Standard Size Washing Machines: Characteristics and Review Models

    Buying a washing machine, people usually proceed not only from the set of proposed programs and laundry modes, but also dimensions of technology, and the last indicator is no less important. After all, the acquired type of technology must be perfect in advance prepared for him free space of the kitchen, bathroom or corridor. In our article we will analyze what sizes have standard washing instruments, and also learn how the dimensions of these aggregates affect their functionality.

    Dimensions of machines with frontal and vertical loading

    Many apartments, especially built in Soviet times, the so-called “Khrushchev” do not have large areas of kitchens and bathrooms. therefore It is important to navigate to navigate the sizes of washing machinery before making her purchase: After all, it will be very unpleasant to discover that the washing machine is not cleaned in the place allotted for it, for example, between the bathroom and the sink, or makes too narrow the passage in the corridor.

    It is necessary to choose a washing machine so that it goes to the doorway and generally approached your size to your room, without pushing the other household items already installed there.

    At the same time, it is necessary to make preliminary measurements of the free space allotted for equipment to determine in advance the main parameters of the device, such as width, height and depth.

    It should be remembered that According to the standard between the adjacent surfaces and the walls of your typewriter, there must be a clearance of at least 1 cm – This precautionary measure is needed to avoid contact of the named planes during the grinding process when the machine can vibrate strongly. Also for connecting the washing device to the undermining communications, such as applying hoses or electric current cords, you need to leave free space behind the machine at least 4-6 cm.

    Although the dimensions of washing machines are not rigidly unified, however, the developers of this type of household appliances adhere to certain standards of width, height and depths, which are primarily determined by the design and the availability of such devices provided by the functionality.

    The dimensions of washing machines are directly related to, what boot method is provided for a specific model, as well as the volume of the drum. The depth of the washing machine is primarily dependent on these two indicators, but they do not affect the height and width of the device, so these two values ​​in all standard devices remain approximately the same. In addition to the standard, there are also non-standard models of washing machines, such as compact or, on the contrary, too large aggregates used mainly for industrial purposes. In our article we will not consider them, stopping more on the characteristics of standard washing machinery.

    Washing machine machines vary by load loading method. There are models with frontal and vertical loading. In the first case, the underwear is laid in the drum through the hatch, located ahead of the device, and in the second the loading hatch is from above, which avoids the slopes during laying the underwear inside the washing machine, however, at the same time it requires more free space over the device.

    This moment makes it impossible to embed such aggregates, having them under the tabletop or sink. However, in the West, washing machines with vertical loading of linen are more in demand. Such models have standard height, width and depth parameters – it is 85, 60 and 45 cm, respectively.

    Washing machines with frontal hatch are the most popular in Russia. They are distinguished by interesting design, their round transparent hatch, through which can be observed as a laundry washing process, resembles the porthole of the spacecraft.

    And dimensions vary depending on the type of device.


    As mentioned above, the width of the standard models of washing machines with a front-line type of load of linen is about 60 cm. This parameter does not depend on the height and depth of such devices and always the same, Exceptions are only semi-automatic and other non-standard types of washing machinery.


    The standard height of the washing machine – the machine is 85 cm, the embedded devices usually have a smaller height – from 82 cm.

    Separate models reach 90 cm in height, however, such a parameter is also considered standard for these household appliances.


    Distinguish narrow and full-size models of this type of washing machinery. Narrow units have a depth of up to 40 cm and can cope with 3.5-4 kg of dry linen for one washing cycle. Some manufacturers find it possible to increase the maximum load of narrow washing machine to 4.5-5 kg ​​due to changes in the diameter of the drum. However, besides the small depth of the device, allowing to significantly save space in a small-sized apartment, there are no advantages of such models. Because of the shallow depth of the drum, the circulation of water during washing is difficult, which is directly reflected on the quality of washing. Narrow models are usually less stable and more prone to vibration, which increases the noise level when the devices are working, as well as the degree of wear of the elements of their design.

    Full-size machines have a depth of 40 to 60 cm. Depending on the model, such aggregates erase from 4 to 10 kg of linen, which is very convenient for the average Russian family consisting of 4-5 people. In addition to personal use, such machines are perfectly coping with the washing of volumetric things, such as dying and synthetic blankets and down jackets.

    Such washing machines are very stable due to their considerable weight, and this, in turn, allows when working to avoid too much vibration, which increases the life and reduces the noise level.

    In addition, this type of household appliances is distinguished by the increased quality of laundry laundry due to the free movement of water with a detergent dissolved in it throughout the volume of the drum.

    Sizes and functionality

    The sizes of washing machinery are directly related to its functionality, which is determined not only by such characteristics as the maximum level of laundry loading for washing and silent when working, but also the availability of various useful options and capabilities. For example, The newest models of washing machine machines manufactured by the South Korean trademark Samsung are equipped with Eco Bubble technology, at which the washing powder dissolves with the help of generated air bubbles. Soap foam penetrates the fibers of the fabric, effectively disrupting the most persistent pollution in record short time.

    Many models of LG and Electrolux washing machines have a special laundry laundry function using a hot pair True Steam and Steam System. This technology allows you to delicately release the thinnest tissues from pollution, allergens and bacteria. Some models have the ability to refresh the underwear with a hot steam without the participation of water and washing-detergents, eliminating small folds and chances, as well as eliminating foreign odors.

    For example, if things have lacquered in the closet for a long time, while remaining quite clean, however, by purchasing characteristic reference and smell of staggered matter, they can easily refresh them with a couple at the same time prepare for later ironing.

    The presence of these functions implies an increased drum volume, which also affects the size of washing machine machines. An important value of this type of household appliances also has an important meaning. The mass of modern standard washing machines varies within 50-80 kg, And from this indicator depends on the silent operation of the unit, because it is heavier, the less vibrates when the linen is annealing, respectively, the noise level of such devices is significantly lower.

    In order to ensure the silent job of the device, its design provides specially built-in weights and counterweights, moving depending on where the lack of mass is created.

    In modern models of Korean washing machines, Samsung and Lg there are special e-balancing systems that minimize the level of vibration of instruments due to changes in the drum rotation speed.

    Rating of the best models with standard sizes

    Washing machines are the most important homemade items, without any owner. Due to the large number of models of various sizes equipped with a wide range of functions, it is possible to choose a device optimally combining such indicators such as price and quality. Let’s look at the best models of washing machines, characterized by standard dimensions that have won the largest number of consumer votes.

    Samsung ww65k52e695

    This washing machine has a depth of 45 cm and the maximum loading of the drum 6.5 kg. The advantage of this model is the ability to wipe not too polluted underwear very quickly, in just 15 minutes, and in cold water. Also in its functionality the following.

    • Washing underwear with steam, which is very relevant for families with small children and people with a tendency to allergies. Hot couples not only perfectly dissolves washing powder, effectively fights with bacteria and allergens, but also at the end of the cycle fully flips powder particles.
    • Additional rinsing function is also a guarantor of washing quality.
    • Modern Eco Bubble technology copes with persistent pollution, also an important plus is the preliminary soaking option of dirty linen.
    • The Addwash function will allow add forgotten underwear or air conditioning right during washing through a small additional hatch specifically designed for these purposes.
    • The inverter motor with direct drive provides low noise when working, as well as increased wear-resistance of its mechanism. On such engines, the company issues a ten-year warranty.
    • A special embossed drum delicately disrupts things from a thin fabric, creating a water layer that protects the underwear from the occurrence of tensions and rods.
    • The function of autonomous cleaning of the drum, as well as self-diagnosis of malfunctions using a mobile device.

    Bosch Serie 6 WLT24440OE

    The depth of this washing machine is also 45 cm, however, the drum is able to wash up to 7 kg of linen for one cycle. The advantages of the model are such moments.

    • Inverter engine, attached directly to the drum, which reduces vibrations when working.
    • Special relief drum, carefully exciting underwear and protecting it from damage and the formation of rods.
    • Large selection of washing programs, such as the special washing mode of children’s things with elimination of contaminants caused by various biodactors, an additional rinse, effectively flushing the residues of the washing powder, the washing mode of sportswear, jeans, shirts, underwear, as well as down jackets and volumetric things.
    • Modes of manual washing of delicate fabric and night silent laundry wash.
    • Short washing of weakly strange things in just 15 minutes.
    • Intelligent Lingerie Weight Definition System, Reducing Washing Cycle, Consequently, Energy Costs.

    Haier HW70-BP12758S

    Silent in work and a supercontrary machine with the highest energy efficiency class A+++. The depth of this model is 46 cm, loading the drum to 7 kg. The functionality includes the following features and details.

    • Inverter Motor.
    • Special drum, carefully erasing the finest types of matter.
    • Short wash laundry program for 15 minutes.
    • Various programs for washing different types of clothing, such as laundry laundry, sportswear, synthetic fabric, wool, volumetric things and down jackets.
    • Washing steam with antibacterial effect and “Anti-Allergy” effect.
    • Special antibacterial coating of a drum surface and a powder tray.

    LG F2H6HS0E

    The depth of the unit is 45 cm, the maximum weight of the linen when loading is 7 kg, and the increased diameter of the hatch, facilitating the bookmark and unloading of the lingerie makes such a model very convenient in operation. Other advantages of this model include the following points.

    • Inverter engine that provides a small degree of vibration and silent when the unit is working.
    • Washing underwear.
    • Special surface of the drum, providing a sparing approach to things from the most delicate species of matter.
    • Technology “6 concerns movements”, adjusting the speed and direction of rotation of the drum under a specific type of fabric.
    • Many washing programs and modes.
    • Additional rinse function, effectively freed underwear from powder residues, which is important for people prone to allergies.
    • Short laundry laundry program when the whole cycle passes in 30 minutes.

    How to properly install a new washing machine, you can find out below.

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