Stickers in the toilet: species and design solutions

Designing surfaces with stickers is gaining increasingly popular. If the decoration of residential rooms does not cause contradictory opinions, the design of the toilet through the stickers should be deliberate.

Features and species

The idea of ​​decorating toilet plumbing belongs to the Americans. Material of manufacturing such stickers is a vinyl film with a plasticizer. At its underside applied adhesive. The sticker has a protective coating that is removed when you need to glue it to the selected place. Initially, it was a family theme and pictures pointing to the purpose of the room.

Over time, the theme expand significantly. There is a lot of varieties for sale for the most unusual design solutions.

You can decorate such surfaces:

  • walls;
  • ceiling;
  • Doors.

If the bathroom is combined, decorate the tile, panels, a box of the bathroom, a locker for hygiene accessories and a mirror. Many products are made to decorate the cover of the toilet and even children’s linings, believing that such a decor is cool.

However, not all kinds of similar decoration look beautiful. Often it is not to the place that the glued image changes the perception of the toilet space. The reason for this is the abnormality in choosing a picture.

Advantages and disadvantages of design

Vinyl stickers for the toilet have a lot of advantages.

  • feature aesthetics;
  • resistant to temperature difference;
  • racks to water and steam;
  • easy to apply;
  • make a room interesting;
  • securely glued to the surface;
  • differ in a wide range of shades;
  • Variatives in size and forms:
  • Durable.

Disadvantages are to:

  • inconsistency of the image to the appointment of the room;
  • incorrect gluing;
  • incorrectly choosing the size and place of gluing;
  • Rough subtext image.

Design: errors and nuances

Whatever beautiful image, it should not have a hidden subtext and coarse hints. Not all that is offered for sale, worthy of shopping.

Inappropriate in the design of the toilet room pictures on the cover of the toilet bowl, demonstrating:

  • Cats, dogs or cartoon characters from it;
  • excrement, including in the form of an emode;
  • unequivocal notes and strange postures;
  • Persons with different emotions, meeting visitor;
  • pictures on adult topics;
  • men explaining what to do with the toilet.

Such an approach is devoid of harmony, it is difficult to call humorous. If you want to show the feature of the room, some pictures are more expedient to glue to the toilet doors, replacing the usual M and F, but such self-expression can cause household discomfort. Not everyone will understand like humor. Face on the cover of the toilet, agree, is not something harmonious. In addition, it is important to consider the care of the sticker under which microbes will be collected.

Design implies decoration, not a disappearance of space. Use decoration techniques due to vinyl stickers on the walls. It can be a sticker, let’s say on the tank, but not demonstrating what you need to do.

Do not create the impression that in the toilet the cat or other animal. Even beautiful pictures on the toilet lid are inappropriate.

Printed them better on the wall or adjacent planes. The drawing can be different, but should not fill the space with black and white stickers. They are harmonious in public places, but poorly look at home, where you need live paints.

Choose stickers

If the bathroom is combined, you can focus on the maritime subject – it is most relevant in the bathroom, and for the toilet. You can decorate the walls or even the ceiling by dolphins, fish, marine sinks. Color stickers should harmonize with the overall concept of the room. Flowers here – not the best choice. Well fit the wall stickers with the subject of taking a shower.

When the toilet separate is enough easy to decorate on the door. Even if you stick here a funny picture of a baby or a animal, it will look different than on the cover of the toilet. Outside, you can decorate the sticker switch.

          Stylization in the form of silhouettes will also be relevant. You can decorate the walls or doors with branches of plants, leaves. In this case, any shade is often harmonious, and it will not outweigh the design of the room. Children’s theme is good when there are children in the house, but consider the fact that it will not be nice to every child if there will be a strange face to look at it.

          How to apply wall stickers, look in the video below.

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