Toilets Sanita Luxe: a variety of choice

Today, the porcelain plant LLC “Samara Stroyfarfor” occupies one of the leading positions in the market of ceramic products. The work of the Russian manufacturer certified by international standards is aimed at making high-quality plumbing. Plant engineers diversified the range of issued toilet bowls of Luxe series, who quickly declared themselves in the market. The LUXE collection is represented by a wide model range of high-quality, attractive and inexpensive plumbing. This is: Classic, Next, Best, Best Color Motion and Best Bubbles, Infinity, Art and Art Flora, Quadro, Fest, Ringo and Attica.


Sanita brand toilets are covered with a double layer of glaze and burn in so that the ceramic surface becomes flawlessly smooth and smooth. This promotes resistance to natural “aging” of products. If we talk about other features of Sanita Luxe, here you can designate a few moments.

One of the main features of the series under consideration is the use of high-quality materials. For the manufacture of models, a domestic manufacturer uses foreign reinforcement (German, Swedish, Czech, Italian). Often buyers alarming the fact of use of foreign components, as people do not want to spend time in search of an “exotic” spare parts in case of breakdowns. However, in this case it is not worth worrying about it, since the company independently produces all components for their products. In online stores and service centers located in some cities of Russia (list on the Internet), you can purchase almost any parts or details.

It is worth noting the unique properties of products of this brand. The surface of the LUXE series devices has a unique Sanita Crystal structure. This is a kind of “self-cleaning system”.

Water drops, connecting, flow down, collecting existing pollution. This allows you to maintain a primordial type of product without requiring great effort from his host. Application of additional devices is also not required. Fairly regular conventional cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the Luxe series is the combination of the uniqueness of the European-level design with a variety of forms. Here you will find traditional and compact toilets, outdoor and suspended models, as well as options designed specifically for use in the country.

The devices housing is made of 100% porcelain with high density, which ensures the strength and heat resistance of products. It can be said that by buying the Sanita Lux model, you purchase products proven products that combines European quality and an acceptable cost. The seats of models are performed from the rigid material of the duroplast, resistant to various mechanical damage and deformation under the influence of human weight. In addition, the surface of the coating passes special processing, has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

The configuration variability is another definite plus brand products.

Different options are allowed.

  • With Soft Close system. This is an auto breeder responsible for smooth and quiet lowering the toilet and seat cover.
  • With a quick removal system CLIP UP.
  • With metal fasteners, which are better and more aesthetic, compared with plastic options.
  • Many models are equipped with a “Anten Spex” system, which allows to avoid splashes, as well as the two-level reinforcement Geberit, providing high-quality washing and a quick set of water in the tank.

The toilets of the trademark under consideration are easy to install. A variety of assortment allows you to choose a model that is ideal for your sewer, without requiring additional work.

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Judging by consumer reviews, serious shortcomings of this brand has not yet been identified. Although, in the opinion of some owners, the shortcomings are in the poor quality of the flush, requiring a repeated repetition of the procedure. Also, sometimes it comes to meeting the factory marriage and the discrepancy of the installed manufacturer of the configuration. Speaking about the disadvantages of products, it is worth noting the fact that the warranty for all brand toilets is only three years.

Varieties of unitazov designs

The design of the brand toilet bowls are developed taking into account not only different dimensions of sanitary rooms, but also possible wishes of customers. Models are endowed with foreign fittings, due to which the company can produce various varieties of devices.

Products can be outdoor or suspended. Also in the assortment are models of units without a tank (instead it uses a drain crane). Models with a tank are usually visible. There are also types of toilet bowls in which the tank is installed hidden. In this case, the device washed unnoticed.

The Samara manufacturer developed devices with various mechanism for water washing. The toilet can be equipped with a horizontal or circular drain. In addition, the models can have both the standard appearance and the ability to install additional fittings. If we talk about a tank, the manufacturer allows the choice of shut-off reinforcement.

Also, the company represents models, the drain mechanism of which is endowed with a device of double drain, aimed at economical consumption of water. Double-mode fittings allows you to choose a flush volume (3 or 6 liters of water).

The special attention of the manufacturer is endowed with Stulchak toilet. It is capable of holding heat, and is also endowed with a quick removal function.

Colors and design

The modernity of the LUXE series design is manifested not only in the diversity of forms. A wide color range of models allows you to choose a plumbing, harmoniously combined with a tile, or purchase a product that will be an interesting accent in the bathroom.

Color range is represented by a variety of options from the classic black and pacifying turquoise to herbal green and rich red (Best Color Motion collection). Best Bubbles and Art Flora collections are able to satisfy the most refined taste of the buyer unobtrusive patterns in the form of colors, abstract or geometric shapes.

As for the shape of products, the model range is represented as soft rounded and strict geometrically clear forms. It also allows you to choose the option suitable for any interior, taking into account the personal taste of the buyer.

Assortment overview

Firm offers products for every taste. At the same time, it is constantly working on improving products, finding the opportunity to make the work of the last even better.

  • Classic Lux Series represented by traditional and compact toilets complemented by a wide range of functions. Products of this collection are ideal for small toilets. The structure of the models allows connecting to the standard sewage without alterations.
  • Compact NEXT LUX Collection allows connectivity to both horizontal and vertical output system, which simplifies installation. To the pluses of products owners include the speed of filling the tank. Also, thanks to the perfectly smooth surface (the body of the model is made of Sanfarfora) the model is easily cleaned. Comfortable chaulchak sold complete with metal fasteners. Provided the qualitatively operating system “ANTITIVNSK”.
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If we consider the disadvantages, judging by the Internet reviews, the straight wash system does not always work properly. Also sometimes on the surface of the products there are rusty implications without visible reasons. Sometimes does not work double plums.

  • Collection of Best Lux, Developed in 2006, presents three varieties for which the installation of hidden fastening and the presence of two buttons, which provides for economical water use mode. Best Color Motion is famous for choosing color, and Best Bubbles is a bright plumbing with an unobtrusive decor. It also has the ability to select the drain. If necessary, you can produce 3 or 6 liters of water.

  • Quadro and Fest Characterized by solid bowls, straight lines and geometrically correct shapes of the tank. Fest, unlike Quadro, is more compact and has quick-release sitting, and it is also inherent in the silent job. Reviews about the device are different, but the advantages of users are significantly more indicated. Water in the presented model ishes a bowl in a circle. Washing completely removes all the contaminants, and the splashes are not formed. It is possible to save water. It is possible to choose a drain between weak and more powerful. The product is suitable for a small apartment.

However, according to the owners, one lack of the series under consideration is still. This is the fragility of the seat. With its manufacture, a thin plastic is used, on which scratches and cracks appear over time. If for some reason you stop the choice on the Fest toilet, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of the need to change the seat to the more reliable and comfortable. In general, the toilet deserves attention, works without leaks and excessive noise.

  • Unusual at first glanceSuspended toilet Ringo. The model is easy to maintain and convenient to use. The product is equipped with shower wash and fast-consuming seats. Among the latest developments of the company, several models that deserve special attention can be distinguished.

  • Oval Infinity Lux Allows you to connect a device to any sewage (horizontal, oblique, vertical). In addition, the model characterizes the bulk exterior bowl that forms a wide seat. The inner bowl of the model has standard dimensions, due to which no additional water consumption. Drain pipe hides behind the wall. This gives the model a neat appearance and facilitates the care of the product.

  • Luxe Art series It is famous for modern set of functions and concise design, so the model is recommended to those who are looking for a fashionable and compact device at an affordable price. In addition, products are made of very high-quality snow-white porcelain. The Assortment of Art Series also has models decorated with floral decor (Art Flora).

The circular system of flushing works without re-descending water. With no complaints and the system “ANTITIVNSK”. Tranqually plums of water underways time to remove pollution even under the bridal toilet bowl. Microlift seat works absolutely silently. If necessary (as in other models), it is possible to descend for 1 time 3 or 6 liters of water. The toilet is suitable for the bathroom, decorated in classical or Scandinavian style. The product has excellent performance and a relatively low price (from 5 to 10 thousand rubles).

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The entire lineup of the LUXE model range, except for European design and compact forms, is unimportants in first glance. Gaskets between the tank and the toilet have a trapezoidal form, which allows you to evenly distribute water pressure in the tank to the toilet itself.

The price category of the considered range of this brand may vary depending on the region and the characteristics of the model: on average from 3000 to 20,000 rubles. You can call the Classic and Next toilets and Next toilets to the most expensive model of the Ringo, Attica and Outdoor Infinity Lux. ATTICA suspension model (like Best Color Motion) is represented in various colors (red, green, black).

Suspended models are convenient because they do not occupy the floor area. Consequently, they do not become an obstacle in cleaning or in the installation of warm coatings. Due to the hidden drain system, which is embedded in the wall for the falsefield, products are characterized by almost absolute silent.

The latest models, in contrast to their predecessors, have more modern design and complete set, no additional costs. These kits include microlift, and “ANTIVNX”, and Soft Close Automobile Curtainer System, and the CLIP UP Seat Installation System. Of course, the price category depends on the color of the model, as well as from the availability of decor (drawing).

If you need a proven model, endowed with a set of modern functions, you can pay attention to the device Next Lux and Best Lux.

For people who do not have an idea of ​​the sewer unit of the apartment, the Next model will be more suitable, allowing to connect, as already noted above, to horizontal and vertical release. It is known for this model and the organization of a flushing stream (shower plums, funnel-whirlpool).


As noted above, the majority of Sanita toilet reviews are positive. Brand Plumbing Owners There are original design of products that correspond to the European level. Please buyers and prices that vary from economy to premium class. Judging by the reviews, the tanks are well kept water, and the devices are easy to install.

There is also the possibility of repairing any models using specialists from corporate centers. One layer, Sanita Luxe is a good price and quality ratio.

If we talk about the minuses of this series identified by users, the following points are most often caused:

  • poor quality of flush requiring repetition of the procedure;
  • often found by the factory marriage (manifested, as a rule, in the deformation of the coating);
  • the emergence of rusty drills;
  • The inconsistency of proportions that sometimes becomes noticeable after installation (tank offset from the bowl).

Tips for choosing

If you are not frightened by the presence of negative reviews, and you still chose on domestic toilets Sanita Luxe, Please note a few tips to help choose a model suitable for you.

  • When buying a toilet bowl of this series, first of all, you need to consider the dimensions of your sanitary room. After that, already pushing away from the price and other wishes, you can choose exactly the model that will satisfy your requests.
  • Before purchasing a specific model, it is recommended to explore customer reviews.
  • It will not be superfluous to clarify whether the service center of the company “Samara Stroyfarfor” is in your city.

Sanita Luxe toilet overview Look in the video below.

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