Toilets AM.PM: Reliability and durability

High-quality toilet is an integral part of the bathroom or bathroom. The range presented in the world market surprises its abundance. Most popular among them toilet amitas. PM, reliability and durability of which for dignity was to evaluate many buyers.

These subjects of plumbers are famous for their incomparable quality, functionality and stylish design.

Distinctive features

Country Manufacturer of Brand AM. PM is Germany. Every year, the company produces new product models of products that are manufactured using the latest modern technologies and fully comply with world standards. Each stage of production is carefully controlled by highly qualified specialists, as evidenced by not only the appearance, but also the durability of products. The guarantee for their operation is up to 25 years, which indicates the excellent quality. The permanent process of modernization allows manufacturers to surprise their customers with advanced modeling models characterized by original form and functionality.

It is worth noting that the company am. PM fully assumes the duties of the service center, which makes the maintenance process as comfortable as possible. Official dealers always have the necessary spare parts for each model of toilet bowl.

Application in the production of sanitary porcelain contributes to the creation of truly high-quality, wear-resistant and presentable plumbing items that harmoniously complement any interior. Each collection consists of beautiful and modern toilet bowls, harmoniously combining the original design, unsurpassed quality and convenience of everyday use.

Pros and cons

Brand toilets AM. PM have several advantages.

  • Excellent quality. Above the development and creation of these products, the best European designers, who carefully think over all the details of a particular model. Using modern technologies and many years of experience, they produce the most original toilets that fully comply with all standards and standards, and are also able to serve not one dozen years.
  • Stylish design. Each model of the toilet is characterized by an individual style and aesthetic beauty, which allows it to be harmoniously combined with other elements of the bathroom.

  • Functionality and practicality. The use of modern materials such as porcelain, and durable accessories contributes to the creation of functional products. They are as easy to care for them and they do not lose their primordial view throughout the entire period of operation.
  • Maximum equipment. In the basic set of toilet, even those elements that other manufacturers are considered additional and sold separately. This includes microlift and anti-flexure system.

By minuses include high cost of these products, although with such impeccable quality and full configuration it is hardly worth it to be considered a disadvantage.

Given the individual characteristics of the toilet bowls of this brand, it is safe to argue that they produce truly qualified specialists who really take care of the convenience and comfort of their buyers.


Neat toilet bowls am. PM differ rather discreet, but at the same time gorgeous design. Depending on that or another type of construction, they can be installed both on the floor and on the wall.

There are several basic types of toilet bowls AM. PM.

  • Outdoor. Considered a good solution for classic interiors. Such models are as functional and universal as possible, which makes them widely popular among buyers.
  • Suspended. Most often apply in public places. They are distinguished by ergonomics, ease of use, as well as simplicity of installation. Such copies harmoniously complement any modern interior design, making it truly beautiful and finished.

  • Compact. Ideal for standard bathrooms due to compact sizes. Their wide range of model range allows you to choose the most appropriate instance, taking into account individual wishes and needs.

All toilets have a specific type of release. In the range of products of the AM brand. PM presents options with oblique release, as well as vertical and horizontal. The choice of one type or other type is determined by the features of the plumbing system, which is peculiar to the room.

It is worth noting that each design regardless of choice is able to visually transform the bathroom, giving him exclusivity and aesthetic appeal.

Rating models

The modern market presents a huge range of sanitary equipment from different manufacturers. Special attention deserves the toilets of the famous brand AM. PM.

Today, several collections use in great demand.

  • Spirit – these are high-quality toilets with improved operational features and long service life. They are characterized by ease of use, original design and resistance to moisture. Excellent example is the Flashclean C701700WH.
  • Sunny – These are stylish toilet bowls with a complete set, as well as increased levels of strength. High-quality fittings ensures wear resistance and durability of products, and china, from which they are made, makes them as practical and attractive as possible.

  • Joy – These are functional toilets with a well-thought-out design and spout system. They are easily mounted and are most comfortable in the process of everyday use.
  • Fun – These are universal toilets that are perfectly suitable for almost any design of the laundering. Each model combines innovative developments, excellent quality and practicality.
  • Jump – These are original toilet bowls made using the most modern materials and technologies. Sanitary china, from which they are created, resistant to adverse effects of impact, due to which retains its original view throughout the entire period of operation.

  • Like – these are ultra-modern toilet bowls, made of hygienic material, which ensures maximum comfort during their application. The presence of a smooth closing system of the cover is an additional advantage.
  • Bliss L – It is an economical toilet bowl with a high level of functionality that can become an excellent supplement to the bathroom or a bathroom. An ideal example is the SCANDI C518607SC model, in which all the best qualities are professionally combined.
  • Orange – This is upgraded toilet bowls equipped with an antibacterial effect, which allows to neutralize bacteria and unpleasant odors, making the process of cleaning as easy as possible.

  • Awe – These are luxurious toilets that are distinguished by practicality, harmony and natural beauty. They are designed to give comfort and peace.
  • Inspire – These are elegant toilets with a scratch-resistant surface. Their bowl without reliefs significantly facilitates the cleaning process and contributes to uniform streamlining.
  • Chic – It is thoughtful to the small toilets with an interesting design and two modes of flushing. The presence of the ANTITIX SYSTEM makes products more hygienic and functional.

  • Move – It is convenient and comfortable toilet bowls, made in modern design and are equipped with all the necessary functions for full use.
  • Gem – These are ergonomic toilets that differ in hexagonal form and incomparable functionality. They are characterized by such important indicators as resistance to moisture and the appearance of spots.
  • Sense – These are compact toilets manufactured using the most modern technologies, which makes them wear-resistant, practical and durable. A good example is the AM model. Pm Play.

All these collections occupy high positions in the rating of popularity and are widely requested in the world market. Well thought out design, the quality of materials used in the production process and impeccable functionality makes these subjects of plumbing with decent leaders. That is why they are considered one of the best.

Features of use

Like any other subject of the interior, the toilet also needs some care. In order for the product to not lose its original qualities, it is recommended to adhere to some features of its use. Thanks to the properties of the plumbing porcelain, from which the toilets amitases are made. PM, they do not need frequent cleaning. In addition, the model from this material is most resistant to chemistry and are environmentally friendly to health.

Acid and alkaline substances are recommended as cleaning products, and from abrasive and powder better refuse to prevent the appearance of scratches. Instructions for the use of this subject of plumbing provides periodic implementation of preventive measures to prevent blockages with the use of specially intended for such purposes.


Almost all buyers leave extremely positive feedback on AM brand toilet. PM. In general, attention is focused on the excellent German quality of products, as well as their original design and functionality. Sanitary porcelain, from which the models of this brand are made, does not lose their primordial qualities over long years, keeping the snow-white color and natural shine. There are also negative reviews about brand products, but they mainly relate to the high cost of products. It should be understood that for excellent quality and durability should always be paid.

Toilets from this brand are truly reliable and practical, What creates maximum comfort during their operation. Manufacturers use the most advanced and improved technologies in the production process, so that each model fully complies with world quality standards. For the manufacture uses only the most durable and durable materials, as well as wear-resistant fittings.

Professional approach to the production process and careful control of each of its stages allows the toilets amitas. PM to enjoy wide popularity in the global market.

In the next video, see the effectiveness of flushing a toilet compact from the Joy collection.

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