Toilets Santek: characteristics and advantages of collections

SANTEK has already been present for quite a long time on the domestic market of sanitary equipment and managed to show itself as a successful manufacturer of high-quality products. All products of the brand have foreign reinforcement with buttons and seats from high-quality plastic. The line of devices has a rich selection of various models, many of which can be chosen for any possible installation options.

Brand history

The Santek trademark was popular both in Russia and around the world due to excellent qualitative characteristics and a wide range of products. This is a brand that produces sanitary ceramics using Russian production facilities. Two plants produce ceramic products and one more baths. It is with the advent of the third production in the company’s catalogs, in addition to plumbing began to appear and baths produced from acrylic equipped with high-quality parts and having different forms and parameters.

The first enterprise, where they began to produce the plumbing of this brand, became the Cheboksary Plant, built in 1996. It was equipped with the latest technological equipment, which helped to achieve a high level of manufactured plumbing equipment. Already in 2000, the plant began work in Novocheboksarsk, the toilets and shells were produced here. The launch of the manufacture of baths in the third enterprise was carried out in 2011. At the same time, Santek plumbing received the honorary nomination “Mark №1 in Russia”. This title BRAND confirmed two years later.

The Santek brand has long been working with the famous designers, which are considered the founders of a fashionable style in such an original direction.

In April 2014, Santek presented the “Allegro” collection, the appearance of Antonio Bullo was invented by Antonio Bullo – the famous Italian Master of Design. In this collection, the product is distinguished by rounded shapes and the most original color solutions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Relying on the characteristics of the manufacturer and consumer reviews, you can stay on the following pluses of products:

  • Wide range of – Here you can choose the wall models, and compacts, so there will be no difficulties with the search for the most suitable product.
  • Thoughtful design. The main thing here is not an appearance, but stylish ergonomics: use Santek toilets is extremely convenient.
  • Canceled maintenance Qualitative sanitary condition. The Austrian Bactericidal Cover has a patented enamel coating, which will ensure the safety of the perfect snow-white color of the toilet and prevent the appearance of pathogenic microbes.
  • Concerning Prices, then the toilets of the brand can not be called too expensive.

But these products have their own drawbacks:

  • The toilet settings claimed by the manufacturer as ergonomic are not suitable for everyone;
  • In a number of models, the Anti-Spectrix system can function not so effectively as expected;
  • Consumers celebrate the facts of finding microcracks on the surface of the product or the presence of deft of enamel coating.
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Often products from the Santek brand are compared with Sanita products – this is another of the leading brands of Russian plumbing, which enjoys a special demand for domestic consumers. If we take into account the reviews of experienced plumbers, Santek is still better, because it has much more quality indicators and a longer life.


Among the equipment of the brand SANTEK you can find products of all kinds of types, with different designs. Brand toilets can be in the form of suspended and compact models, and also presented with traditional outdoor products with horizontal or vertical (in gender) release, with direct or oblique output. You can also choose products with a tank and without it (wall variants).

Equipment of the famous brand produced from the best quality ceramics. In addition to plumbing, the company produces furniture for bathrooms, acrylic baths and hydromassage products of various shapes and execution.

Make in the company and mixers, as well as additional equipment with which you can consider a single style of design of any bathroom. Santek also offers unusual decisions for restrooms, such as toilet bowls and urinals of a compact type or product with a diagonal release, with which you can significantly save space space.

To create a faience toilet bowl here, natural safe components and the latest technologies for processing ceramics, which guarantee the product mechanical strength and low moisture absorption.

The company applies Sanweavens of the highest quality. For its glazing, first-class enamels are used, which make material less porous and more protected from corrosive contaminants and lime plates.

Inside the toilet bowls of the brand hid the drain fittings from the leading European manufacturers Geberit (Switzerland) and Oliveira (Portugal), Received numerous enthusiastic customer reviews. You can choose a two-mode toilet, in which there are 2 buttons – Drain on a third and two-thirds of the entire volume of the tank. The fittings with the “stop function” will help adjust the water volume for flushing: when pushing the button starts, it starts, during the second press – the water will immediately stop. The bowls of the toilet bowl are equipped with chairs from the Italian factory Dino Plast, which have antibacterial properties and increased wear-resistance. And these seats are very comfortable in use.

Assortment overview

SANTEK products are complemented by imported drain reinforcement. Companies of the company are budgetary toilets, but issued by the latest technologies.

Models of the most sought-after collections:

  • Unitaz-compact “Breeze” – the most demanded economy model. This is a product with oblique release having a convenient button and a seat. The characteristic feature of the model: its height is 0.7 m, which is suitable for rooms with a locker, where door dimensions are often not allowed to put a higher toilet.
  • “Alkor” – Model class exclusive with oblique release. There is a visor-type bowl with a popular “Anti-Spex”. Stopping the choice on this model, you can forget about “Yershik”.
  • “Animo” – The familiar look at the model that can be found in three forms: with oblique, horizontal (parallel sex) and vertical release. Everywhere there is a device with a button and comfortable seat.
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  • “Rimini” – Comfortable product with oblique release and a depth of 59 cm. Best Model for Small Premises.
  • “Consul” – Survived with the depth of the bowl of 0.6 m. Included two-mode fittings, seats with smooth lowering, not visible view of the equipment fastening to the floor.
  • “Boreal” – The model can be found with two species of the bowl: a plate and visorkova (plus the “Anten Spex” system). Each option will be attended by oblique release and luxury seat. Product itself spacious, so it and most comfortable in use.

  • “Polar” – Original design and appearance allow this device to look solid. In the configuration – oblique release, French fittings, suite seat.
  • “Senator”. Product with horizontal release and high-quality reinforcement. Included at the request of the buyer there may be a seat with a game of gradual lowering – microlift.
  • “Allegro” – Compact with horizontal release, with Oliveira reinforcement and with douroplast seats.

  • Outdoor product “Neo”. Elegant design, snow-white surface, laconic classic shape – main features model concept. Flat tank and a bowl in the form of a rectangle will help create an expressive focus in different interiors.
  • “Caesar” – Another outdoor design, winning will look in the classic monochrome interior, and in bright modern design. The bowl of the semicircular, the drain is fast, it makes the design more hygienic than others.
  • “League” Looks like two previous models. Bowl of semicircular shape, production oblique release, hygienic very practical option. Snow-white color device can be combined with other elements of the interior decorated in various style solutions.

All necessary parts can be purchased at the manufacturer’s branded stores.

Installation instructions

Installing the toilet with your own hands should begin with a thorough check of the work of the cranes, because they will have to overlap the water supply. Twisting them, you need to make sure that the fluid does not go to the system, and that you can safely start mounting.

First, the old product is eliminated. For this:

  • The eyeliner hose is unscrew;
  • An old device tank is removed – if it is difficult to do it, you can easily split the product and take it in parts;
  • All elements of fasteners from the old toilet are removed;
  • It is necessary to break out the dismantled device and knock out of the base of the socket, the shedding pipe itself is better not to touch – it will still be needed;
  • To block the platform for installing a new product – unforeseen situations: Under the dismantled toilet, the durable board can be found in the tie of the cement, then put a new device directly on it; If there are doubts that this board will be durable, it can be removed, and the hole in the floor is chipped by a solution of cement;
  • All garbage that will accumulate during dismantling, is going and endured.
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The new toilet is set so that its fool is easily inserted into a piece of plum pipe. Correction of the position of the product will help accurately reveal the places of drilling holes for traffic jams present in the set of parts. If they are difficult to install without tools, you can resort to the help of conventional hammer.

Before applying screws, you need to wear plastic washers on them. When everything is twisted, the hose for water supply to the working tap is mounted. Tighten the flexible supply nut you need to be extremely careful.

The next step can be started to collect a new toilet in that order:

  1. Put a special gasket with self-adhesive basis. If it is not sticky – glue is applied on both sides.
  2. Install a drain container. Holes at the bottom and on the shelf bowls should completely coincide.
  3. Installing bolts is made after special gaskets are put on them. Bolts are strengthened by nuts. It is necessary to mount so that it is impossible to shift the tank around its axis, move or tilt it.
  4. Connect a flexible water hose.
  5. Start filling the toilet bowl with liquid. Place where the tank is connected to the hose, should not be wet, also water should not flow and from under the tank.
  6. If there are no flows – you can test the work of the product.

With the excellent functioning of the reinforcement of the drain device, the product can be considered ready for operation.

Customer Reviews

      Many of those consumers that bought Santek products many years ago, no complaints about work and appearance of the toilet. But at the same time note that the installation of the product is entrusted with the responsible and experienced master. The same, who confessed in an independent installation of the toilet, complained about the leakage and other problems in its performance.

      The insides of the drain tank, as showing the reviews, here and in fact are made on the conscience. Antibacterial lid, fast water set, no noise when washed, excellent ceramics quality – these are the main positive features marked by brand product owners. Many professional plumbers respond about Santek also positively, without special complaints.

      On how to choose the right toilet, look in the video below.

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