tiled with a shade of wood.

For the floor will fit the same tile of ceramics, but only with the imitation of the parquet. You can bed and lacquered boards covered with varnish. However, they will not serve too long. Using a tile with a wood imitation can turn even the most ordinary room in the bathroom dreams. The combination of ceramic tiles with such elements like a tropical shower will make a bright, stylish and interesting room. In addition, it is not afraid of moisture and mold.

Block House is perfect for trimming a bathroom. However, it can only be used for large premises, because it is too dimensate. It will also be good to look moisture-resistant lining, from which you can do even racks. For bathrooms in public places use tiles of porcelain stoneware. She is quite a road, although it can serve for a long time. For the floor, you can choose a drawing under the laminate, and for the walls – under the stone or concrete.

Since wood is combined with almost any materials, it can be separated by a room in any style.

The tree is recommended to use only as an additional element, for example, for shelves and cabinets, and tile – for wall decoration and floor.

Many designers perfectly combine tile with natural stone and porcelain stoneware. To create a modern interior, you can use a glossy surface tile.

Natural wood

Using a tree for trimming a bathroom, you can create an illusion of stay in nature, because its fragrance fills the entire room. Some of the most common finishing materials are oak and cedar coatings. Thanks to the durable structure of the tree, they can live long even with high humidity.

If the tree is still chosen for finishing, then it is necessary to take care of its processing, make the following actions:

  • make an impregnation with a special antifungal agent;
  • additionally pollute wood;
  • cover boards with varnish or wax;
  • If necessary, cover them with a verse that will change color for the better;
  • You can wash it with brilliance.

Due to the fact that the tree has a very diverse color gamut, you can make the interior of the room both bright and muted. To do this, only add some decor elements.

Alternative materials

Today there have been many alternative materials that very successfully replace tiles. Some of the most inexpensive PVC panels are. They are easy to install, so anyone can cope with the decoration of the room. Such panels do not require putty works, have a rich color gamut, their number includes and color under the tree.

However, such materials have a number of shortcomings – it is fast flammability, as well as rapid wear.

Another of the new items that appeared is a wall linoleum. It is made of polyurethane canvas, which is decorated with watercolor images. To secure it, you need a special glue. Such material is characterized by high moisture resistance, does not require much care, and also has a large range of colors.

The disadvantage is the high price and the need to align the walls.

Another cheap material is moisture-resistant wallpaper imitating wood. Their dignity in the speed and ease of repair work. But there is a minus – they must often elap, as fungus is formed on them.

Color spectrum

Before starting finishing work, it is necessary to determine the style in which the room will be issued. Having a bath of small sizes, to choose a tile better in bright colors. This will allow visually expanding the room. For such a room, it is better not to choose a tile with clear lines, because they make the room smaller. Very beautiful will look a tile having a matte surface.

It does not require much care, it also does not slide, which is very important for the floor in the bathroom. It is worthwhile that if there are several tile options in the bathroom, you should not do a sharp transition between them.

Most of all trim under the tree is suitable for design in the style of Provence. Here the main attributes are natural materials. This style is saturated with freshness and comfort. It predominates pastel colors. The bathroom in such a style will accurately like romantic agents and young couples, and, of course, to those who appreciate natural beauty and simplicity in the design.

For a loved one, a gray shades are suitable for a loved one, and for the classic style – a red tree or plastic covered in the same color. These two stylistic directions are similar to each other. Such rooms can be complemented with details, but the main thing is not to overdo it. You can safely make a bathroom in Scandinavian style. Such a bathroom will be bright and very beautiful. You can add a room decorated with light wooden panels, inserts from natural stone and light plumbing.

Examples of design

If the bathroom is made under the tree, then it requires a special approach and training. Very often, this option is used for wooden houses. It is suitable for creating interiors in many styles.

Bathroom spa

Wood finish is very relevant in the spa style. Even with a tree trimmed perfectly on the background of light walls. Sunbed and table made of the same material complement the interior as it is impossible. Large windows with wooden frames pass a lot of light into the room, which allows you to relax no worse than resting in nature.

Modern style

Even modern interiors have wood trim. It softens the rigor of this style and gives him some charm. Light floor finish is combined with dark walls and partition.

Rustic Bathroom

Bathroom having a decoration in the style of Rustic, despite the simplicity of the interior, it looks very stylish. The whole room is decorated with a trim of a natural tree. This allows a person to relax and get pleasure not only from the procedures, but also from the flavors of the wood. In such a room, proximity to nature is very acute.


Most often, the tree is used in ecostel, because it contains only environmental materials. The bathroom is separated by a tree in bright colors, as for the walls, and the ceiling. In such a room, I want to stay as long as possible, enjoy the aromas emanating from the finishing materials.

Bathroom room trimmed under a tree is distinguished by natural beauty and comfort. Such a room can be arranged in any style. It will be not only beautiful, but also useful for health. If finance does not allow finishing from a natural tree, then imitation for it will also be very pretty.

The process of layouting tiles under a tree in the bathroom in the video below.

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