Tarbed toilets: features, disadvantages and advantages

The forms of bowls of toilet bowl are currently funk-shaped, visors and dish. The choice of these devices is one of the most important solutions while repairing the bathroom. This article discusses the features, advantages and disadvantages of plate toilet bowls in more detail.

Design features

Cable toiletz is an equipment equipped with a platform (shelf) where life waste accumulates and after the water flow is removed. Hole for drain shifted always ahead.

The model is currently considered to be outdated, but does not lose its popularity.


A significant plus toilet bowls with a cup of plate form is the absence of splashes. In addition, if you are negligent, drop in the toilet keys, a telephone or another important thing, it will not fall immediately into the drain, but delayed on the shelf. On this advantage of plate toilet bowls end.


The following points include disadvantages:

  • Devices with such a view of the bowl can not be called economical, a large amount of water is spent on the wash;
  • Not all waste is cleaned well from the shelves, so you often have to use the rash;
  • On the platform is forced water, which leads to the formation of a rusty laid;
  • In the bathrooms with the toileties of this species often there are unpleasant odors;
  • Since this model of an old sample, not all manufacturers make toilets of this type to find such a device will have to run on shopping.

Design with a plate type of bowls, first of all, make Russian companies.

An example is the firm Santek, Included in the union Roca Since 2007, as well as other best manufacturers of plumbing in the world. The choice of products of this brand is quite wide, quality at height, and the price is acceptable. This manufacturer uses foreign technologies and components, which allows its product to comply with European standards. Branded brand bed toilets are represented by models Boreal, “Caesar”, “Breeze” And many others.

Another Russian brand producing plumbing is Santeri. He is also included in the group of companies Roca Since 2010, and uses all the advantages of the concern. The manufacturer of this brand is located in the Kaluga region. He began his work since 1991. Materials from which the Santeri equipment is manufactured, environmentally friendly and meet all international standards. Plumbing is covered with glazing, resistant to chemical exposure, and also distinguished by special whiteness and long service life. In the assortment of the brand toilet bowls, you can meet such models like “Ultra”, “Orion”, “version”. The last two, in addition to white, are represented in Beige, Blue and Salad Tints.

Lobnensky Factory is a pretty well-known manufacturer of plate toilet. Plumbing of this brand is manufactured in the city of Lobnya. The quality is high, the special service in the enterprise is responsible for him, the price will not hit the wallet. The choice of products is quite extensive, including discoams are presented by models “Debut”, “Comfort”.

A sample of another Russian manufacturer of plumbing equipment is brand “Oscol ceramics”. The company is located in the city of Stary Oskol, equipped with Russian and Italian equipment. The manufacturer uses high-quality environmental materials that meet all international standards. Products are resistant to the influence of aggressive chemicals and long will delight their owners of exceptional whiteness. Ceramic toilet “Rainbow” From this brand represents a model with a shelf. Also models with a plate are “Salute”, “Optima Standard”, “Universal Standard”.

On the market you can meet the Polish firm Hybner. Products of this brand are in Russia one of the leading places. It produces sanitary ceramics since 1990. For all the existence, the company is constantly improving. Its products have high quality, complies with ISO 9001: 2000 quality quality standard. The company uses high-tech equipment and innovative production methods. Hybner’s toilets have a “eco-stop” button, which allows you to control the flow of water during washed. As well as 3/6 system that saves water consumption.

Sliding models are Neptun, Premier, Kancler.

Tips for choosing

View of the bowl is not the last criterion when choosing a toilet. If you have decided on this, you should pay attention to other characteristics.

Toilet bowls are outdoor, wall and mortise.

Outdoor toilets are the most common. Such a device is attached to the floor with screws.

They are two species:

  • compact;
  • Monoblock.

The design of the CDA implies the division of the bowl and the tank, which, in turn, can be located on a solid or anxular shelf. This solution makes it possible to change part of the device if necessary.

The monoblock is a solid system, separate parts are not subject to repair, but it is much cheaper than the previous version.

Wall toilets are less common, due to complexity in the installation. In this case, the bowl is attached to falseland, behind which the drain tank and the draining system is hidden. But this type of construction takes less space.

Curls are most often used in places with large patency (cafes, theaters, hospitals).

Severe three types of device connections to sewage. They correspond to the possible location of the sewer pipes in your home: with direct, oblique and release to the floor. In the first case, the operation of the device is made horizontally. Oblique release made half angle. Issue to the floor – vertically. Selecting the type of flow depends only on the location of the drain pipes in your home. Choosing the appropriate release, you do not have to acquire additional connecting corrugations.

Toilet bowls vary by plum type:

  • rear – sheeps sewage more efficiently due to a strong water flow emanating from the rear wall;
  • Circular – Washes all the walls inside the bowl without splashes.

Materials for the manufacture of toilet bowls may also differ. The most common and inexpensive is Fayans. It has a porous structure, due to which absorbs odors and makes it difficult to care. Porcelain – dear, but better material. Not so often in the store you can meet a plumbing performed from stainless steel or natural stone.

The choice of plumbing equipment depends on the budget and personal preferences. Knowing the pros and cons in the characteristics of the toilet bowls, to make a purchase, taking into account the necessary requirements will be easy.

Selectors on choice can be viewed in the video below.

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